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I’ll Quit Being a God – Chapter 263

2023-08-19 00:35:00Publish Time: 1,997 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Chapter 263: The Biggest Admirer of the Wolf God in the Green Hell Cave

Xiao Juechen's confidence is not unfounded.

Although the jinx is powerful, according to intelligence reports, it is not so strong that it cannot be overcome.

At the very least, if the cave master takes action, they can surely solve it easily.

And the Heavenly Demon Lord in front of us is an existence at the same level as the cave master. Naturally, it is easy for him to suppress the jinx.

Lu Heng saw that the other party had put their hopes on him, and couldn't help but laugh and say, "Alright! Since we've met, I won't sit idly by. If the jinx appears, I will certainly lend my assistance."

Xiao Juechen was overjoyed at Lu Heng's promise.

Although the current Evil Lord is the Smiling-face Demon, with a strange background, he is still a member of the demonic path after all. In this crucial moment of the witchcraft dispute, he is still trustworthy.

Xiao Juechen thought for a moment and said again.

"The Evil Lord, you just arrived at the Fire Pass Country, it seemed that you didn't know much about the local situation. As a local leader, I naturally should clarify your doubts... I wonder if the Evil Lord has any knowledge about the Hanyu Mountain and the Wolf God?"

Xiao Juechen decided to explain to the Heavenly Demon Lord the terrible nature of the Wolf God and advise him not to act recklessly like that again.

Lu Heng raised an eyebrow and asked with a smile, "I heard that the Wolf God had killed a cultivator named Elder Tao in the South Sea, and had been cultivating at Hanyu Mountain without involving himself in the world, right?"

Lu Heng's words made Xiao Juechen sigh and say, "The Heavenly Demon Lord only knows one side of the story, but not the other."

"Elder Tao, who was beheaded in the South Sea five years ago, was not an ordinary cultivator. He was a top-notch figure in the realm of innate mastery and had even obtained the inheritance of an ancient technique called "Myriad Reflections of Dazzling Light" through a fortunate encounter, which he successfully cultivated."

"This technique, as our cave master has said, is a top secret divine art from ancient times. When the technique is used, one person becomes equivalent to ten thousand soldiers, and ten thousand soldiers become one person. Its destructive power is astonishing."

"However, even such a top-notch innate cultivator was cut down by the Wolf God with a single sword strike..."

Xiao Juechen spoke with a horrified expression, "And shortly after the Wolf God returned to the mountain, the world suddenly turned day and night, and divine individuals achieved enlightenment... I believe even the Evil One witnessed the situation at that time."

"Our leader said that just as the Wolf God of Hanyu Mountain returned to the mountains for secluded cultivation, there appeared a divine vision of a person achieving enlightenment, which was a remarkable coincidence. It is possible that the person who achieved enlightenment was none other than the Wolf God of Hanyu Mountain..."

Xiao Juechen spoke, then looked towards Lu Heng.

Lu Heng shook his head and said, "The world is vast and boundless. Your leader only focuses on the Fire Pass Country, so it naturally seems like a coincidence to you. However, if you look at the entire world, there are countless cultivators who cultivate day and night regardless of the time difference."

"For example, as for this one, he was also just cultivating at the time... Could it be that, due to coincidence of timing, even I'm a possible candidate for that person who attained enlightenment?"

Lu Heng said half-jokingly.

Xiao Juechen then gave a wry smile, but he couldn't insist on the host's speculation anymore.

It continued, "In addition to that, what's even more terrifying about the Wolf God of Hanyu Mountain is his Heavenly Thunder!"

Speaking of this, Xiao Juechen became spirited and said, "Due to the various blocked messages in the South Sea, little is known about the details of the Wolf God's killing of Elder Tao in the Mermaid Kingdom five years ago, let alone us demonic cultivators."

"Senior, you may not be aware that the Wolf God of Hanyu Mountain is not cultivating an ordinary path, but rather the Heavenly Thunder path! It has the power to control the Heavenly Thunder and exterminate wicked demons! For us demon cultivators, it is a natural nemesis!"

"If it is willing, it can summon Heavenly Thunder at any time to exterminate evil demons!"

Xiao Juechen said with a solemn expression, exaggerating the terror of the Wolf God.

Lu Heng nodded in understanding, but seeing the solemn and surprised expression on Xiao Juechen's face, he realized that his reaction was too indifferent.

Immediately pretended to be surprised.

"What?! Heavenly Thunder? The Wolf God can also command Heavenly Thunder? Does it really have such power? How is that possible! How can anyone in this world command Heavenly Thunder?!"

Lu Heng's shocked look satisfied Xiao Juechen, as it was the reaction it wanted to see.

With a solemn expression, Xiao Juechen nodded and said, 'So the Evil Lord should understand why we are so afraid of the Wolf God... The Wolf God can control calamities and punishments. We demonic cultivators are simply powerless against It.'

"What's more, the Wolf God, besides the Heavenly Thunder, has extremely high cultivation. He is known for wielding the ancient sword in one hand, and commanding the Heavenly Thunder to exterminate all evil. The phrase 'Heavenly Thunder' in his title is not just exaggeration, as he truly has the power to control divine punishment!"

"Additionally, He had a close friend who's rumored to be named Jiu Mie. He didn't perform any miracles in the mortal world and never had any great reputation before, but he earned a more arrogant title and claimed to be the topmost immortal, ruling the world and saying 'where there is Jiu Mie, there is heaven'... With such arrogance in his title, and being a dear friend of the Wolf God, Jiu Mie must have other extraordinary traits."

"These two are best friends. If you provoke one, you might trigger the other, which is a headache."

"There is also the rumored Nine Li Tribes, who have an extremely good relationship with the Wolf God. Priest Li Po of the Hanhai Department once led a group to the South Sea to support the Wolf God, while Priest Li Ju of the Wind Strike Department stayed outside Hanyu Mountain and led his tribe to live there for eight years."

"Even the ancient demon, Candle Dragon, seems to be acquainted with the Wolf God..."

One by one, Xiao Juechen revealed all the related secrets that he had learned in the cave.

Only after seeing the increasingly solemn expression on the face of the Heavenly Demon Lord did he breathe a sigh of relief... Surely the Heavenly Demon Lord now knows how fearsome the Wolf God is, right?

Xiao Juechen spoke a long stream of secrets in one breath, and only after that did he breathe a sigh of relief and say.

"That's why it's not that us, the Green Hell Cave, being weak and fearful, it's just that the Wolf God is not to be trifled with."

After saying these words and seeing the solemn expression on the face of the Heavenly Demon Lord, Xiao Juechen snorted coldly in his heart and felt a sense of relief.

What's wrong with me, the Green Hell Cave, being afraid of the Wolf God? You outsiders are so arrogant because you don't even know how terrifying the Wolf God is. Ignorance breeds fearlessness!

If you could also dig up as much intelligence on the Wolf God as I have, you might escape right away and leave me, the Green Hell Cave, far behind.

No matter what I, the Green Hell Cave, say, at least I haven't fled after staying under the same country as the Wolf God for six years.

Do you outsiders have such courage?

Thinking this way in his mind, Xiao Juechen's mood balanced slightly.

But as it looked at the Heavenly Demon Lord, whose expression was grave, it worried that its words might scare away the demon lord.

Then there will be no one to help deal with the jinx!

Xiao Juechen was somewhat worried, while Lu Heng, his expression grave, asked after some thought.

"If the Wolf God is so terrifying, why haven't those from the Green Hell Cave fled the Fire Pass Country and still rampaged within its borders?"

Looking at Xiao Juechen, Lu Heng seized the opportunity to ask a question that had been in his mind for a long time.

Since the Green Hell Cave fears him so much, why don't they run away? What attraction does the Fire Pass Country have for them?