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I’ll Quit Being a God – Chapter 261

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Translated by: postContent

Edited by: anonymous

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Chapter 261: The Smiling-Face Demon

Lu Heng's name was casually chosen, but when the name of the Heavenly Demon Lord was mentioned, the demons present couldn't help but gasp in shock.

Among the evil demons, there are only a few who are qualified to be sealed as a lord.

Not to mention such an arrogant title...the Heavenly Demon Lord...

Indeed, a great demon of the same level as the cave master!

Even Xiao Juechen's expression couldn't help but become serious, concealing that sinister and strange smirk.

Faced with the Heavenly Demon Lord covered in evil death qi and appearing unlike a living being, Xiao Juechen performed a slight bow and said cautiously.

"Is the Demon Lord also interested in that person?"

On the path of demons, even those of the same sect cannot be trusted.

After all, the greatest benefit for demon cultivation is human essence, and any creature with awakened intelligence is considered "human."

This naturally includes the demons themselves as well...

Xiao Juechen was cautious and respectful, while Lu Heng chuckled and said, "Judging from everyone's appearance, it's obvious that you have been forced into a desperate situation by those righteous cultivators. So I also want to see what kind of person dares to be so arrogant."

When Lu Heng said this, many of the demons present were suddenly energized.

If even the Heavenly Demon Lord is going to get involved in this matter, that accursed star will certainly perish tonight under our great Lord's hand!

Xiao Juechen hesitated for a moment before smiling and saying, "In that case, please let the Heavenly Demon Lord take a seat first. The assembly is about to begin and we will explain the situation to the Heavenly Demon Lord later."

Xiao Juechen had a smile on his face, but even when he tried to be pleasing, this sinister scholar's smile still seemed ill-intentioned.

But Lu Heng was naturally not afraid of him and walked directly into the meeting place where the demons were surging.

With so many demons around, even if Xiao Juechen could see through his deception, could he still pose a threat to Lu Heng?

Without even having to lift a hand, Lu Heng could summon a black cloud that would instantly strike down all the demons present.

However, Lu Heng also wanted to see what these demons were up to. Therefore, he temporarily refrained from acting and followed Xiao Juechen into the meeting place.

It was called a meeting place, but in reality, it was just a slightly empty area with a platform in the center.

It looked like a place where villagers would usually dry their grains.

On the platform, there were long tables and chairs arranged.

When Xiao Juechen personally led Lu Heng over, several demons sitting on the platform hurriedly got up to greet them.

Under the platform, there were all kinds of demons in chaos, with evil demons surging.

This scene would have looked a bit like a sports competition at Lu Heng's school before, if it wasn't for the demons' colorful hair and bizarre hairstyle.

Lu Heng smiled and nodded one by one to the group of demons that Xiao Juechen introduced.

Although he didn't take these demons seriously at all, he still showed full courtesy on the surface.

However, when Lu Heng greeted them with a smile, all the demons on the platform shuddered, even Xiao Juechen couldn't help feeling heavy-hearted.

This Heavenly Demon Lord... is difficult to get along with!

In the hearts of all the demons, a similar fear arose.

The demonic techniques often affect the cultivator's mind, infinitely magnifying their desires and cravings for demonic power.

The stronger the demon is, the greater the impact it receives.

A cultivator of the level of the Heavenly Demon Lord may be either wild and unrestrained or cruel and violent... various vicious characteristics are the features of successful cultivation in the demonic path.

But the present Heavenly Demon Lord, despite his title, had a friendly smile and amiable tone, showing no trace of the fierce and vicious tendencies commonly associated with demons. It was as if he was not affected by the demonic techniques at all...

Such a demonic cultivator, in the demonic path, is known as "the Smiling-face Demon".

They are the most ferocious, malicious, and brutal types in the demonic path...

On the surface, they appear friendly and amiable, but all of this comes at the cost of suppressing their demonic techniques. The more they suppress, the stronger the negative emotions deep inside them become.

One second they might be greeting you with a smile, and the next moment, they could unsheathe their swords and kill someone for no apparent reason. They are truly unpredictable and wickedly cruel.

Therefore, the brighter the smile of "the Smiling-face Demon" appears, the more terrifying it becomes...

Silently and without a sound, the demonic beings who sat down at the long table, after greeting him, carefully distanced themselves a bit from Lu Heng. They were both frightened and apprehensive, ready to escape at any moment.

This "Smiling-face Demon" is a demonic giant at the level of an evil lord... Several demonic beings regretted crossing paths with him.

I should have just let that jinx chase after me instead! Why did I even bother coming to the Fierce Demon Feast in the first place?

At the very least, if I were being chased by that jinx, I would still have a chance to escape.

But sitting next to "the Smiling-face Demon"... has me constantly fearing for my life!

Demonic beings who are qualified to sit next to Lu Heng can be considered prestigious figures within the Green Hell Cave system.

But now they sit there uneasily, sweating all over.

As the absolute host, Xiao Juechen sitting next to Lu Heng feels even more pressure that he cannot leave.

However, as one of the Four Elders of the Green Hell Cave and the host of this Fierce Demon Feast, it must maintain a calm appearance.

While others can stay away from Lu Heng, it cannot.

Under the platform, the demonic beings surge and clamor noisily.

At the entrance in the distance, the two tall and thin black shadows straightened up again, continuing to scrutinize the incoming demonic beings.

Regarding this, Lu Heng was somewhat curious and asked with a smile.

"The examination is so strict here, could it be possible that the wizards of the Fire Pass Country could still manage to sneak in?"

Lu Heng's smile was friendly, but little did he know that this smile had shaken Xiao Juechen's heart so much that he nearly spilled the wine glass he was holding in his hand.

--Xiao Juechen himself is also a Smiling-face Demon.

But it is precisely because of this that it is more clear about the terrifying and dangerous nature of the Smiling-face Demon... Those inexplicable bursts of killing intent or cruel thoughts are uncontrollable, unmanageable, and completely without reason.

It often goes from having a pleasant conversation with someone one moment to suddenly having the malicious thought of devouring them the next, and often immediately acts on it.

And when these malicious thoughts arise, the Smiling-face Demon is accustomed to covering them up with an even brighter smile.

Therefore, there are rumors in the demonic world.

With the smile of a smiling-face demon, life and death become unpredictable...

Xiao Juechen was almost frightened out of composure by the brilliant smile of Lu Heng.

Fortunately, its strength is not weak, and it believes that it can come out safely when facing a master of the same level as the Evil Lord, so it managed to restrain the impulse to run away on the spot.

Laughing dryly, he replied.

"It's not that I'm guarding against the wizard, but against that jinx..."

Xiao Juechen explained, "That jinx who pursued and killed our fellow daoists is neither orthodox nor evil, he's ruthless in his methods. Moreover, the walking corpse he created bears the mark of demon and is almost indistinguishable from a cultivator of the demonic path."

"If we don't stay alert and let that walking corpse get inside, it would be a huge disaster..."

Xiao Juechen tried to explain the situation as succinctly as possible, not daring to say too much to the Heavenly Demon Lord in front of him.

He was afraid that his words might unintentionally provoke the Heavenly Demon Lord.

After listening to the explanation, Lu Heng was slightly surprised.

"Creating demonic walking corpses? This is indeed not a righteous method..."

Could it be that the jinx who pursued many demons in the venue was also part of the demonic path? Fighting among the same kind?

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