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I’ll Quit Being a God – Chapter 157 Part 1

2022-11-27 16:05:35Publish Time: 2,552 views
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Chapter 157: Moluo Evil Spirit (1)

PS: This chapter is translated by yymm51734

On the dock, little Gu Yan cried out in anxiety.

The cry of Gu eagle is similar to a baby. Now Gu Yan is crying anxiously, which is even bleaker. It is really like a baby crying bitterly.

Xiao Ai's face was worried after she understood Gu Yan's crying.

"Lord Wolf!"

She looked in the direction where the sixteen lights disappeared.

The light-escaping speed of the Erba God Man was too fast, and now it has completely disappeared into the night sky.

Lu Heng patted her on the shoulder and said, "Don't worry."

With these words, Lu Heng turned to look at the Bo horse beside him and said, "If we don't come back in three days, you can go to the Kingdom of Mermaid and wait for us. I will certainly bring your master back."

The silver-white horse bent its front hooves and directly knelt down, making a dull howl like a drum, indicating that it obeyed.

Lu Heng looked at the cabin and held out his hand. The cage with the Fat Bird in it flew into Lu Heng's hands.

"I will take care of the Fat Bird temporarily, so that you will not be attacked by evil people." Lu Heng said to the Bo horse.

Although it is the shape of a horse, it can eat lions and tigers and walk on the water. And it can easily travel thousands of miles a day. If it runs fast, it is possible to travel dozens of thousands of miles a day.

As long as it doesn’t meet strong cultivators, ordinary evil spirits can't hurt it.

——Of course, cultivators usually don't compete with a horse.

But if it takes a precious bird, then an attack might happen.

Throwing the soft Fat Bird lying in the cage into the nether world, Lu Heng disappeared into the huge white wolf body.

After explaining everything, on the deck, a light rose up and flew away with Xiao Ai towards the distance.

That speed was a little faster than the sixteen lights of Erba God Man.

On the dark earth, the bright city was instantly left behind by Lu Heng.

The so-called escape spell has a rule that the higher your accomplishments, the faster you can fly. Even though there are different kinds of escape spells, powerful men can use ordinary escape spells faster than ordinary men can use top-level escape spells.

Lu Heng was with low accomplishments, and he didn't even open the Heavenly Gate, so his speed was slow.

However, his foundation was Heavenly Thunder. The most ferocious power in the world was used to drive his escape spell, so even an ordinary escape spell was unreasonably fast.

What's more, when Lu Heng was in Fushan City, he saw all the secret spells of the library. One of them was a secret spell of Fire Pass country. It was named Sweeping Shadow. In Fire Pass Country, only a few people, including the country leader, can practice, which is extremely difficult.

Lu Heng spent three days practicing this secret spell.

Now he is using it with all his strength and at a faster speed beyond the imagination of everyone - even beyond the imagination of Lu Heng.

In the night sky, a flash of white thunder disappeared in the land of the Immortal Kingdom.

The sixteen lights dived into the land of the Immortal Kingdom. Lu Heng wanted to catch up with them, so he had to follow them.

Beyond the bright city, the vast land behind the city appeared in Lu Heng's view.

The land of the Immortal Kingdom behind the city was so beautiful.

Clear spring water, towering snow mountains, vast grasslands and lush forests under the snow mountains were as enchanting as an idyllic paradise… However, what did not match this beautiful scenery was a faint gloomy atmosphere covering the land, making the world seem gloomy and desolate.

The whole land was covered in a dark shade, without any bright colors.

And the deeper people went in, the more gloomy it became.

The land of the Immortal Kingdom was somewhat like the nether world?

Lu Heng felt slightly moved, but this was not the time to explore the secrets of the Immortal Kingdom.

He did his best to maximize the light speed of Sweeping Shadow. Pale thunder flashed in the night sky, just like a fleeting meteor.

On the earth, several black knights flew out of the city where Lu Heng passed. However, as soon as these knights rose onto the night sky, the pale thunder light disappeared from their view.

It was too fast.

The citizens of the Immortal Kingdom looked at each other.

Just now, they witnessed the scene where the lord chased Erba God Man, which was shocking enough.

But now another uninvited guest was chasing the immortal lord?

And faster than the lord?!

The warning message was immediately transmitted to the country by special means.

And in the gloomy Immortal Kingdom, the sixteen little kids named Erba God Man were close to the center of the Immortal Kingdom.

There was a vast plain ahead.

In the sky above the plain, dark clouds were surging and rotating noiselessly, forming a huge whirlpool.

The gloomy death spirit reached its peak here. But this place was not as colorless as other places in the Immortal Kingdom, but has bright and dazzling colors.

——On the plain land, there was a sea of blood-red flowers.

The manjusaka flowers swaying in the night were the most dazzling colors in this gloomy world.

A huge stone statue as high as one hundred feet stood silently on the plain, among the scarlet flowers.

The cold face, the flying dress, and the huge snake tail… The huge stone statue in the scarlet flowers is just like the one on Fenjiezhou Island!

But this human snake tail statue was much larger, and its face was more delicate and real.

In the night sky, the colorful sixteen lights far away bypassed the vast scarlet flowers on the plain. As for the huge stone statue standing in the flowers, no one dared to approach them.

One of the little kids ran away and shouted angrily.

"Luo Yujun! You katoey! Don't bully us too much!"

The boss was angry and worried, "Do you think we ran so fast because we were afraid of you? Stop now, everyone can live together peacefully. Otherwise, you will be killed here tonight!"

Luo Yujun's strange laughter echoed in the chariot.

"Hahahaha… Are you really afraid of that existence?"

Luo Yujun laughed, "I have received the news. Behind us, there is a white light chasing us. It's faster than you and me. It won't take long to catch up… So it's to kill you?

"In such a situation, don't I want to pester more?

"A thousand years ago, you monsters broke into the forbidden area of the Immortal Kingdom and insulted me in public.

"Tonight, since I have the chance, I will send you sixteen monsters on the dead road together!"

Luo Yujun roared with laughter, which was full of killing intent.

He had received a report from his subordinates that a demon with high accomplishments had come to the border, so he went to pay a special visit, but unexpectedly he met his enemy from thousands of years ago.

What's more, his enemy actually offended the white wolf? In such a situation, it's the ending to these sixteen monsters!

Luo Yujun was in a happy mood, while in front of the sixteen lights, they were crying out.

"Insult you? We are just telling the truth!"

"That's right! You are such a loser who survived and was afraid of death. From the beginning, you are nothing! You are just living with unorthodox spells. Do you really think you are very powerful?"

"Looser like you in front of us, you don’t even count as an ant!"

"Unmale and unfemale demon, you just gained a bit of accomplishment by means of unorthodox spells, and you dared to claim yourself as a King! You make people laugh!"