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I’ll Quit Being a God – Chapter 155 Part 1

2022-11-07 01:25:00Publish Time: 3,075 views
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Chapter 155: Boyi (1)

The sky of the Immortal Kingdom was covered with a faint cloud.

The clouds were not thick, but they covered the sun and made it invisible.

So what fell on the land was a slightly gloomy light. Although it is also day, it gives people a gloomy and deep feeling.

In addition to the desolate and empty scene on the bank, this scene gave Lu Heng a rather sinister and terrible feeling.

Huo Feng didn't care about this. He took Gu Yan to get off the boat to go and register.

Although the citizens of the Immortal Kingdom will not go out in the daytime, they will employ foreigners to manage the port. Ships entering the port need to be registered.

The gentle smiling Lian Caiyi naturally followed and got off the boat with Huo Feng.

Under the gloomy skylight, the scene of a man and a woman leaving at the same time, if only seen from the back, would feel like a fairy couple.

After all, both of them, regardless of their appearance and temperament, are definitely not ordinary people.

It goes without saying that Lian Caiyi is an absolute beauty. Her every frown and smile are enough to make all men fall in love.

Although Huo Feng can't be said to be handsome, he has a special temperament that can't be ignored.

The two walked on the dock one by one, attracting many curious eyes.

After all, it seems that the two are really "well matched".

However, Lu Heng, who knew what it really entailed, just watched this funny scene from the boat.

Lian Caiyi, who has cultivated for many years, should have been used to the world's turmoil and met many outstanding men. It is hard to impress her.

However, Huo Feng clearly didn't do anything special, but somehow he made this "female elder" like him… Ha ha ha…

Feelings are really unpredictable.

Lu Heng waved his hand casually, and scattered the swirling heavenly thunder in his hands, ending his cultivation today.

Now he is very free.

After the souls of the dead on the Blissful Treasure ship woke up, they saw the extraordinary things in the netherworld. After Lu Heng explained the situation in detail, no one chose to reincarnate.

All the souls of the dead were willing to stay to help Lu Heng build the netherworld and do a ghost job in this unfinished netherworld.

But now they can't stand the power of ghost officials.

Although several cultivators' soul are tough and some even retain their supernatural powers, they still are not really ghost cultivators. Without the nourishment of the ghost spirit Qi of the netherworld, these souls would not have been able to stay in the human world for long should they had stayed there.

If you want to be a real ghost official, you must get rid of the dependence on death Qi. Even if you go to the human world alone, you can survive for a long time. Only in this way can you be regarded as a real ghost cultivator.

It is not difficult to achieve such a state. You just need to introduce yin and death Qi into the soul, reshape the soul, and completely change the nature of the soul.

But this kind of cultivation requires a certain amount of time.

Now on the dark land of the netherworld, there are shadowy figures sitting, all of them are the souls of the dead who are cultivating ghost cultivation methods.

In a short time, they can't help Lu Heng, and Lu Heng doesn't need to interfere in their cultivation.

So, Lu Heng is free now.

Lu Heng found a breakthrough in the cultivation of Heavenly Thunder Trap. Now he can barely build a framework, but he hasn't really used it.

But even Lu Heng, who has been used to cultivating alone, felt bored after so many boring days at sea.

Now they are at the port, so he wants to get off the ship and go for a walk.

After telling the Bo horse to stay and watch the boat, Lu Heng and Xiao Ai got off the boat and walked toward the shore.

When the huge white wolf set foot on the land, a few people at the wharf looked curiously at them.

Although there are a lot of people taking magic animals out these days, the white wolf in front of them is different from ordinary magic animals. It has a special temperament, which makes people dare not look at it directly.

In the distance, Huo Feng was holding a guideway to talk with the dock manager.

Lian Caiyi teased the little Gu eagle, laughing softly from time to time. Different from Huo Feng, Gu Yan likes this beautiful "sister" very much, and the relationship between them is very good.

Lu Heng walked out of the dock and walked along the beach, intending to stroll outside the city.

However, Lu Heng had just walked out of the area where the dock is located and was stopped by someone.

"Foreigners are not allowed to leave the dock. Please go back."

Several soldiers in armor stopped Lu Heng and Xiao Ai, and said seriously, "No foreigners are allowed to step into the Immortal Kingdom. Please forgive me."

Although the leader was wearing armor, he was a cultivator.

He bowed to Lu Heng seriously, which was very polite.

When magic eyes peep at it, the white wolf in front of them is bright and fascinating. It is not an ordinary monster, so people dare not offend.

Seeing this, Lu Heng sighed and took Xiao Ai back the same way.

The Immortal Kingdom is mysterious. Unexpectedly, let alone the city, people were not even allowed to step in the wild.

Is there any big secret hidden in the city?

Lu Heng was curious and returned to the ship with Xiao Ai. Since he can't wander around at will, he stopped playing for a while and continued to study the Heavenly Thunder Trap.

As for the secret of the Immortal Kingdom, Lu Heng has no urge to find out.

There are so many secrets in the world. If you explore every one you see, wouldn't it be a waste of time?

Soon, as the sky gradually darkened, the deserted wharf gradually became lively.

All the boats around them were lit with lights one after another. The dim light attracts many moths and mosquitoes at the seaside.

When the sea breeze blows on you at night, you will feel the cold.

The city gate in the distance has been opened, and the market of the Immortal Kingdom has officially opened to these merchants at the wharf.

The merchants drove the beasts off the ship and walked toward the city in groups to sell their goods in the night market.

Of course, there are also simple wandering passengers such as Huo Feng.

The city at night is lively as Huo Feng said.

However, Lu Heng has stopped wandering and doesn't plan to get off the boat and enter the city.

Only Huo Feng and Lian Caiyi finally entered the city to stroll.

Plus a small Gu eagle.

According to Huo Feng, this city is not the capital of the Immortal Kingdom, but only one of the harbor cities of the Immortal Kingdom.

There are three similar seaport cities on this land.

Although the Immortal Kingdom is only a country on the South Sea, its land area is not small. Except for the four open seaports, no one knows what the inland of this country looks like.

At night, the man clad in white was sitting alone in the bow of the boat, between his hands there was a faint flash of white thunder from time to time.

However, the power of the Heavenly Thunder was hidden by Lu Heng, so it is not scary.

Most of the lights of the ships moored near the dock have gone out now. In addition to the remaining staff, most of the crew went ashore to play in the busy night market.

Therefore the wharf, which was just busy for a short time, has fallen back into the former silence.

Lu Heng, who was sitting at the bow of the boat, was probably the most prominent person at the wharf at this time.

He doesn't know how long it has been in such a quiet silence.