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I’ll Quit Being a God – Chapter 146

2022-10-24 02:29:00Publish Time: 2,860 views
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Chapter 146: Blissful Palace

The night sky on the sea was full of stars.

The small ship was between the sea and the sky, moving forward silently.

In the cabin, Huo Feng was holding his pillow and snoring loudly. In the midst of the undulating snoring, the little Gu eagle hanging on the wall was half asleep, and his head rotated from time to time with the snoring of Huo Feng.

On the deck, a huge white wolf was lying lazily in the bow, silently watching the bright moon and stars on the sea, thinking something.

At the stern of the boat, the little girl with silver hair and beastly ears held the plank of the boat with one hand and drove the boat forward with her spirit Qi.

Although Xiao Ai doesn't know how to drive a sea boat, she doesn't need to learn. She just used her spirit Qi to drive the boat.

Driven by Spirit Qi, this small boat not only got a lot faster, but also had less turbulence.

After vomiting for two days and nights, the Bo horse could finally breathe a sigh of relief, and now it was sleeping in the cabin.

Between the sea and the sky, there was silence.

In the night without violent wind and waves, the sea was even quieter than Hanyu Mountain.

Under the cold moonlight, Lu Heng quietly looked at the stars in the sky and the huge moon in the night sky.

Before, Lu Heng inadvertently called out the name of Nuwa, but by coincidence, it caused a storm, which made Lu Heng's mind confused.

Even though he comforted Huo Feng that it was just a coincidence, Lu Heng was not sure whether it was a coincidence.

The storm was too sudden and strange.

And even now, Lu Heng still felt uneasy even though his vision was calm.

It seemed that something terrible was happening somewhere on this sea right now

A cultivator's whim often has omens.

So what does his current restlessness indicate?

[Nuwa], is the name taboo in this world? Is that why nobody knows?

However, Lu Heng mentioned the name "Nuwa" when he talked with Gong Shu Jie about the world's affairs in Hanyu Mountain, but nothing happened at that time.

Is this name, just at sea can't be mentioned? If you mention it on land, it is fine?

Lu Heng thought about it, but he couldn't think of any result.

After Huo Feng went to bed, he was alone on the deck and called Nuwa several times, but it was always calm.

Lu Heng would almost think that he was just worrying about nothing if he didn't have the slightest unease in his heart all the time.

In such a silent silence, the boat was moving forward quietly.

But Lu Heng, with complex thoughts, felt something then, frowned back and looked behind him.

Before long, Xiao Ai at the stern also noticed.

They looked in the direction behind them. In the dark night of the sea and sky, a light appeared.

Later, the light became bigger and brighter, showing the shape of a huge ship.

Compared with Lu Heng's shabby boat, that huge building boat was luxurious. From a distance, it looked like a moving palace.

On the boat, the lights was bright and the figures were waving, just like a party.

The sound of music, mixed with laughter, reached here from afar and soon woke up Huo Feng, who was asleep in the cabin.

When Huo Feng ran out of the cabin with the little Gu eagle, the huge building boat had come near the boat.

The distance between the two sides was less than ten meters.

Standing at the bow of the boat, Huo Feng could clearly see the singing, dancing, and laughing on the huge ship, and hear the laughing sounds floating along the sea breeze.

Huo Feng's face showed a surprised expression.

"Blissful Palace?" Huo Feng recognized the origin of this huge ship.

Lu Heng was a little surprised, "What is the Blissful Palace?"

Xiao Ai also came to Lu Heng at this time, in case of any misconduct on the approaching boat.

Huo Feng looked up at the approach of the huge ship and the figures of those who were having fun and explained.

"The Blissful Palace is a happy place on the South Sea."

"There are seven ships in total, and each one has a temple master. All the women on the ship cultivate the Blissful Heaven Demon Dharma."

"This kind of cultivation method needs to be indulged in joy and realized in laughter."

"Each ship goes to sea once every six months, and every time it goes to sea for seventy-seven and forty-nine days. The women on the boat and the passengers on board enjoy themselves very much during the seventy-seven and forty-nine days, singing and dancing and laughing. They stop when they reach the shore."

"Therefore, this Blissful Ship is also known as the place of the Blissful World. If you are lucky enough to be invited to board the Blissful Ship once, you will have no regrets in your life."

Huo Feng said that when Xiao Ai's eyes turned cold and the Wolf God showed a funny expression, he immediately realized that they thought of something pornographic.

He quickly explained, "The joy on the Blissful Ship is not the kind of body pleasure."

"The women in the Blissful Palace are not prostitutes."

"Although I have never been on a ship, it is said that women in the Blissful Palace should not be violated or humiliated, otherwise they will be thrown off the ship."

"The pleasure on the ship is the secret technique of the Blissful Palace, which enables people to experience many joys in the world firsthand. It is said that all the joys in the world can be given by the Blissful Ship."

Huo Feng smiled and said, "It's a pity that those who can be invited to board are often famous celebrities, scholars, and cultivators. Ordinary people like me have only heard of them in rumors."

"Even this is the first time that I have seen it with my own eyes…"

With that, Huo Feng looked at the big ship in the distance again.

At this time, the ship had come five miles away.

The distance between the two sides was so close that they could even see the figures of the women on the ship.

In the bright lights, Lu Heng could vaguely feel a little unusual breath floating. He even felt better when he smelled the scent.

Lu Heng nodded and said, "This Blissful Palace is indeed special."

Just a wisp of fragrance floating along the sea breeze can make people feel better. He wondered what joy it would be if he was on that ship.

Huo Feng smiled and said, "The Wolf God, if you show your identity, you will be invited to go aboard."

Lu Heng smiled, shook his head and said, "No, this kind of happy place is not suitable for me. Besides, I am an unknown, so I am not qualified to go aboard."

Lu Heng refused with a smile, but when his voice fell.


A splash of water suddenly started up on the sea in the distance.

It seemed that someone fell off the ship.

Lu Heng was a little surprised, "Oh? Did some passengers offend the Blissful Palace and get thrown down?"

In the moonlight, two people, a wolf and a Gu eagle looked up at the huge deck of the ship.

However, the deck was full of laughter, and no one made any noise or paid attention to the drowning man.

Huo Feng frowned and said, "It doesn't look like he was thrown down… he jumped off the ship himself?"

Huo Feng looked surprised, and he didn't believe this conjecture.

Xiao Ai sneered and said, "Isn't the ship the most blissful place in the world? If you can board it, you will have no regrets in your life. Why do some people take the initiative to jump out of the ship?"

Huo Feng coughed and suddenly realized that he had done something stupid just now - even if this ship is not a brothel, he shouldn't introduce it in front of Sister Xiao Ai!

Huo Feng, who realized that something was wrong, shut up and didn't dare to speak any more.

Lu Heng looked at the rippling sea. Under his eyes, he saw a figure swimming in the sea and towards him.

"Oh? Is it for us?" Lu Heng was curious.

In the surging sea water, it could be vaguely seen that the person who fell into the water was a woman in white.

After the woman in white fell into the water, the huge ship soon went away. On the ship, the happy people didn't notice the shabby little boat nearby.

After the huge building ship drove away, a figure swam in the sea and finally caught up with Lu Heng's boat.

Under the cool moonlight, the head of the woman in white emerged from the sea and smiled at Huo Feng on the deck.

"The younger brother of the Yun Sect, can you give me a ride?"

It was clearly a dark night, but the moment the woman smiled, it seemed that the whole world was bright.

However, in the face of such a beautiful woman, Huo Feng was unmoved, but coughed and said.

"Sorry, this small boat is full. You need to wait for the next ship."