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I’ll Quit Being a God – Chapter 170

2023-01-24 16:34:32Publish Time: 2,536 views
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Chapter 170: Wudou was Shocked

In the blue sky, pale thunder flew quickly.

In the direction of this pale thunder, there is a country with a vast territory above the blue waves of the South Sea.

Although it is located on the South Sea, the domestic land is vast and it can no longer be regarded as an island country. It is completely a smaller land.

The people in the country are all black, their skin is as black as coke, and their faces look like those of Apes. Besides, everyone eats charcoal fire, and has the ability to swallow smoke and spit out fire. It is called Fire Eating Country.

In the southwest of this Fire Eating Country, there is a vast volcanic area called Lava Mountain Range.

The sky here is covered with dark clouds like volcanic ash all year round. On the earth, the magma surges, and everything withers, leaving no green vegetation.

There are no fewer than dozens of volcanoes erupting actively here.

Earthquakes caused by volcanic eruptions are extremely frequent.

Therefore, although this mountain range covers an extremely large area, there is no living creature. Even the citizens of Fire Eating Country would scratch their heads at the extreme environment here and avoid it from far away.

In the center of this volcano, there is a vast magma lake. In the endless lake, what is surging is not water, but hot and fiery magma.

The incomparable black smoke was steaming above the Great Lake. Even the air was twisted because of the heat.

However, just below the lake of magma, there was a cave where lava flowed.

A huge black monster, languidly soaking in the lava, listened to the eight little boys nearby who were full of evil demon Qi complaining.

"Why doesn't the Second Sister let us near the valley, really... we were indeed cheated by Gu Yue once, but do we seem to be the kind of people who would fall down twice in the same pit?"

"That's right! Gu Yue only stole a little divine power from us when we were unprepared. This descendant of Gu Yue didn't even have one tenth of her master's strength, how would we be cheated by her?"

"Yes! The Second Sister clearly looks down on us. Even if Gu Yue stands in front of us now, we will never be moved."

"Don't mention it. When you mention it like this, I suddenly miss that bitch Gu Yue. Although her cultivation base is not high, she does have some special skills..."

"If the Second Sister hadn't jumped out to stop us in those years, we would have enjoyed much... Ah... women! Women's jealousy is terrible! The Second Sister must be jealous of Gu Yue!"

"Of course she is jealous of Gu Yue. You can understand it by her short figure. Ha ha ha ha..."

"Ha ha ha ha..."

Between the rocks beside the magma, eight little boys laughed and quarreled with each other.

But the huge black monster in the magma was still lazily soaking in the bath, without paying any attention to the eight little monsters.

But at that one moment, eight little boys suddenly stood up and stopped talking nonsense.

The boss looked at the black giant beside him and said, "Something seems to be wrong. We have to go first... Brother Wudou, I won't bother you."

The eight little boys got up at the same time, obviously going back.

In this regard, the black monster was a little surprised, and finally turned to look at the eight little monsters.

Compared with the eight little boys, the black giant beast with a head of nearly 100 meters is terrifying.

But between them, their identities are equal.

Wudou asked in surprise, "What's the matter? Don't you have to wait for things to end before you can go back... is it over? Is the boy of Yunmen willing to be the Lord of the Moluo Sword?"

The boss shook his head and said, "No, it was the Demon Woman Lian Caiyi who picked up some relics of Gu Yue and made great progress. She successfully sent a signal for help outside."

"Our Second Sister said that it might not be long before the white wolf comes to us. To be safe, we'd better get together, so as not to be sneak attacked by the old monster."

The boss's story made Wudou nod to show his understanding.

"Well... then, do you want me to go with you?"

Wudou said, "I'm curious about the white wolf."

The boss waved his hand and smiled with confidence. "No need, Brother Wudou, just keep soaking in your bath."

"Although the white wolf is also an old monster in ancient times, but who are we? We used to serve the Emperor in those years! After living for so many years, what kind of heroes have we not seen?"

"That old monster was not famous at that time, probably just a person who lived a long time and gradually promoted his cultivation bases as time goes by."

"Outside, we are afraid of him, but with the Moluo Sword besides, we are not afraid of him."

"It is true that he is stronger than us, but since ancient times, there have been many people stronger than us. How many survived?"

"What's more, we have the Moluo Sword. The Moluo Evil Spirit summoned by us is absolutely enough to defeat him."

"Besides, we also have the secret arts taught by the Emperor himself. Even if the white wolf is not afraid of Moluo Evil Spirit, he will not be able to break the secret arts of the Emperor, will he?"

The boss smiled confidently and said, "Unless he is as strong as Zhu Jiuyin, he can't defeat us! We will let him know that there are people stronger than him in the world!"

After that, the eight little boys left the cave where the magma was surging, and soon entered the huge lava lake outside.

In the extremely hot magma, they were not affected at all, and flew directly into the sky, turning into eight evil demon Qi and flying toward the direction of the Evil Sword Valley.

In the cave under the lava lake, the black giant beast named Wudou lay lazily back in the lava.

Although it sometimes disdains these eight little boys, they have really lived long enough and are even older than it.

At least those sixteen little monsters have never made mistakes in judging people.

Although he doesn't know who the Emperor in their mouth is, he guessed it is a powerful existence that is older than itself.

Therefore, after the eight monsters left with confidence, he didn't intend to deal with this trouble again.

He doesn't have the mind to meddle. It's better to continue soaking in the magma!

He closed his eyes with this thought in his mind.

But not long after the eight monsters left, Wudou in the magma suddenly felt a kind of smell approaching this place rapidly.

His heart jumped.

He quickly left the cave and floated to the lava lake, just in time to see a white thunder coming from a distance.

The white thunder seemed to be in a hurry, so it didn't restrain itself and was not afraid to disturb other cultivators along the way.

The dark and violent cloud spread rapidly in the air with the flight of escaping light.

The power of heaven's punishment was surging in the whole sky.

In a twinkling of an eye, the white thunder flew over this lava lake with the surging dark cloud and headed for the direction of the Evil Sword Valley.

At that moment, Wudou clearly saw the white wolf in the light.

He saw the dark blue ancient sword too...

As a fire beast, it instantly felt what terrible power was hidden in the sword.

In the magma, the black monster looked toward the direction of the Evil Sword Valley in disbelief.

His heart was full of shock.

The white wolf... is Erba God Man really so confident to defeat the white wolf?

It turns out that these sixteen monsters have hidden strength in front of him!