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I’ll Quit Being a God – Chapter 36

2022-06-01 07:45:27Publish Time: 5,599 views
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Chapter 36: Something Big Has Happened

Shuisheng Village was located on the outskirts of the Cold Feather Mountain. If one person wanted to actually reach the main peak, he would need to walk about two hours.

Xiao Ai had the Mountain God medal hanging around her neck, so once she entered the Cold Feather Mountain, she could run as much as she wanted without feeling tired.

But even so, it would take her about an hour to reach the Mountain God Temple.

After entering the Cold Feather Mountain, the little girl's heart had calmed down and was no longer panicked.

The black vortex clouds that loomed over the mountain was like a giant eyeball, indifferently looking down on the world. Under the vortex clouds, other people may feel fearful, but Xiao Ai was filled with a sense of security.

Upon entering the range of the vortex clouds, it was the Lord Mountain God's territory......

However, Xiao Ai’s feet gradually stopped. Her face, once again, became pale.

Because not far in front of her on the mountain road, a six-year-old child was sitting quietly. The child looked at her with a sneer on his face that was not like the expression someone of that age should have.

"Sister Xiao Ai, where are you going? Didn’t you go to the river to find something you lost? Why have you run to the mountain?"

The little boy said with a sneer. Behind him there were standing two figures, it was Xiao Ai's uncle and aunt.

But these two once familiar relatives now were all dull-eyed and had wooden expression. They were obviously controlled by the demon.

Xiao Ai subconsciously took a step back.

Now she had already entered the range of Cold Feather Mountain. Even if she called out loudly, it was impossible for anyone to hear and to save her.

But Xiao Ai knew that the beasts in this mountain all obeyed the orders of the Lord Mountain God, so if she seeks help from the beasts...


However, the moment she opened her mouth, her consciousness instantly went blank.

The blank and dull state lasted for an unknown period of time. When she regained consciousness again, she found that her uncle was standing in front of her with a dull expression, using his thick hands to strangle her neck.

The painful sense of suffocation made Xiao Ai struggle immediately.

But with a young girl's strength, there was no way to break free from a farmer who worked in the fields all the time.

Xiao Ai's legs were kicking hard in the air, and her hands were desperately grasping the man, but she could not relieve the feeling of suffocation.

Her vision gradually became blurred and ears began ringing. Her struggle became slower and slower.

Vaguely, Xiao Ai heard a voice.

The devil seed said, "Breaking free so quickly? You little girl has some gift...... But unfortunately, if you did not wake up, you would have little pain!"

Coldly smiled at the little girl's struggling movements, the little boy then said indifferently, "Bury her now, don't let that wolf know."

After saying that, he looked up at the pitch-black clouds above his head with some awe in his eyes.

Although he did not know the origin of the white wolf in this mountain, these clouds were his mortal enemy. If he revealed even a hint of devil aura, he would certainly attract the heavenly thunder.

The good thing was that he could control the mortals and order them to work for him.

Hum...... that Li tribe was a lucky chance. By using the water ganoderma, he could leave this place soon.

As soon as he digested the medicinal power of this water ganoderma, he would have enough power to control this body to leave this place. Once away from here, he did not worry about attracting heavenly thunder anymore, and then did not need to hide in the mortal body!

When the time comes, the sky is unlimited for birds to fly at ease.

Apparently, the devil seed was very angry to the days when he was forced to hide in the body of a child.

Now was not the time to vent his anger. He urged the couple to dig a mud pit nearby, and directly threw the little girl's body into it, quickly covering it up.

This little girl seemed to be treated special by the white wolf. If the wolf knew about his existence, he would have a bad ending.

The good thing was that he reacted in time and blocked this little girl, otherwise...... The devil seed thought of this and could not help but feel relief.

When he saw that they have roughly covered the little girl's body, the devil seed ordered them to go back.

The medicinal power of the water ganoderma still needed one to two days of time to absorb.

In these two days, he needed to think about how to muddle the disappearance of this little girl.

The devil seed and the couple had left. This place that just buried corpse was gradually quiet down.


"Ki-- Ki--"

A sudden monkey cry rang out in the mountain forest.

Immediately afterwards, a white ape jumped down from the tree. Behind it followed the whole group of monkeys.

The monkeys stood on the ground, surrounding the land that had just covered the corpse, all chirping and squeaking. In this underground, they felt some familiar aura.

The white hairy monkey king called out and gave an order, the other monkeys all crowded over and began to dig the soil. The monkeys move quickly, and the soil was soft, so soon the little girl buried in the ground was dig out.

The moment they saw the little girl, the monkeys exploded.

"Kiri! Kiri!"

The monkeys all shouted in horror, recognizing who the little girl was.

The leader of the monkey scratched its ears, and then it reached out a hand to touch the little girl's nose, finding that the little girl was no longer breathing.

The monkey king shouted anxiously and gave an order again.

The monkeys hurriedly lifted the little girl up and ran towards the mountain...

From a distance, the sight of the monkeys carrying a girl running through the mountain was strange and striking.

When the monkeys passed one of the camps of the Li tribe, Qian who was washing clothes by the river immediately noticed the movement.

She looked up and saw a group of monkeys running with a human girl on their backs. The monkeys were shouting and screaming, while the girl the monkeys were carrying had her eyes tightly closed and was motionless, as if she were dead.

This strange scene made Qian's eyes widen subconsciously.

"What is this group of monkeys doing?"

She was stunned, and her powerful eyesight allowed her to clearly see the appearance of the girl that the monkeys were carrying. That girl's appearance was clearly...... the oracle of the wolf God!

And it looked as if she was no longer breathing?

The wolf God's divine ambassador died?

In the cold feather mountain the wolf God's divine ambassador died?

Qian immediately jumped up from the river, and did not even have the time to care about her clothes being washed away by the water.

She flew directly into the sky and headed towards the direction of the sword furnace. As she flew, she shouted anxiously, "Something big has happened! Grandpa Priest! Something big has happened!"