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I’ll Quit Being a God – Chapter 174

2023-02-06 19:55:00Publish Time: 2,674 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Translated by: postContent

Edited by: TehGodofDoooom, anonymous, tinyEdit

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Chapter 174: No Need for You to Do Anything

In the rarely visited mountain forest, three giant thunder columns crossed the heavens and earth, forming a heavenly thunder prison to contain the semi-transparent souls of sixteen children from within.

Even in the state of soul-bodies, the sixteen children were still full of blood, covered with cracks, and suffering from great trauma.

But compared to the trauma that the souls have endured, the humiliation they feel now is driving them mad.

The sixteen little monsters, shocked and angry, glared at Lu Heng in the distance, cursing.

"Demon! You're going too far!"

"Siblings, let's compete with him!"

The sixteen miserable little boys and girls shouted in unison and their bodies shone brightly again.

They actually wanted to summon the Moluo Evil Spirit again.

This time, even at the cost of soul damage, they will still summon that magic sword!

In that moment the light shone, it faded away directly after.

This time, not even the light ball appeared.

And at the moment the light faded, in the Evil Sword Valley not far away, the dark cloud shrouding the valley also silently dispersed.

Huo Feng and Lian Caiyi emerged from the valley.

The valley, previously lifeless and full of evil energy, has now returned to its original form and no trace of evil can be felt.

If it weren't for the countless skeletons lying in this valley, almost no one would believe that this valley was once a desolate land that devoured cultivators not long ago.

Within the Thunder Prison, all sixteen little boys and girls shook their bodies and vomited blood.

The cost of summoning the Moluo Evil Spirit again is close to their breaking point.

However, this time the summoning didn't have any effect.

Even within their senses, the Moluo Sword that was bound to them for long years had vanished within their cursed shackles.

In their souls, there is no trace of curses or demon Qi.

Facing this mysterious demon, The Moluo Sword has escaped directly?!

The sixteen boys and girls were spitting out blood, full of anger and hatred.

"Moluo Evil Spirit!!!"

Between the mountains, the sound of sixteen small monsters wrathfully roaring with immense resentment rises.

However, the Moluo Sword, which they relied on as a strong ally, has indeed disappeared.

It flew away even though it hadn't gotten the Hidden Sword yet...

The sixteen little boys and girls became so angry that they went into a frenzy.

In the far distance beyond the mountains, the demon beast Wudou, who had been lurking in the corner and observing the situation of the Evil Sword Valley, saw this scene and quickly turned and fled.

The dark blue bronze ancient sword hadn't been drawn out of its sheath yet, but it already scared off the Moluo Sword.

If he goes help out, he will also die here!

Although it is aware of these sixteen little monsters, it is merely passing knowledge. The two sides are not well-acquainted at all.

The Evil Sword Valley and Lava Mountain are close and they are all ancient monsters, therefore, they have some common topics and Wudou would occasionally talk with the sixteen little monsters.

Under normal circumstances, helping out is fine. However, this white-dressed man has clearly gone beyond "helping out"!

The sword, which had yet to be drawn, had already suppressed everything. Who knows what other killing techniques the white-clothed man had other than this sword...

Outside of the battlefield, Wudou left quickly and neatly without dragging things out, worried that he would be dragged into the battle.

In the battle, above the Devil Sword Valley, the souls of the sixteen monsters in the Thunder Prison are now full of cracks and may break apart at any time.

Lu Heng, holding the Requiem Seal, could clearly sense how weak the souls of these sixteen small monsters are.

Now, not to mention Lu Heng, even Lian Caiyi can kill them all if she wants.

In the valley, Lian Caiyi had already flown up to the sky, leaving Huo Feng alone in the valley.

Facing Lu Heng ahead, Lian Caiyi earnestly bowed with utmost respect.

"Thank you very much, Wolf God, for your rescue, if you have any orders in the future, I will do my utmost without hesitation."

As for Huo Feng at the bottom of the valley, she seems to have completely stopped caring.

Lu Heng looked at the two people with some surprise, feeling like something might have happened.

But now there is no time to consider the relationship between these two.

He nodded as a greeting.

He then looked towards the sixteen little boys and girls in the Thunder Prison, saying, "You now have two choices. One, chat with me. I'm still quite interested in some of the things you know."


"No need to say more, let's go with two!"

Before Lu Heng could open his mouth, the blood-soaked eldest boy had spoken.

It looked fearfully and apprehensively at Lu Heng, yet still maintained a fierce demeanor, and shouted, "We sixteen siblings serve the Emperor. We absolutely won't bow to someone like you, you demon! Don't even think you can get anything out of us, we'd rather die than surrender!"

After the eldest boy had spoken, his brothers and sisters also followed up with many angry curses.

"That's right! We'd rather die than surrender!"

"You devil, don't even think about getting anything out of us!"

"In the name of the Emperor...we shall die for what we believe in!"

The eldest boy shouted angrily, "No need for you to do anything, we will solve it ourselves! Brothers, let's do it!"


In the Thunder Prison, they shouted loudly.

Seeing the generous and spirited appearance of the sixteen little boys and girls, Lu Heng was a bit stunned.

He said hurriedly, "Hey -"

At the moment when Lu Heng opened his mouth, sixteen explosions sounded simultaneously in the Thunder Prison.

Those sixteen half-transparent little boys and girls exploded themselves directly and died. Turning into souls dissipating in the sky, without leaving even a single bit of soul fragement.

Such an unsentimental and abrupt suicide act made Lu Heng have no time to react.

Are these sixteen little monsters in the wrong script?

You guys are monsters who coerce innocent people to feed the Moluo Evil Spirit. You are the real bad guys, ok?!

What kind of martyrs are you pretending to be now?

Lu Heng in the sky, looking at the empty Thunder Prison, suddenly didn't know what to say.

The dark blue Heavenly Thunder Sword floated in the sky, silent and still, almost like a decoration.

From start to finish, the sword never even came out of the scabbard, and the matter was already resolved...

Lu Heng had a headache, so he summoned the Heavenly Thunder Sword with a wave of his hand.

Lu Heng sighed deeply while a wave of regret filled his heart, as he silently ran his fingers along the sheath of the sword.

To be honest, he really wants to experience the real power of the Heavenly Thunder Sword in action, but he can't find an appropriate target.


In the vast sky, Lu Heng sighed and said to the Heavenly Thunder Sword, "I'm sorry for you..."

The enemy didn't resist and killed themselves directly, there was nothing he could do!

He was so impressed with the strength of the Moluo Sword that he thought he could give it a good try, so he waited with anticipation.

He didn't expect that after all the calculations, the result would be like this.

The Heavenly Thunder Sword was not even unsheathed, let alone the thunder within his body released.

He didn't have time to do anything, before the sixteen monsters chose to self-destruct... why don't you talk to me? If you talk to me a little longer, you'll not treat me like some kind of demon!

Can any ordinary person come up with all sorts of random nonsense on such short notice? They are really irrational!

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