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I’ll Quit Being a God – Chapter 293

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Translated by: postContent

Edited by: anonymous

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Chapter 293: Endless Millennia


Feeling himself getting closer and closer to the center of the bloody mist, and feeling the increasingly strong thunderous aura in the surrounding air, the musician, who had almost flown through the mist, anxiously called out in a loud voice.

At the same time, in his divine sense, he constantly issued orders to return, trying to call back the physical body of his master.

However, the body of the master, who used to be of one mind with him in the past, now completely disregarded his orders.

All the divine senses he sent out were like mud cows entering the sea, without any feedback.

Moreover, the speed of the master in the mist was so fast that it had reached its limit, and the distance between them was getting farther and farther.

Finally, she stopped at the center of the bloody mist.


A certain ominous premonition emerged in the musician's mind.

He became increasingly anxious, rushing through the marshes surging with bloody mist at an urgent pace, and quickly arrived at the depths of the crimson mist, where he saw the place where the sword had fallen several days ago.

Compared with the devastating scenes created by other top cultivators where the heavens and earth would split apart, there was neither a massive scar of earth and destruction nor a magnificent landscape full of spiritual wind and the shifting of mountains and rivers after the Wolf God had struck with his sword.

Apart from the slowly dissipating bloody mist that blanketed the entire marsh, there was not even a single deep pit left in the center of the marsh.

The strike only took away the ten or so demon beasts, completely evaporating them from the mortal world.

While annihilating the demon beasts, not even a blade of grass in the marsh was harmed in the slightest.

Everything remained the same as before.

If not for the slowly dissipating blood mist and sword energy that silently conveyed the terror that had occurred not long ago, no one would believe that an unmatched sword strike that spanned three thousand miles had ever descended upon this place.

Such an extraordinary situation, if encountered during ordinary times, the musician would certainly be greatly surprised and carefully examine whether the strike of the Wolf God had really not harmed the innocent.

But now, he had no mood to bother with such trivial matters.

His eyes slightly widened.

His pupils suddenly shrank.

Incredulously looking at the red-clothed woman standing in the center of the mist, he was frightened by the scene before him.

In the center of the bloody mist, stood a hazy silhouette with a transparent figure, silent and motionless.

The silhouette was blurry and dim, almost transparent.

From a distance, one could barely see the silhouette of its figure, resembling somewhat a woman dressed in divine robes.

However, the shadow of the woman was too blurry and transparent, neither having a face nor a solid form, as fragile as if it could dissipate at any moment.

But this eerie and fragile shadow, which could disappear at any moment, was now standing in front of the physical body of the Master, facing him.

Threads of breath kept on surging out of the shadow's body and into the seven orifices of the Master's face, which he inhaled into his own body.

The musician could clearly perceive that as the threads of breath were inhaled by the master, he seemed to continuously come to "life" and escape his control.

His mind and soul began to be rejected by the master's physical body, and his spiritual thoughts were constantly being pushed away.

This strange origin shadow is trying to take over the Master's physical body! Expel it!

The musician, who witnessed this scene, could no longer restrain himself and took action directly.

With a bang, the instrument case behind him opened up, and a guqin flew out and hovered in front of him.

The musician's pale and slender fingers gently stroked the strings of the guqin, and they played the sound of despair directly.

The rapid notes lacked any elegance or grace, instead they harbored infinite murderous intent.

Faced with such an urgent situation, the musician didn't dare to hold back. He directly stimulated the spiritual energy in his body and played the sound of killing- The Nine Heavens Demon Suppression Song.

Every vibration of the strings caused the entire bloody mist to explode with a deafening sound.

Amidst the hurried and solemn sound of the guqin, one after another robust and divine shadows appeared in the bloody mist.

There were a total of nine robust divine shadows, each with astonishing divine power that could resist evil demons.

As the music of the guqin played, these divine shadows roared and wielded different divine weapons, all rushing towards the transparent and eerie silhouette to strike it down.

However, in the face of the musician's solemn and murderous notes, as well as the nine divine shadows that appeared and surrounded her, the transparent and blurry silhouette remained still. It was the crimson-dressed woman, who had been standing still all along, who suddenly waved her hand.

Sparkling sword light suddenly shone from the woman's hand, transforming into an unstoppable sword aura that cut down everything around her.

In an instant, the nine divine shadows shattered and collapsed. The musician, who held the guqin, spat out blood from his mouth and flew backwards, falling in a miserable state into the swamp.

He was unable to withstand even a single blow.

The dim silhouette had almost completely disappeared, indicating that the process of seizing the body was coming to an end.

Finally, in the gaze of the musician's mixed feelings of shock and anger, the dim silhouette turned into the last wisp of smoke and was drawn into the nose of a woman in a crimson wedding dress.

Inside the bloody mist, the woman in the wedding dress slowly opened her eyes.

She looked towards the male musician not far away.

At that moment, the musician who met eyes with "Master" suddenly felt a shiver throughout his body, as if witnessing the terrifying scene of thousands of monsters roaring in the ancient times.

It was as if he also saw the terrifying scene of the gods fighting and tearing the earth apart while bathing in blood on the sky above.


From the musician's mouth came a painful scream.

The unbelievable enormous pressure almost crushed him.

Just the intersection of gazes almost crushed his Dao heart.

He was even more clearly aware that the woman in the wedding dress he saw before him was no longer his familiar master.

Her physical body had been taken over by this mysterious woman.

In the mist of blood, the other person looked coldly at him in the swamp, and spoke.

"Immortal for thousands of years, indestructible for ten thousand years, I… have finally returned."

The cold and indifferent muttering was not directed at the musician at all.

The woman opened her arms and took a deep breath, as if embracing the whole heaven and earth.

"This life, I am determined to break free from constraints! And achieve immortality once more!"

Looking coldly at the man in the water, the woman spoke, "Young one, who is the strongest person in this world at present?"

In the swamp, the musician is filled with a rage that makes his eyes almost burst.

However, when the woman looked at him coldly, his whole body stiffened, as if he had been frozen and he couldn't even think of resisting.

He couldn't help but shout out loud.

"The Lord of All Demons! The most powerful demon in the Fire Pass Country at present is none other than the Lord of All Demons!"

The only thing the musician, who almost shouted out the name of the Wolf God, can do now is to shout out the name of the Lord of All Demons instead.

After hearing this name, the woman nodded and said.

"The Lord of All Demons? Alright."

"Although only the strongest in one country, if he can be titled as a Lord, he is also qualified to die by my hands."

After speaking, the woman in a bright red bridal gown flew up and disappeared from the musician's sight.

Only the man filled with fear and despair remains in the marshy waters, still unable to recover from the terror of being looked straight in the eyes by the woman.

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