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I’ll Quit Being a God – Chapter 165

2022-12-14 00:20:00Publish Time: 2,690 views
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Chapter 165: Demon Girl

The words of Lian Caiyi surprised Huo Feng.

But he walked towards the valley without stopping.

This strange valley was covered with dark evil Qi. In the air, there was also a creepy smell. It seemed that there was something evil in the dark.

The dark mountain rocks on both sides were extremely evil and uncomfortable.

Huo Feng dragged his injured body forward in the valley, and soon came to the end.

The front was a black air wall. Looking at the surging evil demon Qi, Huo Feng knew that he couldn't touch it casually.

Here, he saw Lian Caiyi's body.

Although full of blood, still maintain the integrity of the chest and abdomen. It's just lacking hands, feet, and head.

Huo Feng walked over and bent over to pick up the bloody body.

Under the clothes stained with blood, he could even see the chest rising and falling slightly, and the heart was still beating.

If you only look at the position of the chest and abdomen, it is almost the same as a living person.

This was the end, and there was no way forward. Huo Feng walked back with Lian Caiyi's body in his arms and quickly returned to Li Caiyi's head.

He put her body beside her head and said, "I'll go to the other end to look for your hands and feet."

After that, regardless of Lian Caiyi's reaction, Huo Feng, half-bloodied, walked to the other side of the valley.

In this deep and desolate valley, there was no grass. The scattered bones were left by cultivators.

And near some skeletons, weapons of the dead were scattered.

Even now, some of the weapons and magic weapons still exuded the aura that people dared not ignore.

But now Huo Feng was not in the mood to pick them up.

He walked to the end of the valley and also saw a black air wall, so he held Lian Caiyi's hands and feet and walked back.

When he returned to the head of Lian Caiyi, he found that Lian Caiyi's head was already connected to her body.

With a dry cough, Huo Feng helped Lian Caiyi put her hands and feet together with her body.

Soon, Lian Caiyi, who was completely recovered, stood up and waved, and the blood on her and Huo Feng disappeared at the same time.

Lian Caiyi, who was no longer embarrassed, turned back into a gorgeous young lady.

But now her face was pale. Although the body had been spliced back, the wound was not so easy to recover from.

She looked at the gloomy valley in front of her, took a long breath, sat down on the ground and said.

"There is evil demon Qi in the valley, and I don't feel any spirit Qi. If I don't go out, I'm afraid I will never recover."

With that, she looked at Huo Feng beside her and said, "It seems that you have a question to ask. If you have a question, ask it. There is no need to hide it in your heart."

Lian Caiyi looked serious.

 She neither flirted with Huo Feng, nor deliberately showed off her charm.

The indifferent and calm tone seemed to be a stranger to Huo Feng.

Huo Feng looked at her cold appearance and was silent for a while. Then he asked, "Is your master the legendary Gu Yue... Luna Pitch Mirror, The Lection of Chaos?"

What Huo Feng said was the inheritance of a peerless beautiful woman thousands of years ago.

The woman was named Gu Yue. Her cultivation method was called "The Lection of Chaos" and seduced many strong cultivators.

A thousand years ago, there was a huge riot.

She was denounced and hunted down by countless married women and became infamous, but she disappeared mysteriously and went nowhere.

One hundred years after the disappearance of Gu Yue, her disciple appeared. Her disciple also made trouble and charmed countless heroes.

——The men who were seduced by her were almost unable to get one step further in their cultivation.

But even so, there were also countless men who were eager to meet her.

Therefore, among cultivators, Gu Yue and her disciples have long been notorious.

But the terrible place is also here.

Even if everyone disliked them, most people would be seduced by them without protest.

Among them, there were even some very strong cultivators...

So Huo Feng was nervous when he asked this question.

If Lian Caiyi in front of him really is a disciple of Gu Yue...

When Hua Feng's question came out, Lian Caiyi nodded coldly.

"Well, what you guessed is right. Gu Yue is my master... Do you have any questions?"

"Er... this..." Hua Feng suddenly felt uncomfortable when he looked at Lian Caiyi's cold appearance.

Did he... have accidentally offended her?

Or does the woman in front of him don't like her inheritance?

Aware of this, Huo Feng felt a little guilty... Did he misunderstand her?

However, this idea just rose, and Huo Feng was suddenly shocked and suddenly realized something.

When his Shifu told about the inheritance of Gu Yue, he mentioned that they were not only beautiful and charismatic, but also terrible, because they knew the hearts of people.

Even if you want to resist, as long as you contact with them, you will unconsciously generate pity for them, and gradually believe in their various sweet words.

Those who are enchanted by these evil women were not deluded by illusions but loved them from their hearts.

"..." Looking at Lian Caiyi in front of him nervously, Huo Feng swallowed his saliva and unconsciously stepped back.

A little scared.

——Did I get trapped?

And Lian Caiyi, who had been observing Huo Feng's reaction, saw this little action and raised her eyebrows slightly.

In her heart, inexplicable disappointment rose...

Sure enough, again.

She smiled and said, "But compared with my heritage, what we should have a headache now is the current situation, right?"

"The valley is full of evil Qi. The exits on both sides and the sky above are blocked by evil Qi. Even I can't break it."

"And even if we go out, there are still sixteen little monsters outside. With our current situation and strength, we can't beat those sixteen little monsters at all."

"Even if the Wolf God is looking for us outside, it's too late."

"We will probably die here before the Wolf God finds us."

Lian Caiyi calmly said terrible words and told the cruel reality to Huo Feng.