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I’ll Quit Being a God – Chapter 58

2022-07-08 13:36:17Publish Time: 4,838 views
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Chapter 58: Peach Blossom Wine

Qian's words stunned Xiao Ai.


She looked at the White Ape on the side. The White Ape was confused and didn't seem to understand the meaning of "name".

Xiao Ai thought for a while and shook her head, "Just call it White Ape first. Even if he will have a name, it shouldn't be from me. Next time Lord Wolf God leaves the underground temple, I'll ask Lord Wolf God to give a name to this White Ape."

Qian couldn't help nodding, "It's extremely good, and it's really the most appropriate to be named by the Wolf God. But the Wolf God has been in seclusion for so long, and hasn't left the underground temple yet..."

Qian asked curiously, "Xiao Ai, is the Wolf God studying any rare magical powers? Does its creation still require a long period of cultivation even for the Wolf God?"

This is something Qian doesn't quite understand. In her opinion, the Wolf God has reached the peak of the way of cultivation, why is he still cultivating?

This time, however, Lu Heng was closed off for half a year and didn't appear. Such long cultivation made Qian very curious, and she wondered whether the Wolf God was studying any rare magic powers.

The Wolf God had an epiphany and subsequently comprehended the terrible magic power of the Heavenly Thunder Clouds, reversing the destructive nature of heaven's punishment to produce rain containing abundant water spirit.

Now the Wolf God needs to cultivate for so long, he must be studying a very strong power.

Xiao Ai just didn't know anything about it, and even if she knew it, she couldn't say it, so she just shook her head.

"I don't know. Maybe you can ask Lord Wolf God himself when he goes out."

Qian smiled, "How dare I... Xiao Ai, don't joke around, are you really a fool? What you can say and what can't be said, your Sister Qian is still very clear."

"Well, don't say that," Qian smiled and hugged the indifferent little girl. "How was the peach blossom wine made last time? Do you want to take it out and taste it? It's the offering you prepared for the Wolf God. In the case it tastes bad, isn't that very disrespectful?"

Xiao Ai sighed helplessly and said, "If you want to drink, don't you have a jar of it yourself? Don't tell me you've already drunk... Er..."

Xiao Ai was halfway there when she saw the embarrassed and cramped expression of the girl, and was immediately stunned.

"Have you really finished the jar of wine?" Xiao Ai asked in astonishment.

Qian looked away with a guilty heart and said, "The wine in that jar is originally 300 years old. It's even better after soaking in the peach blossoms of your Hanyu mountain. I just can't control myself..."

Xiao Ai shook her head wordlessly, "I still remember you said that you would leave half a jar of peach blossom wine for Priest Li Ju. With such good wine, the old priest wouldn't blame you. But now you've drunk it all..."

Xiao Ai sighed and shook her head constantly.

Qian immediately smiled and said, "So Xiao Ai, you have to save your Sister Qian... Just give me a little bit of your wine, ok? Look at the fire of the sword furnace, Grandpa and Priest Li Ju are about to finish their work."

"When they finish forging the sword and go out, your Sister Qian will be dead!"

Qian begged pitifully, but Xiao Ai was not moved.

"That jar of peach blossom wine is a sacrifice for Lord Wolf God. Even I dare not touch it, it is impossible to take some for you. You'd better give up."

Xiao Ai said, seeing Qian's pitiful appearance, she thought for a while and said again.

"But I can take you to the peach forest and pick some more peach blossoms. You can take it back to make wine and make a jar of peach blossom wine again, so you may not be blamed."

Xiao Ai finally gave Qian a way out.

Qian also smiled, happily hugged, and constantly rubbed against the little girl, "I knew that Xiao Ai was the best ~ ~"

The White Ape in gray scratched his head. He didn't understand, so he held the broom and continued sweeping the floor.

In front of the temple, there was a temporary silence.

Qian picked some more peach flowers and went back happily.

In the sword furnace behind the Wind Raiders Department camp, the blazing fire could be seen clearly even in the daytime. The main camp of the Wind Raiders Department had even moved away from its original location to avoid the growing fire of the sword furnace.

Because the fire that spread out is not only pure flame, but also contains the aura of thunder, which is so strong that it is frightening.

The fire mixed with the aura of thunder rose in the sword furnace, and even the slowly rotating vortex cloud over the main peak of Hanyu mountain was suppressed.

The villagers of Shuisheng village may not know the situation, but every time the people of the Wind Raiders Department look at the sword furnace, their eyes are full of eager expectation.

For the Li tribe, which is good at metallurgy and iron, it is a lifelong dream and pursuit to be able to forge a peerless magic weapon. Even being able to witness the birth of divine weapons is also an unexpected blessing.

Now, the terrifying power in the sword furnace makes all the people of the Wind Raiders Department understand that the things that are about to be born in the sword furnace are by no means ordinary things, and must be peerless magic weapons that can shake the world.

Since ancient times, the forging of artifacts has always been about luck. Throughout the ages, there have been countless skilled craftsmen, but few artifacts have been forged.

If they can witness the birth of artifacts, for these Li tribe people who are keen on smelting gold and iron, they will have no regrets in this life.

But the days flew by, and the fire in the sword furnace became stronger and stronger, but the door of the sword furnace never opened.

In the end, the fiery flame in the sword furnace has completely overwhelmed the whirling clouds over the main peak of Hanyu mountain. The terrifying light of the red and blue rotation illuminates half the sky even in the daytime.

The five camps of the Wind Raiders department have all been moved out of Hanyu mountain and temporarily moved to the nearby Shuisheng village.

The fire in that mountain is so intense that no creature can bear its extreme environment. Standing outside the Shuisheng village and looking around, most of the plants and trees in the Hanyu mountain are dried up, and there is no sign of anything green, only the bare mountain veins appearing visible to outsiders.

As for the crops planted by the Wind Raiders department in spring, they have long turned into scorched earth.

In the sky, the scorching sun was growing hotter day by day, and the heat of summer intensified the fire in the mountain. The alternation of cold and heat caused a gust of wind in the Hanyu mountain, raising the ashes of vegetation, sand, and dust all over the sky in the bare mountains.

When summer recedes and early autumn comes, the environment with great changes in temperature difference between day and night in autumn intensifies the ravages of gales.

Even the main peak of Hanyu mountain, which is far away from the sword furnace, has been affected.

The wind roared through the mountains and forests, making the sand fly all over the sky.

White Ape and Xiao Ai have to clean the inside and outside of Wolf God Temple three times a day in order to barely eliminate dust.

Occasionally, when the cleaning is over, Xiao Ai would look at the sword furnace outside the mountain. The sky there is an alternating red and blue color. The energy of thunder is turbulent, mixed with violent dust storms, like the destruction of heaven and earth.

Even Xiao Ai's cold temper can't help feeling a little weak when she sees the dust all over the sky.

How long will this sword forging be cast!