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I’ll Quit Being a God – Chapter 167

2022-12-18 00:00:00Publish Time: 3,357 views
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Chapter 167: Mountains and Rivers Overlap

In the valley, time passed little by little.

Huo Feng walked up and down anxiously in the valley, while Lian Caiyi sat lazily in one of the flat places, watching Huo Feng doing useless work.

For the two people trapped in the valley today, it is really useless to do anything.

First of all, they could not break through the evil demon Qi that blocked the valley.

Secondly, even if they broke through the evil demon Qi blocking the valley, they could not defeat the eight girls guarding outside.

At that time, they will still be thrown in, and they may be severely beaten.

For the two people today, what they can do is to wait for the Wolf God to find and rescue them.

But since Erba God Man dared to kidnap them, they must have a complete plan. Even if the Wolf God has great powers, it may be difficult to find this place in time.


Lian Caiyi sighed, looking at the figure of the man walking around, and filled with emotion.

She cultivated hard all her life, but never thought that she would die so unknowingly.

Compared with You Yue, her death is worse now. She will be drained of her spirit Qi by the Moluo Sword in the valley until she is dead.

As for the purpose of Erba God Man throwing her and Huo Feng together, Lian Caiyi can see it at a glance.

But she didn't believe that those monsters would let her go, and she was disdainful to do such things.

When her master taught her cultivation method, she was disgusted with the cultivation method that must go to charm men.

In her opinion, the Lection of Chaos can be cultivated without absorbing the energy of men.

It's just that the cultivation speed is not that fast.

Although cultivating alone is boring and slow, it is much more comfortable than her master's method.

Although the cultivation speed of her master and the creator of the cultivation method is fast, they are vulnerable to being backfired.

The creator disappeared mysteriously. Up to now, no body has been found. Even the sect's treasure [Luna Pith Mirror] has disappeared.

Her master was surrounded and killed by women. Finally, she was thrown into the abyss of the South Sea and died without a place to bury herself.

She took this as a warning.

Of course, people are different.

Her master enjoys the feeling of playing with countless men, but Lian Caiyi doesn't like it.

The only disgusting thing is those superficial men.

Once they know that she is a Demon Woman, they either run away in a panic and fear being seduced by her, or they just keep pestering her and want to prove their man's strength by conquering her.

These two kinds of men, the first makes her disdain, the second makes her nauseated.

The boy in front of her - she thought he was not in the two categories. But now it seems that he is no different from other men in the world…

Lian Caiyi was disappointed.

However, Huo Feng, who walked up and down in the valley, knew nothing about Lian Caiyi's complaints.

Since he knew that Lian Caiyi was a Demon Woman, he carefully distanced himself from the other party. Try to keep in touch with her as little as possible without offending her.

But for now, it is still the most important thing to find a way out.

Although waiting for the rescue of the Wolf God was his only way of life, it was not Huo Feng's style to sit there helplessly.

He scanned the valley inch by inch, trying to find a flaw in it.

He looked over and over again at the white bones scattered in the valley.

These seniors who died in the valley are all seniors who have made great achievements in their cultivation. They must have tried to find a way out when they were trapped here.

Maybe one of them succeeded in escaping and left the escape method?

However, although Huo Feng didn't bother to look for bones one by one, he never found a way to escape as time went by.

It seems that those who died here didn't leave any last words.

Three days passed quickly after they woke up.

In addition to the three days of coma, Huo Feng had not eaten for six days.

Huo Feng's body is stronger than that of ordinary people, and he has drunk several cups of Peach Blossom Wine when he traveled with the wolf god. When Huo Feng's body feels tired, the residual effect of the cups of peach blossom wine will work to protect him from hunger and thirst.

But this will not last long.

After all, most of the medicinal power of the Peach Blossom Wine had been used to repair and maintain Huo Feng's broken body.

On the 15th day, Huo Feng finally felt hungry and thirsty. He was powerless and began to walk unsteadily.

Not far away from him, Lian Caiyi had already been lying down, peacefully lying in the valley, just like a real dead body.

Feeling that the essence in the body was being sucked away, Lian Caiyi weakly said.

"Come on, don't waste your time. You've looked around three times. If there is really a way out, you'd have found it long ago."

For the first time in ten days, they talked.

"Now you can't walk steadily, so don't fiddle about."

Lian Caiyi said weakly, "You are different from me. The Moluo Sword wants to take you as the master, so it has not absorbed your energy. You can stay here longer."

"Please find a place to rest. Don't waste your strength. Wait for the Wolf God to save you."

"As long as the Wolf God finds you, those sixteen little monsters will not be his rivals…"

At this time, Lian Caiyi was already dying.

Her energy from eight hundred years of cultivation was completely absorbed by the Moluo Sword, and she had only the last breath remaining.

She finally struggled to speak, and only wanted to say the last word to the man beside her.

After all, this guy is the last man she would see in her life…

Not far away, Huo Feng sat by a dead bone, heard Lian Caiyi's weak murmur, and then said after a few breaths of silence.

"Find another one… find the last one, and if I can't find it, I'll give up."

At the beginning, he really wanted to find a way out.

However, seeing Lian Caiyi haggard day by day, and finally had no strength to sit up and could only lie down and wait for death.

For some reason, Huo Feng felt a sense of heartache in his heart.

He doubted that this was the charm of the Demon Woman, but now he didn't think much about it.

Li Caiyi is dying. If Li Caiyi's energy is completely absorbed by the Moluo Sword, maybe the magic sword that has been hidden in the dark will completely emerge and force him to take it.

So although Huo Feng seems to be able to support it for a longer time, his time is actually the same as that of Lian Caiyi's.

After putting down the skeleton in his hand and the ring-shaped magic weapon beside it, Huo Feng took a deep breath and walked towards the next skeleton with difficulty.

He murmured, "The last one… give up if I can't find it…"

Behind him, Lian Caiyi watched his struggling back, smiled softly and said.

"Then take your time to find…"

With that, she closed her eyes and planned to sleep like this.

He's looked for it three times. How can he find it…

She didn't believe that there would be any way out.

If those dead people could go out, they would have run away. How could they leave their bones here?

In her opinion, this behavior of Huo Feng is just a dying struggle.

However, as soon as Lian Caiyi's eyes were closed, the startled voice of Huo Feng suddenly sounded in the distance.

"Gu Yue's note… Master Caiyi! Come and see! Your master, Gu Yue left a note here!"


Master Gu Yue's note?

The eyelashes of the woman lying serenely in the valley trembled, then weakly opened her eyes and looked at Huo Feng in the distance.

Huo Feng was sitting next to a corpse, holding a milky moon disk in his hand, and looking at her with a shocked look on his face.

Even though the milky white disk emitting dim moonlight was far away, Lian Caiyi still clearly felt the familiar smell on it.

It was indeed the real Luna Pith Mirror, the sect's magic tool that disappeared with Master Gu Yue, rather than the fake she had made herself…

Lian Caiyi's eyes widened slightly.

At that moment, looking at Huo Feng sitting among the bones, she felt an incredible sense of absurdity.

Could this guy really find a way out…