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I’ll Quit Being a God – Chapter 255

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Translated by: postContent

Edited by: Jing-Teck, Kurth

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Chapter 255: Discussion of Demons at the Postal Station (Part 1)

As the strongest priest of the Li Tribe's nine current divisions, the old man naturally had the confidence to utter such arrogant words.

What outsiders fear the most about Hanyu Mountain is not only the Wolf God, who cultivates in seclusion in the mountains and doesn't get involved in the world.

For evil demons and demons, although the Wolf God is frightening, he cultivates in seclusion in the mountains and doesn't get involved in the world. Therefore, as long as one doesn't go looking for trouble in Hanyu Mountain, they will be fine.

However, the Wind Strike Department in Hanyu Mountain often sends young people from the Li tribe to travel outside, hunting and killing evil demons and demons passing by, and ruthlessly killing any evil demons that dare approach within a thousand miles of Hanyu Mountain.

It has become a forbidden zone for demons and monsters.

Even the Four Elders and Three Demons of the Green Hell Cave can only seethe with anger and dare not truly enter and provoke within this thousand-mile radius.

Not to mention the Li Tribe's nine branches being united in solidarity; even just the Wind Strike Department alone is enough to make people fearful.

The consequences of angering the nine branches of the Li Tribe are beyond the capacity of any power or individual in this world to bear.

For the Green Hell Cave, the greatest stroke of fortune currently is that the Li Tribe's Wind Strike Department, located within the borders of Fire Pass Country, has not joined forces with the wizards.

This group of transcendental Li Tribe people have always refrained from meddling in the disputes of the cultivation world, as it is their ancestral precept.

The disciples of the sects are already at their limit hunting the demons near the hunting camp. If the demonic forces don't provoke them, it's unlikely that they will really confront the Green Hell Cave.

After all, they still have more important missions to accomplish...

Therefore, the tribe of the Li people in Hanyu Mountain is not the formidable adversary that the demonic forces of the Green Hell Cave need to be wary of.

With the launch of a bamboo raft into the water, the White-garbed Wolf God made his entrance in the mortal realm. This scene was witnessed by some passersby or birds and beasts on both banks of the river, and news of it spread rapidly.

The Wolf God stepped into the mortal realm again...

This news hit like a heavy boulder thrown into the depths of the sea, causing tumultuous waves.

Inside the Fire Pass Country, the demonic forces were filled with terror and fear. The area near the narrow passage of the river that runs through it was evacuated quickly by the demons on both banks. Even the conspiracies and attacks that were supposed to be carried out were immediately called off and dare not to continue.

The demons, already fighting fiercely and uncontrollably, temporarily retracted their tentacles and retreated back to the wilderness, giving this world a brief period of tranquility for several days.

However, Lu Heng seemed to be indifferent to all of this.

A bamboo raft floated downstream, and Lu Heng was leisurely chatting with Xiao Ai and Gu Yan while looking relaxed on the raft, allowing the bamboo raft to drift along the stream without using any magic to speed it up.

After five days, they barely managed to make it out of the area within a thousand miles of Hanyu Mountain.

There were quite a few temporary houses and residences built on both sides of the riverbank.

Although the river's flow was fast and turbulent, and the mountainous terrain caused great drops, making it impossible to navigate, there were still fish in the water and birds and animals in the mountains.

In the past, these wilderness areas might have been frightening and chilling with the possibility of ferocious beasts, but in the present day of rampant demonic energy in the Fire Pass Country, while there were still strange beasts in the area of a thousand miles around Hanyu Mountain, there were no demons.

Compared to those man-eating demons, people prefer to face strange beasts.

At the very least, as long as they form settlements and live together, common strange beasts will not be able to break through and harm people.

Facing those fierce and terrifying strange beasts, people could still struggle, resist, or even join forces to force them back. Even if people were injured or killed, it would be only a small number.

But if a demon enters a village, everyone in the whole village will die and no one can escape.

Therefore, in recent years, wild people like those in Shuisheng Village who are not within the boundary markers and not protected by Wuzhu have mostly migrated to the safety zone of a thousand miles around Hanyu Mountain, under the guidance of the wizards, to avoid the disasters caused by demons.

As for those villagers and ordinary people who are within the city boundaries and protected by Wuzhu, they were already relocated near the city to take temporary residence and no longer stay in the mountains and wilds.

The boundary markers set at the city's border used to deter demons and prevent them from entering the boundary marker range to harm people. However, it's no longer effective now.

Not to mention boundary markers, even the city guarded by Wuzhu has had demons daring to launch coordinated attacks and even infiltrating the city in broad daylight to eat people.

Under all kinds of chaos, the most affected are the ordinary people who don't possess any magical powers.

Traveling eastward, the newly built villages seen on both sides of the riverbank are the ones that had migrated under this situation.

On the sixth day, Lu Heng and his group left the bamboo raft and landed ashore.

Although this long river flows eastward, it doesn't enter the Pang River water system. Upon arriving at this place, they should abandon the bamboo raft and travel by foot.

However, everyone is a cultivator, even the youngest Shen Wuyou, who is a demon cultivator. They can run all over the wilderness without fear of the hardships of the journey and step as steadily as on the level ground.

In fact, the little boy had been restless since they were on the bamboo raft.

He had thought that Lu Heng would take him eastward off the mountain, arriving at Luwu Mountain after several days by the clouds, and then heading to the Green Hell Cave.

However, after descending the mountain, everyone had been staying on a small bamboo raft, moving slowly eastward at a frighteningly slow speed.

It has been six days now, but they have only traveled about a thousand miles away from the Hanyu Mountain.

Especially after abandoning the bamboo raft and landing ashore, Lu Heng's leisurely pace was even slower than when he went down the river, which made the little boy completely unable to sit still.

At night, after lighting a campfire in the abandoned inn that had been deserted for years, and when Xiao Ai started cooking, the little boy who had been holding his discomfort finally couldn't help but walk up to Lu Heng.

"Daddy..." the little boy spoke up. "If we continue like this, when will we arrive at the Luwu Mountain?"

The little boy's worried inquiry made Lu Heng raise his head and give him a glance.

With a smile, he said, "It will take us at least ten days to half a month to reach the Pang River. When we get there, we can go downstream along the Pang River, and our speed will be the fastest possible."

"At the latest, we can arrive at the Luwu Mountain before July fifteenth."

Lu Heng's answer, given with a smile, almost made the little boy collapse.

"July fifteenth...that's already too late!" Shen Wuyou said anxiously, "My sister has been captured by the demons in the Green Hell Cave for eight days, and I don't know what kind of torture she's endured. Now we have to wait for more than a month... Father! Can't we fly directly over there?"

The little boy was almost about to cry.

Seeing him like this, Lu Heng also restrained his smile and sighed.

"Wuyou, do you think I can rescue your sister quickly by flying over there?"

Lu Heng's words made the little boy pause, not quite understanding the question.

Lu Heng smiled and said, "Wuyou, you're thinking too simply. The Green Hell Cave is hidden very deep, and even till now, no one knows where their lair is."

"Even if I take you to Luwu Mountain immediately and you show me the place where your mother used to live, what's next? Where do we go to find your sister? Do you know the location of the Green Hell Cave, Wuyou?"

Lu Heng's inquiry left the little boy completely bewildered. He stuttered, "Um... um..."

Lu Heng patted his shoulder and said, "Therefore, no matter how fast we go, we cannot find your sister."

"Quite the opposite, if we want to find your sister, we cannot be quick now."

"Not only can we not be quick, but we must also be slow."

Looking at the pitch-black night outside the post station, Lu Heng sighed, "We need to be slow enough for the Green Hell Cave to clearly know our whereabouts and come up with a response. Only then can we possibly see your sister."

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