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I’ll Quit Being a God – Chapter 123

2022-09-17 02:05:00Publish Time: 3,523 views
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Chapter 123: A Trace of Evil Qi

In the courtyard, Lu Heng sat in the moonlight and read bamboo slips in his hands.

After he cultivated, he can see things with both eyes even in the dark night.

The second half of the night passed quickly.

When the first ray of dawn came on that day, a painful scream suddenly came from the room where the old man Wu was.

Lu Heng looked at it in surprise and immediately understood what had happened.

The old man, who had been lying in bed all night, was thinking hard. At the moment when the sun shone into the courtyard, a ray of sunlight fell on him through the crack in the window.

The old man, who was already a ghost, immediately felt the burning pain. While screaming, he hurriedly shrank into the shadow of the room.

In the next room, the little Gu eagle, who was sleeping upside down on the window of Huo Feng's room, was startled by the ghost's cry and woke up with a sudden flutter of his wings.

Lu Heng shook his head wordlessly and said, "The old master Wu, let me take you to the netherworld first. You are a ghost and can't stand the sun."

In the room, the old master Wu huddled in the shadow nodded quickly. The tingling feeling when he was exposed to the sun just now made him palpitate.

He finally understood why the river god wanted to take the souls of the dead into the water mansion.

If the spirits of the dead roam around the world after being separated from the body and there is no one to protect them, they will not be able to dissipate naturally and will die directly from the scorching sun.

This method of death can definitely be called torture.

As Lu Heng sent away the old man's soul, the courtyard became quiet again. However, the shrill howling still woke Xiao Ai and Huo Feng up.

Huo Feng came out rubbing his eyes. After greeting Lu Heng, he went to the backyard to wash.

Lu Heng told Xiao Ai to go to the Fire God Temple and asked her to go to Wuzhu Helan to ask for some cultivation secrets that could be shared.

Although the bamboo slips in his hand record many esoteric secrets, which is enough for him to study for a long time, Lu Heng still wants to see more secret skills and broaden his horizons.

He won't stay in Fushan city for too long. Maybe he should go south after the Wu clan's affairs are settled. He has to read more now.

And Xiao Ai came back not long after she left, holding two rolls of bamboo slips in her hands.

Xiao Ai said, "Lord Wolf God, Wuzhu Helan said you should read these two volumes first and you can ask her for more at any time after reading them. The library of the Fire God Temple is fully open to you."

Lu Heng shook his head and took the two rolls of bamboo slips.

He thought that Xiao Ai would come with a large pile of bamboo slips, but he didn't expect that it would be only two volumes.

However, Lu Heng's expression became serious after he opened it and looked at it for a while.

He even called Huo Feng, "Don't prepare my portion for today's meal."

After that, Lu Heng lowered his head and completely immersed himself in the two new rolls of bamboo slips.

It seems that he won't mind anything else in a short time, so Huo Feng and Gu Eagle looked at each other in speechless amazement.

However, Xiao Ai later said that she would not eat too.

In the end, the only people who need to eat in the yard are Huo Feng and the Gu eagle.

Huo Feng sighed and stood in the kitchen thinking for a few moments. Finally, he decided not to cook and went out to eat.

The little Gu eagle had already filled his stomach and ate the fish brought by Huo Feng last night. He didn't even leave any fish bones on the table.

So Huo Feng, who didn't need to cook, took the little Gu Eagle out again to find food for himself.

Fushan city is bustling with numerous noodle shops and restaurants, among which there are many characteristic local foods. Huo Feng asked all the way and finally went to one of the most famous.

It was a two-story restaurant located in a remote place, but there were many guests in the shop.

Huo Feng went upstairs to find a place and ordered two signature dishes at random, intending to have a good taste of the delicacies of Fushan city.

The little Gu Eagle squatted on his shoulder and stared at the guests at another table not far away.

The guests at that table were three men and two women, all dressed as businessmen. One of the bearded men was holding a monster in his hand. It looks like a black dog, but it has two heads. Now it was lying on the ground eating bones.

The little Gu Eagle stared at the monster and soon attracted the monster's attention.

However, as soon as the monster looked up and wanted to stare, he saw the appearance of the little Gu eagle.

Although it is only a small eagle, it is after all a famous fierce beast. the little Gu eagle has a fierce smell all over his body.

Ordinary people may not feel it, but beasts are extremely sensitive to it.

The monster immediately whimpered and cowered down and dared not be fierce.

The bearded man who ate and laughed with his companions didn't notice all this, but in the compartment next to him, a young woman who had just walked out accompanied by her entourage saw it.

She was slightly surprised.

"Oh? A little Gu eagle?"

The young woman looked at Huo Feng by the window and the little Gu eagle on Huo Feng's shoulder, and was quite surprised.

There is a Gu eagle in the Pangjiang water area? Wasn't the Gu eagle in the Pangjiang river killed by the God of Water more than 300 years ago? Did this young man bring it from outside?

At one side, the attendant who served the woman asked quickly, "Have you taken an interest in that small eagle? Should I go over and ask if the disciple of the Yun sect is willing to sell it?"

The woman looked over there and thought for a while, then shook her head and said, "No, it's better to do less than more."

"Disciples of the Yun sect are free and unrestrained. I'm afraid he won't sell the Gu eagle no matter how much I offer… Let's leave."

With these words, the young woman took the lead in walking toward the stairs.

When several of her attendants saw the woman leaving, they immediately followed her. Soon, the group disappeared into the restaurant.

By the window of the restaurant, Huo Feng, who had been tensing up and pretending to eat, was relieved to see that the group had finally left. He found that his back was full of cold sweat.

He doesn't know why. The moment that he was stared at by the woman just now, he unexpectedly gave birth to a feeling of panic.

It seems to be targeted by something cruel.

And vaguely, he even felt traces of evil Qi…

This made Huo Feng both frightened and puzzled.

Because he has lost all his cultivation base, theoretically, he can't feel the breath of others.

But somehow, he was extremely sensitive to the young woman's breath and perceived a faint evil spirit Qi.

Among the young woman's entourage, one he knew was one of the entourage brought into the city by the second master of the Wu clan.

This young woman walks with the subordinates of the second young master of the Wu clan… Is it related to the Wu clan?

Huo Feng frowned slightly and felt that he had to go back to the Wolf God.

As for the inexplicable evil Qi… Maybe the Wolf God knows?

He walked with the Wolf God for so long. Maybe the Wolf God helped him secretly?

After all, this keen perception of evil things has never appeared before…