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I’ll Quit Being a God – Chapter 491

2024-04-03 03:00:00Publish Time: 343 views
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Chapter 491: Everything Is a Coincidence

The Arctic Skyark Palace, where a gathering of malevolent beings takes place.

The terrifying demonic aura, gathered by a multitude of malevolent beings, has already stirred up dark clouds in the sky. As the surging miasma descends, the heavenly light is obstructed, casting a gloomy and dim atmosphere over the desolate pinnacle of the North Sea. The silently standing grand palace becomes increasingly eerie and dreadful.

Within the side hall, Lu Heng, who embodies one of the Hei Yan triplet brothers, along with his two companions, observes the current situation within the Arctic Skyark Palace and shakes their heads in unison.

Today marks the third day since they entered the Arctic Skyark Palace. Tonight is the grand banquet of malevolent beings, where Demon King Sun Yan will host skilled demonic cultivators from all over. Although it is still morning, the entire Arctic Skyark Palace has already come alive with excitement.

And those top-notch malevolent beings who traveled from all corners of the world have also mostly arrived.

The current Arctic Skyark Palace can be said to have gathered over ninety percent of the malevolent cultivators from all over the world. If the calamitous clouds were unleashed here, under the resounding thunder of heavenly tribulation, it is feared that the entire Celestial Desolation Realm's malevolent cultivation would regress by tens of thousands of years.

However, Lu Heng currently doesn't have the intention of completely capturing the malevolent beings in one fell swoop, as he knows that in order to lure out that group of interdimensional beings, they must rely on Sun Yan's All Souls Blood Magic Array.

"However, is it really possible for those interdimensional beings to appear in the heavily guarded Arctic Skyark Palace?" Candle Dragon spoke while standing by the window, overlooking the vast palace complex beneath his feet.

Jiu Mie then looked at Lu Heng and said, "Friend Lu Heng, have your magic eyes spotted any suspicious individuals?"

Among the three, currently only Lu Heng's magic eyes are capable of instantly recognizing the presence of beings from other realms… or rather, in the entire Celestial Desolation Realm, apart from Lu Heng, no one else can distinguish between beings from other realms and the native creatures of the Celestial Desolation Realm.

Regarding this, Lu Heng helplessly shook his head and said, "For these three days and nights, I didn't dare to close my eyes for a moment, always keeping watch outside. However, among all the passing demons and monsters, there was not a single being from another realm… Perhaps they are also afraid to approach the current Arctic Skyark Palace."

As they were discussing the matter of beings from other realms, at this moment, Candle Dragon, standing by the window, suddenly furrowed his brow and exclaimed, "Something is amiss!"

Candle Dragon's voice became serious.

He gazed at the distant sky and said, "Could my two good friends identify what that large cauldron, which is being transported here, actually is?"

Lu Heng and Jiu Mie followed the sound and saw a fierce demonic dragon soaring beneath the pitch-black sky, carrying a peculiar, ancient cauldron from afar. Surrounding the demonic dragon were formidable demonic generals emanating a sinister aura, distinguished by their armor adorned in the distinctive style of the top-ranked demonic generals of the Arctic Skyark Palace.

Beneath the demonic clouds, the large cauldron being pulled and flown by the demonic dragon stands at a staggering height of forty-four meters. The cauldron itself is adorned with elegant patinas of green bronze, exuding a certain eerie aura.

Lu Heng and the other two individuals could clearly discern that this object is certainly not an ordinary cauldron, but that peculiar aura seems to surpass even the nine cauldrons. It is undoubtedly a top-tier divine artifact.

Candle Dragon furrowed his brow in confusion, while Jiu Mie and Lu Heng shook their heads in succession.

"Even though you, Old Dragon, couldn't recognize it. We are even more clueless."

With their eyes wide open, the three of them watched as the eerie green bronze cauldron was escorted by the demonic soldiers and generals into the main hall of the Arctic Skyark Palace, only then did they avert their gaze.

"Seemingly, does it have something to do with tonight's banquet?" Jiu Mie remarked.

Lu Heng nodded and said, "Indeed, tonight's banquet is not an ordinary demonic feast… Did you all notice? The fiends have prepared a feast that surprisingly excludes blood offerings…"

This is a highly extraordinary phenomenon.

Because of the grand demonic banquet, top-notch blood offerings are indispensable. With such a gathering of numerous elite evil demons, the necessary preparations of blood offerings and the presence of executioners cannot be lacking.

However, within the present-day Arctic Skyark Palace, there is no trace of executioners or blood offerings. The fiends seem to have prepared nothing more than a remarkably ordinary banquet…

Candle Dragon, on the other hand, gazed towards the direction of the main hall and furrowed his brow, saying, "That cauldron gives me a rather discomforting sensation… and a sense of familiarity… Perhaps I have encountered it before…"

Lu Heng and Jiu Mie exchanged a glance, then Lu Heng shrugged helplessly, saying, "We can get a closer look at it during the banquet later."

Nowadays, the three of them, disguising themselves as the Hei Yan Brothers, are mingling among the demons, holding inferior positions and speaking lightly. If they want to figure out the situation with that large cauldron, they can probably only seek opportunities during the evening banquet.

However, half an hour later, from the sky shrouded in demonic clouds, the enraged roar and hiss of the demon dragon could be heard once again.

Lu Heng and the other two followed the sound and looked over, only to see another demon dragon appearing on the horizon, dragging a bronze cauldron. It was also accompanied by a group of demonic soldiers and generals as guards.

The arrival of this second large cauldron left Lu Heng and the others astounded, "Could it be that there is more than one cauldron?"

They watched with wide eyes as the second bronze cauldron was dragged into the main hall, leaving Lu Heng and the others curious.

After another hour or so, the enraged roar of the demon dragon could be heard once again from the sky.

The third large cauldron has appeared.

Lu Heng shook his head and said, "Could it be that there are a total of nine cauldrons?"

Jiu Mie gazed at the large cauldron that was carried into the main hall by the demon dragon and said, "If my conjecture is correct, there are a total of four cauldrons, leaving one more."

"Oh? How can you tell?" Lu Heng and Candle Dragon both looked at Jiu Mie.

Jiu Mie said, "The number four represents Yin. It resembles the form of a quarter, and all that is associated with the number four follows its principles."

"This cauldron is forty-four meters and four fen tall, exuding a strong aura of Yin and malevolence, yet also encompassing the mystical principles of heaven and earth, embracing the positions of the four cardinal directions. It is a unique Magical Tool that corresponds to the special aspects of the four cardinal directions, namely, the east, south, west, and north. Therefore, there should be one more cauldron remaining."

After saying this, Jiu Mie chuckled and added, "Of course, the key point is that I once encountered a similar cauldron in the dwelling of the ten witches of the Spirit Mountain. Although its aura and appearance have changed, it should still be connected to the four symbolic cauldrons of the ten witches of the Spirit Mountain."

Upon hearing Jiu Mie's final words, Lu Heng rolled his eyes in response.

Ah, so you have encountered one another before, I presume?

"After all, with regards to the four symbolic cauldrons," Candle Dragon pondered for a moment and then continued, "Friend Jiu Mie's words have reminded me. These three cauldrons do bear some resemblance to the four symbolic cauldrons held by the ten witches of the Spirit Mountain."

After finishing his words, Candle Dragon and Jiu Mie both looked at Lu Heng simultaneously.

Candle Dragon inquired, "Friend, are you certain that this scenario of conflict between righteousness and evil is not a script written by your own hand?"

The sudden inquiry from Candle Dragon caught Lu Heng off guard, leaving him momentarily bewildered. "Why such a question? Do I appear to be a mastermind behind the scenes?"

Regarding this, Jiu Mie chuckled silently, choosing not to utter a word.

Candle Dragon cleared his throat and said, "If my friend believes it doesn't resemble so, then let it be so…"

Lu Heng couldn't help but feel bewildered, "Hey! What do you two mean? Could you please clarify? What's with all the secrecy and riddles? I, Lu Heng, walk upright and stand with integrity!"

Candle Dragon shook his head and said, "I do indeed completely trust my friend, but the ten witches of the Spirit Mountain have always been at odds with the demons, and the four symbolic cauldrons are a set of unique treasure that has been passed down for many years by the ten witches. It is unparalleled in the world."

"And three hundred years ago, Witch Su Li, who unintentionally lost the four cauldrons, happened to have some… well… karmic connection with you my friend."

"Now, the Skyark Palace in the Arctic has appeared with a Magical Tool that bears a striking resemblance to the four cauldrons… And the master of the Skyark Palace happens to be a disciple of yours… Ah… It must all be a mere coincidence. I understand it must all be a coincidence," Candle Dragon nodded and said, "My friend, there is no need for further explanation. The two of us completely trust you. All of this is simply a coincidence."