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I’ll Quit Being a God – Chapter 116

2022-09-07 12:20:00Publish Time: 3,682 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Translated by: postContent

Edited by: kyoshijiro

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Chapter 116: Wu Chonggu

Staring into the night sky, the old master Wu looked very worried.

These two cultivators besides Wuzhu Helan, who he didn't know at all, made him worried.

Fortunately, Wuzhu Helan of Fushan city was also here, which made him feel a little relieved. At least her presence was proof that the two cultivators were not evil people.

When Lu Heng saw that the old man had regained consciousness, he smiled and said, "Mr. Wu, do you remember what happened before you woke up?"

"Huh? Before I woke up?" Wu Yuan was stunned and subconsciously recalled.

Then he looked frightened.

"I… I'm dead?!"

Old master Wu was shocked to see his translucent hands and the strange situation of floating in the night sky. He immediately remembered everything he had experienced in his lifetime.

"I… I was poisoned by my son, and … died…"

Recalling the pain before his death, and the proud laughter of his son, Wu Yuan could not help shivering, hating and hurting.

Lu Heng sighed when he saw the old man's appearance.

The information provided to him by Helan Zhen, it was mentioned that the cause of death of Mr. Wu was doubtful.

Before the sudden death of the old man, he was healthy, without any hidden diseases, and was not supposed to die. But he died suddenly a few days ago. The cause of death was strange.

Now, according to what the old man said, there really was another reason for his death.

Lu Heng asked, "Mr. Wu, what's the name of the person who murdered you? I may be able to get justice for you."

The old man looked at Lu Heng and hesitated. "Master… how can I call you?"

Lu Heng smiled and said, "I'm Lu Heng from Hanyu mountain, your father and I were friends eighty-nine years ago. Now I'm going down to the world to take care of his children… Don't worry, Mr. Wu. I'm not an evil spirit. Wuzhu Helan can guarantee for me."

After Lu Heng's words, Helan Zhen, who was beside him, said solemnly.

"The Wolf God is the God of Hanyu mountain. He is noble and upright. Since he has spoken, you can speak directly to the Wolf God without any concealment."

Helan Zhen's promise gave Wu Yuan a sigh of relief.

However, after he was relieved, he began to be confused about what Lu Heng said.

"My father's old friend… 89 years ago…"

The old man frowned and thought for a while, then he suddenly realized, "Master, are you Brother Wolf that my father always remembered before he died? Is the story my father told that year really true?"

The old man's startled reaction made Helan Zhen and Gu Zhou somewhat curious.

Lu Heng said that he came to Fushan city to meet his old friends, they all thought that the Wu clan should know something about this. But now it seems even the old man of the Wu clan doesn't know the existence of the Wolf God?

Lu Heng was also curious and asked with a smile, "I wonder how Brother Wu Chonggu mentioned me in those days."

Lu Heng could see that the Wu clan's people were not aware of his existence. Maybe Wu Chonggu didn't mention their agreement in those days? Or the people of the Wu clan didn't think a wolf demon could help them?

Mr. Wu thought about it for a while and then he said.

"When my father died, I was only six or seven years old. I was the youngest of all the brothers."

"My father didn't mention the story of you in detail with us. I just know that after he was seriously ill, he wanted to go around and visit his sister who had been married for many years in Flint city in the north."

"More than 90 years ago, an aunt of mine married far away to Flint city, the northernmost city in Fire Pass Country. Because of the distance, my aunt seldom went back to her mother's home to visit her relatives after she married."

"Later, Flint city was placed under the ownership of the Youxiong State. Separated by state borders, it was now even more inconvenient to enter and exit."

"My father missed his sister and wanted to see her again in Flint city before he died. Under the protection of the guards, he went to Flint city. But on the way back, he was attacked by monsters. All the guards died. Only my father managed to escape."

"Although he met a southbound caravan in Luoye city and went home with a group of merchants, his illness was getting worse by that time."

"He was already suffering from a serious disease, his body reached its limit from the back and forth turbulence and fear of monster attacks."

"When my father got home the next day, he was in a coma. He was out cold and would not wake no matter how much I stirred him. It was as if a lamp had run out of oil."

"Although I asked the witch doctor of Fire God Temple to take care of him, they couldn't reverse his illness. In my father's last days, he was sometimes lucid and sometimes confused, and his words were always mixed up."

"When I waited in front of my father's bed, I occasionally heard my father calling you."

"But I could hardly hear what he called…"

The old man said this with a melancholy look. Recalling the past, he saw the scene of watching his father die when he was a child.

At that time, he was young and ignorant, and was not sad.

However, he was now an old man, who had experienced the pain of illness and death, and was no longer an innocent child.

Thinking of his father's ill and miserable appearance before he died, the old man's heart was sour.

After a long silence, the old man regained his consciousness and quickly braced himself and apologized to the people in front of him.

"Sorry, I was distracted…"

Lu Heng sighed and said, "Nothing. Mr. Wu can continue, I'll listen."

The old man was slightly frightened and hurried to perform the younger generation's ceremony. "Master, you're an old acquaintance of my father. Just call me Wu Yuan."

After seeing that Lu Heng really didn't blame him, the old man continued, "On the last day before my father died, he also recovered his sobriety for a short time. On that day, my father called our brothers and two aunts to the bedside to explain the future to us."

"At the end of the day, my father told me about his encounter with the White Wolf in the mountain. He said that you came forward and saved his life when he encountered the evil tiger in Hanyu mountain."

"In order to repay you for saving his life, he took it upon himself to build a temple and ancestral hall for you so that you could enjoy the incense. But when he told this story, he was already a little confused and sluggish, and he could not even hear us call him."

"He just looked at the north side dully, calling you and said something about the horror of monsters. His words made people unable to understand what he meant."

Speaking of this, the old man looked sad and couldn't help sighing, saying, "All the old people and elders in the family said that my father was already confused at that time, and what he said was hysterical nonsense, so we didn't take what my father said before he died seriously."

"But I didn't expect you to actually visit our clan today… If my father was still here, he would be happy to see you come to Fushan city."

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