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I’ll Quit Being a God – Chapter 227

2023-07-14 01:20:00Publish Time: 2,425 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Chapter 227: The Emperor Falls, the Heavenly Lord Descends to the Dust

Lu Heng's words made everyone quickly return the gesture of respect.

"The Wolf God's words are weighty, we all believe in the Wolf God."

"That's right, that's right, we believe in the Wolf God, otherwise we wouldn't have cast this vote."

"We all trust the Wolf God to handle the Moluo Evil Spirit, so we can rest assured…"

Can we not be at ease?

To wield heavenly thunder is already a magnificent divine power that shocks the world, but now even the legendary God Slaying Heavenly Thunder has appeared in the world…With such a Wolf God, what demon could escape from his hands?

As for whether the Wolf God would show favoritism, no one has ever doubt it from the beginning.

At this moment, there is even less reason for anyone to doubt it.

Because of the Wolf God's divine power, if he really wanted to favor someone or snatch someone away, who in the world could resist him?

Therefore, everyone feels assured to hand the Moluo Evil Spirit over to Lu Heng.

Inside the divine palace, the atmosphere was harmonious. Lu Heng didn't have the arrogance of a senior cultivator, and now he was chatting happily with everyone, and no one was left out.

Next, the Mermaid Kingdom set up a banquet and invited famous figures from the South Sea to attend, to entertain the South Sea cultivators who came from afar.

On the Extreme Hell Island, a huge wave was stirred up as news from the divine palace spread.

Everyone was discussing the power of that one sword and the elegance of the Wolf God. Even those who had never met Lu Heng had to admit that the Wolf God deserved the praise of divinity and nobility.

He possessed a lethal weapon, but was not arrogant nor had he ever attempted to harm others. Instead, he used reason to persuade them, and ultimately helped to achieve a proper resolution to the situation.

Compared to Elder Tao who never showed a hint of his seniority but relied on his power to convince others, and eventually destroyed by a single sword strike, the other party was clearly inferior.

On the Extreme Hell Island, due to the conclusion of the event, people were satisfied with the spectacle and various aspects of the Treasure Conference kept the cultivators engrossed and unwilling to part.

Meanwhile, inside the divine palace, the banquet was still ongoing.

All those on the list were the cream of the crop of South Sea's cultivators, but even the most arrogant of cultivators couldn't act wildly now.

The atmosphere appeared to be very harmonious.

Yu Hailing quietly left the banquet and went to a secluded underground chamber in the divine palace.

In the pitch-black and lightless secret chamber, Yu Hailing caught a faint whiff of blood and was suddenly stunned.


Although she had received a confidential report indicating that something was wrong, she never expected the situation to be so severe.

She immediately became anxious.

"Ancestors! You all…"

"No worries… cough cough"

In the darkness, a hoarse voice sounded.

After vomiting another mouthful of blood, the voice slowly said, "Don't worry about us, the God Slaying Heavenly Thunder is not coming for us. We just suffered some residual effect, but we can still hold on…"

The hoarse voice said, "The reason for calling you here is for another order."

Yu Hailing quickly solemnly said, "Please give orders, Ancestor."

In the darkness, there was silence for a while.

Just as Yu Hailing hesitated whether to speak, another weak voice sounded.

"I'll say it… Lord, the origin of the Wolf God of Hanyu Mountain is not to be underestimated. It can be completely described as invincible in the world at present."

"Not having a conflict with him is an extremely wise choice."

"But as cultivators with special identities, we carry important missions from the Mermaid Kingdom. The stronger a cultivator is, the more we should stay away."

"So… sigh"

In the darkness, the sound of vomiting blood rang out once again.

After that, it fell into a short period of silence.

The hoarse voice from before appeared again, but it sounded much weaker.

"Let me do it… You guys rest well and don't push yourselves too hard."

The hoarse voice whispered, "Lord… Next, you must make it clear to the Mermaid Kingdom and the Wolf God to stay within their own boundaries. Or in other words, don't deliberately make connections and don't think about asking for his help in the future, or helping him."

"The Mermaids of the South Sea cannot venture out to sea, nor can they travel north to the land. This ancestral precept has a profound meaning and must not be neglected nor forgotten."

"After this matter is over, that Wolf God will leave. You must let him leave, not try to keep him, and don't try to befriend him."

"From now on, you must not meet him again, nor speak a good word to him. Just treat him as a guest with proper etiquette."

"It's best to send him away from the Mermaid Kingdom directly after the Treasure Conference and not bring him into the capital again."

The hoarse voice sighed, "One should not have harmful intentions towards others, but at the same time, one should not be without defense against others."

This command left Yu Hailing startled and astonished.

She didn't quite understand her ancestors' demands, but she didn't argue and nodded in agreement.

"Ancestors, rest assured, I understand. I will arrange for someone to send the Wolf God away later."

"Okay, so we can be reassured now."

In the darkness, plunged into silence, Yu Hailing could no longer feel the breath of her ancestors.

She knew that it was time to leave.

So she respectfully bowed deeply to the darkness in front of her before taking her leave.

As Yu Hailing departed, four faint apparitions materialized silently in the darkness.

They all watched the girl's departure in silence, without a word.

After a while, one of the apparitions slowly spoke up.

"The Wolf God of Hanyu Mountain is…too terrifying," he said.

Another apparition sighed and said, "Fortunately, only we were injured this time and not the ancestral spirits…Otherwise, the Mermaid Kingdom would truly be shaken at its foundation."

"The punishment of the divine thunder is such a terrifying force, yet someone has managed to control it…Has a new god with unbeatable power finally emerged from this silent world after so many years?"

"The future god perhaps…but not necessarily now," he said.

"Heh…The Milky Way and he are connected. Perhaps he is an old acquaintance of our ancestors," he said.

"If that's true, it's also too ancient…" he said.

"He comes from Fire Pass Country and may have a connection with the God of Fire," he said.

"The God of Fire is a truly ancient and powerful god…" he said.

"According to legend, after the Emperor perished, the Heavenly Lord descended to the dust. This Wolf God possesses the aura of the Heavenly Lord," he said.

"Hush…don't speak recklessly. Be careful not to cause trouble with your words," he said.

"No matter what, it is truly rare to have such an existence in the mortal world. We must be careful in how we deal with it," he said.

"I hope he didn't see the thing below the capital city…" he said.

"He probably didn't see it, otherwise he wouldn't be so calm…" he said.

"He has not yet left the country's borders, so it's hard to say for sure. We need to be cautious," he said.

In the darkness, dim phantoms whispered to each other, fearful of the Wolf God.

At this moment, a faint ripple spread throughout this darkness.

The phantoms were suddenly startled.

"Uh-oh! The ancestral spirit is awake!"

"He must have been awakened by the God Slaying Heavenly Thunder…"

"Quickly calm him down!"

In the darkness, four phantoms quickly dispersed and disappeared into the space of darkness.

Meanwhile, the people inside the divine palace were still reveling in the feast, unaware of what was happening underground.

They merely felt the massive island tremble slightly before returning to its calm state.

Apart from the lord of the Mermaid Kingdom, Yu Hailing, no one paid attention.