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I’ll Quit Being a God – Chapter 301

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Translated by: postContent

Edited by: Jing-Teck

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Chapter 301: Sound of Heavenly Thunder Formation

"The Wolf…the Wolf God can truly control calamities and punishments…"

On the edge of the swamp, the lynx, whose entire body was reflected as white as a sheet by the lightning, murmured fearfully.

The heavenly thunder, which descended in the swamp, even though separated by tens of miles, still made the lynx, a cultivator, tremble all over when the terrifying aura spread.

Heavenly thunder, which is an extremely rare calamity in the mortal world, is also the greatest disaster that cultivators dread.

Even cultivators who cultivate the righteous path may also encounter the pressing danger of heavenly thunder.

There is no cultivator who doesn't fear such legendary things, even the aura leaked by heavenly thunder is enough to make Li Shan tremble.

According to legend, the Wolf God of Hanyu Mountain has commanded heavenly thunder to purify all evil and a half-broken ancient sword to suppress the world.

However, those who have truly witnessed the Wolf God commanding heavenly thunder are few and far between.

The power of the Wolf God commanding heavenly thunder has always existed only in legends.

But today, it actually witnessed it with its own eyes.

Is this Wolf God of Hanyu Mountain truly capable of commanding heavenly thunder as the legends say…

Each heavenly thunder that fell upon the swamp seemed to strike the spirit of the giant lynx, leaving it shaken with fear.

Nowadays, it no longer worries about the strange things underground.

Ravaged by the Wolf God like this, that thing, no matter how evil, cannot hold on for much longer.

Moreover, judging by the situation, the heavenly thunder summoned by the Wolf God no longer falls hastily like at the beginning, but rather, after each strike, there is a pause before the next.

The lengthy intervals between the heavenly punishment seem to deliberately torture that thing underground… Could it be that the Wolf God plans to slowly torment and force the evil creature underground to come out by such means?

This is what the giant lynx speculated in its heart.

Within the vortex of heavenly calamity clouds, Lu Heng, who had already merged with the clouds of heavenly punishment, immersed his mind and continuously drew the thunder within the clouds, then struck it down.

Before opening the Heaven Door, Lu Heng cannot truly control the clouds of calamity.

But after opening the Heaven Door and cultivating in the mountains for five years, Lu Heng can barely immerse his spiritual energy into the clouds of calamity, controlling the thunder within to strike specific targets.

However, this collection of heavenly thunder is not Lu Heng's own power, but is gathered and condensed through his ability to draw power from the clouds of calamity, so he cannot truly control it as he wishes.

Therefore, after each strike of heavenly thunder, it takes a full quarter of an hour of focused concentration to draw and descend the next bolt.

Moreover, the power of the heavenly thunder is quite ordinary…

The heavenly thunder used for killing can reach up to a maximum of nine bolts.

The power of each bolt of heavenly thunder is stronger than the previous ones combined.

As for the heavenly thunder that Lu Heng personally controls and masters, he can only summon up to a maximum of seven bolts in one go.

  • Of course, if he doesn't stack the power and keeps using only the power of the first heavenly thunder, Lu Heng can unleash numerous bolts.

However, the current Lu Heng has already depleted all heavenly thunder stored in his body and can only rely on the power of the Heavenly Thunder Cloud.

He sits cross-legged within the Heavenly Thunder Cloud, continuously cultivating while using his spirit to guide the power of the heavenly punishment, causing a bolt of heavenly thunder to strike every fifteen minutes.

The booming thunder resounds, occasionally heard in the wilderness.

Each time, it makes the world go pale.

While inside the pitch-black cave, there was absolute silence.

Although each bolt of heavenly thunder is the weakest first level of power, unable to stack up its power additively. But the frequency of a bolt striking every fifteen minutes is enough to make one's heart race.

Lu Heng was not in a hurry. He sat cross-legged in the void, continuously guiding the heavenly thunder to strike.

Either the underground things jump out on their own initiative, or the heavenly thunder completely destroys those strange things underground.

Even Candle Dragon would be injured from resisting nine consecutive heavenly thunders.

Lu Heng didn't believe that anything below could withstand the power of seven stacked heavenly thunders, and still be able to easily catch the heavenly thunder that strikes every fifteen minutes.

Even though each of these heavenly thunders is not strong.

In the wilderness, lightning flashes and thunder roars.

Lu Heng's primordial spirit was completely immersed in cultivation, while also calling down lightning strikes to kill the creatures in the underground cave.

Anyway, he had plenty of time to waste here. Perhaps he could delay a few more days and wait for Jiu Mie to arrive.

And on the edge of the swamp, Xiao Ai stood on high ground and watched the huge vortex in the sky slowly revolve from afar. Even though the air was filled with calamitous aura, it couldn't affect her cultivation.

As someone who had a spiritual connection with the Wolf God, she could guess his plan even without Lu Heng giving any orders.

Therefore, Xiao Ai temporarily set aside her worries and stood far away to keep watch over the Wolf God, while also cultivating.

However, the Land God standing guard beside her was not as relaxed as she was.

Every time the heaven thunder struck every fifteen minutes, with a deafening roar and explosion, the towering giant lynx, more than ten feet tall, could not help but shudder.

The fine fur on Li Shan's body, once shining brightly due to his cultivation, was quite beautiful.

However, now, due to the constant presence of the intimidating and terrifying aura of punishment in the air, it had lost its luster. The characteristic of shedding fur when frightened, common to felines, had caused a lot of dry, broken fur to accumulate in the grass around it.

Although he had not yet transformed into a human form, Li Shan's expression was quite lively. His current mournful expression looked very helpless.

Emotionally speaking, it really wished to be far away from here and didn't want to experience the waves of terrifying punishment anymore.

However, as the Land God of this land, it wanted to stay and see how the Wolf God would deal with the evil and strange thing in the underground.

After all, this land was within its jurisdiction as a deity, and it had no choice but to take it seriously.

If the Wolf God could thoroughly destroy the evil and strange thing in the underground, it would be able to have a carefree spiritual cultivating experience in the future, and would no longer have to worry about hearing strange and terrifying low calls during its cultivation.

So, while Li Shan was terrified and reluctantly stayed to watch, the disaster cloud continued to surge above the swamp.

The dazzling white thunderbolt glowed and struck every fifteen minutes.

Each thunderbolt that struck was like the collapse of heaven and earth, spreading the ghastly white light and the extremely ominous aura of thunder punishment in all directions.

The terrifying situation continued for a full day and night.

It was not until the afternoon of the second day that the huge vortex cloud that shrouded the entire swamp slowly dissipated.

And at this moment, the entire wilderness had become silent and still.

The creatures in the swamp had all fled in panic due to the sword that had fallen a few days ago, leaving only some wild animals roaming in the surrounding wilderness.

But now, after the continuous thunderstorm of a day and night and the spreading of punishment aura, even the remaining wild animals in the forests surrounding the swamp have fled.

No one dares to approach this area.

The punishment aura spreading in the air is not only feared by cultivators, but also by ordinary creatures.

Having persisted for more than a dozen hours, Land God Li Shan, whose face had been frightened to the point of withering, finally breathed a sigh of relief upon seeing the dissipation of the disaster clouds.

Upon seeing Lu Heng slowly descending from the air, it quickly went with Xiao Ai, the silver-haired beast-eared girl, to the center of the swamp to pay respects to the Wolf God.

The pitch-black and eerie hole in the center of the swamp has now completely returned to its normal appearance, and no longer exhibits that bizarre situation of devouring everything.

Under the dim sky, Lu Heng's sight could clearly see the entire scene inside the cavern.

This includes the broken cauldron with cracks all over it, which is located deep inside the cave and is as deep as thousands of feet.

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