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I’ll Quit Being a God – Chapter 48

2022-06-30 17:27:00Publish Time: 5,224 views
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Chapter 48: Li Po

Cold wind roared through the mountains and forests, and the white snow continued to fall, turning everything between heaven and earth into a world of white.

In such a deep winter, the villagers of Shuisheng village were huddled in their own houses, sitting around the fireplace for warmth, unwilling to go out and suffer from the cold.

However, in the wind Raiders Department camp not far away, it was still busy.

The Li tribe people in thin clothes seemed to ignore the cold, and were still busy with their own affairs despite the snow and wind. All the adult men were topless, and their muscles were exposed to the cold wind without fear.

Women only wore short sleeved narrow skirts that were easy to move in, and their bare skin didn't feel cold in the chilly wind.

Most of those naughty children just wore a pair of underpants and were rolling around in the snow, playing.

If it weren't for the heavy snow, anyone who strayed into the camp would not think it was winter when they saw the cool and thin dress of the Li tribe.

Among the thin and cool people in the Li tribe, Qian, who wore a white gauze skirt and a wreath on her head, was the most normal one. Although the thin gauze skirt had no ability to resist the cold.

While the snow was flying, she was carrying a wooden bucket twice as big as her through the camp and came to the hill at its edge. Here, a simple fence was built with logs, in which lied a huge spinning turtle.

These huge animals were pets kept by the Wind Raiders department that were also used as pack animals for travel. They could carry a lot of luggage. The turtle in front of the girl was raised by her.

In the wind and snow, the huge spinning turtle was sleeping. The snowy wind in the dark sky and freezing temperature of winter couldn’t affect the creature. After lying in the snow for such a long time, a thick layer of snow had accumulated on the huge tortoise shell.

Qian came to the fence with a huge wooden barrel and knocked the bell on the fence.

"Dinner! Dinner!"

Qian shouted, and the sound of the shaking bell woke the sleeping turtle.

It opened its sleepy eyes and saw the girl standing outside the fence, pouring all the things in the huge wooden bucket into the trough.

In the clattering sound, all the rocks poured out of the barrel were fine and hard, with some soil mixed between them.

"I'll give you something good to eat today," the girl said after pouring out the stones in the bucket, lying on the fence with her hands on her cheeks, watching the turtle slowly climb inside. "This is granite. I just picked it from the mountain yesterday. You have a nice meal today."

In the girl's gentle hum, the huge spinning turtle had come up, stretched out a strange bird's head, and began to swallow and chew the stones and soil in the trough.

The girl outside the fence can be seen to be in a good mood, as she can be heard humming songs.

Each of the Nine departments the Li tribe has its own iron eaters.

This turtle is the iron eater raised by their Wind Raiders department. It has a long service life and likes to eat gold iron clay. It can purify and refine the clay, gold and iron chewed and swallowed into high-quality ore for smelting by the people of the Wind Raiders department.

Today, she fed the turtle a meal. In a few days, she will be able to come back to pick high-quality ores.

The girl thought like this, smiled and reached out her hand to touch the strange bird like head of the spinning turtle, and said with a smile, "Good ~ good ~ eat slowly and eat more. I've given you such delicious granite. You have to refine some high-quality minerals for me ~ ~"

The girl smiled and comforted the turtle. She didn't know whether the turtle understood her words. It didn't answer her, but buried its head and continued to go through the stones in the trough.


The smile on the girl's face became more and more happy in the crisp sound when the turtle chewed the stone.

But at this moment, she suddenly felt something and hurriedly looked back to the outside of the mountain.

In the blizzard outside the mountain, two figures from front to back cut through the sky and were flying here.

One of the people was Guan Han, who was sent by the old priest to the Great Sea Department.

The other is…

"Grandpa Li Po?" The girl jumped up happily, ignoring the huge empty barrel outside the fence, and trotted directly to the camp.

There, two figures from outside the mountain just landed in the camp. Although most of the Li tribe people in the camp looked up in surprise, they recognized the identity of the person, so they bowed their heads and continued to work on their own affairs.

The girl was running in the camp, looking at the direction of the main tent from afar and waving happily.

"Grandpa Li Po!"

The girl's voice made the two people who had just arrived at camp look at her.

In front of the huge main account, standing next to the tall and burly Han, was a middle-aged man with gray hair and a face of vicissitudes, but not old.

Like Li Ju, the old priest of the Wind Raiders department, he was also topless, and his muscles were marked with black tattoos.

The tattoo pattern is different from what the Wind Raiders department wears.

Seeing Qian's appearance, the priest named Li Po smiled and said, "Qian… Where's your old man? Isn't he in the camp?"

Qian came over with a smile and said, "Grandpa Li Ju is holding the fire in the sword furnace. Grandpa Li Po, I will take you to find him."

Li Po was stunned by the girl's reply. "You've been here for a long time. The sword stove hasn't been built yet?"

The girl took Li Po to the back of the camp and said, "The sword furnace to be built this time is different from the past, so Grandpa Li Ju needs to spend more time building it. Just come with me. It's a long story and should be kept secret, so you can't tell too many people."

After the girl took Li Po away, the strong man named Han took the initiative to leave and returned to his home.

The girl pulled Li Po while walking through the camp and soon they came to the quiet open space behind the camp.

After arriving here, the chill in the air can no longer be felt. The blazing high temperature evaporates the rain and snow in the air. There is no snow on the ground. The soil is dry and hard. It looks like it is being baked at high temperatures all year round.

Not far ahead is the sword furnace built by the Wind Raiders department.

Even if it is far away, you can feel the blazing heat in the sword stove.

As the girl was leading the way, she asked, "Grandpa Li Po, did you see the heavenly thunder clouds in the mountains?"

The priest named Li Po unconsciously looked towards the main peak of Hanyu mountain and nodded.

"Well, Han told me when he came here. He said that there was a white wolf God in the Hanyu mountain. It was very strange. The master suddenly asked me to come here. Maybe it was related to the White Wolf God… Does the White Wolf God really have enough Thunder Sand?"

The girl smiled, nodded, and said, "Yes, the White Wolf God in the mountain is amazing. Not only can it order the thunder, but also resurrect the dead and reverse Yin and Yang. Grandpa Li Po, you will go with us to visit him later and ask him to give Thunder Sand."

"The amount of Thunder Sand there amounts to more than the total treasure reserves in the world. If you can fulfill his requirements, there will absolutely be enough materials for casting the mountain splitting and sea breaking sword."

The girl happily shared such good news with Li Po, but Li Po was stunned and surprised.

"Order the thunder… resurrect the dead and reverse Yin and Yang?!"

Han had mentioned to him the divine power of the thunder. So before coming here, Li Po knew that the wolf God in the mountain was very unusual.

But resurrect the dead and reverse Yin and Yang…

Li Po frowned and said, "Qian, this is no joke. Birth, old age, and death are the order of heaven and earth. No matter how powerful the divine power is, it is impossible to reverse Yin and Yang… Did you see the Wolf God resurrect the dead?"

"Of course!" The girl nodded heavily and said, "Not only me but Grandpa Li Ju was also there. We saw with our own eyes that the Wolf God saved a dead girl. Now the resurrected girl is cultivating with the Wolf God in the mountain. Maybe we can see her later."

With those words, Qian explained how she saw the monkeys carrying the girl's body into the mountains, with the priest grandpa to witness the wolf God saving a mortal girl who died.

When she finished, the priest named Li Po was a little speechless.

Although the power of the heavenly thunder is terrible, there are extraordinary beings everywhere in the world, and there are even more terrible magical powers.

But life, old age, and death are the rules of order that no one has been able to break since ancient times.

But now there are people who can trample on the order of heaven and earth and bring the dead back to life?

If this is true…… if he wants, the life and death of all things in the world are no different from a joke to him.

Can such a supernatural power, which cannot be tolerated in heaven and earth, even exist? Isn't he afraid of heaven's punishment when he acts against heaven?

Li Po, who was so impressed, suddenly thought of another thing.

That is the White Wolf God in the mountain… it seems to be able to control the heavenly thunder?

Well, this…

Considering this, Li Po was speechless.

If the White Wolf God in the mountain can really resist the punishment and control the thunder, he really doesn't need to worry about the scourge.

It's just… this behavior… Really…

Li Po shook his head and felt that he should not continue thinking.

If he continues to think about it, he might offend the Wolf God.

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