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I’ll Quit Being a God – Chapter 197

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Chapter 197: I Didn't Deceive You

The Great Sage of Fu Feng's through-grinding words clearly indicated that he was infuriated.

He was furious not only for being deceived, but even more so because his savior turned out to be a demon cultivating an evil path.

He had lived his entire life with integrity and righteousness, but in the end, his life was saved by a demon?!

Such a miserable life, it's better not to have it at all!

The Great Sage of Fu Feng, full of anger, was about to leave, but Li Po quickly stood up to stop the Great Sage of Fu Feng.

"Calm down… Brother, please calm down!"

Li Po looked at Lu Heng's expression, somewhat helpless.

Lu Heng also advised, "Brother Fu Feng, indeed you need to calm down. Even if you chase after her now, you certainly won't be able to find Madame Green Bamboo."

Lu Heng said, "Madame Green Bamboo is already skilled at stealth. She infiltrated Fu Shan City without being detected by anyone. As an evil cultivator, she followed you for months without you feeling any evil aura… Now that she intends to escape, you may search the South Sea but still won't find her."

Lu Heng's words were like a bucket of cold water, instantly making the Great Sage of Fu Feng stunned.

After he realized this, his anger subsided slightly.

Upon seeing this, Lu Heng seized the opportunity and smilingly suggested, "Shall we sit down and have a nice chat, exchanging the information we know about each other? Perhaps we can find a loophole in Madame Green Bamboo's plan and catch her?"

After pondering for a few moments, the Great Sage of Fu Feng furrowed his brows and spoke.

"I have an idea."

He looked at the Wolf God in front of him and said, "When that demon joined me, she brought along a fox demon, her goddaughter named Su Xiaoxiao. Senior Wolf God may have met her before."

The Great Sage of Fu Feng proposed, "Now that Xiaoxiao is serving Witch Wu Gu in the Warm Fragrance Pavilion, if Madame Green Bamboo escapes, she will surely try to find Xiaoxiao there. I just need to go to the outskirts of the Warm Fragrance Pavilion on Fan Jie Mountain and wait. I will definitely catch her!"

The Great Sage of Fu Feng immediately came up with a solution, impressing Lu Heng with his quick thinking.

Although the Great Sage of Fu Feng had a violent temper, he was not simple minded.

However, is Su Xiaoxiao that girl actually the adopted daughter of Madame Green Bamboo?

Yet there is not even a trace of evil energy on her body.

Lu Heng was somewhat surprised and asked, "You said that Xiaoxiao is Madame Green Bamboo's adopted daughter, but she is not an evil cultivator…are you sure they are really mother and daughter?"

The Great Sage of Fu Feng instinctively wanted to nod, but then hesitated.

"Uh…well…I'm not really sure," the Great Sage of Fu Feng scratched his head and said, "I didn't think much about it before, so I didn't inquire about their experiences. But it seems that Xiaoxiao respects Madame Green Bamboo very much, and the two have a good relationship."

Lu Heng shook his head and said, "What the naked eye sees may not be real… Xiaoxiao is not an evil cultivator, she is not of the same kind as Madame Green Bamboo."

"Besides, this girl is innocent and not a practitioner of evil ways. Witch Wu Gu also sees her in this way, that's why she took Xiaoxiao as her disciple."

"The relationship between Xiaoxiao and Madame Green Bamboo may not be as simple as it appears on the surface. When Madame Green Bamboo fled and went into hiding, she may not have intentionally gone to Fan Jie Mountain to find her."

Lu Heng's words left the Great Sage of Fu Feng a little bewildered.

"But… if we don't go to Fan Jie Mountain, we won't be able to find that demon for a while!"

Lu Heng looked at the tiger demon who became confused by a few words and couldn't help but laugh.

"Going to Fan Jie Mountain is possible, but you don't have to go, Fu Feng. With Madame Green Bamboo's hiding technique, even if you go to Fan Jie Mountain, you probably won't be able to find her."

"It's too simple for her to hide from your magic eyes."

"The simplest way is for us to write a letter and send it to Witch Wu Gu at the Warm Fragrance Pavilion in Fan Jie Mountain, explaining the situation and asking her to pay attention on our behalf."

"Although Witch Wu Gu is a physician, her cultivation is superior, and ordinary monsters dare not show themselves in front of her. This is also the reason why Xiaoxiao, that little girl, has been in the Warm Fragrance Pavilion for so long, and even Madame Green Bamboo doesn't dare to go to the Warm Fragrance Pavilion."

"Therefore, entrusting this matter to Witch Wu Gu will be far more effective than you traveling such a long distance."

Lu Heng's words made the Great Sage of Fu Feng nod repeatedly in agreement.

"The Wolf God is right. Therefore, please swiftly write a letter, using the Roaring Goose Sword to deliver it to Fan Jie Mountain."

As he spoke, the Great Sage of Fu Feng raised his right hand, revealing a tattoo on his wrist. The soaring lines transformed into a vicious crimson cloud magpie.

In a flash of red light, the crimson cloud magpie tattoo flew directly from his wrist, transforming into a dazzling red light that surrounded and danced around the Great Sage of Fu Feng.

The Great Sage of Fu Feng said, "My Roaring Goose Sword can travel at light speed, covering thousands of miles with ease. With it, I can definitely deliver the letter ahead of the demon to Fan Jie City."

As the Great Sage of Fu Feng spoke, the intense red light emitted a low growl, and the ferocious aura instantly overflowed, like a primordial beast had appeared. The slightest hint of the aura agitated the water current in the small yard.

Upon seeing this scene, Lu Heng was somewhat surprised.

"This sword is truly remarkable."

Li Po chuckled and said, "This is an ancient inheritance. Even in the records of my Li Tribe, it was only vaguely mentioned. It's a great blessing for Brother Fu Feng to inherit this sword."

As Li Po spoke, the fierce aura emanating from the Roaring Goose Sword had already stirred up the air currents and approached Xiao Ai's side.

In the courtyard, the silver-haired girl with animal ears had an expressionless face, but behind her, the Heavenly Thunder Sword was impacted by this aura and emitted a crisp sword cry.


As the sound of the sword cry rang out, the water in the courtyard suddenly stopped flowing. The surging aura instantly rolled back and shrank into the red light beside the Great Sage of Fu Feng.

Even the originally ferocious and terrifying red light has now shrunk behind the Great Sage of Fu Feng, as if it has been scared.

Such a scene almost made the Great Sage of Fu Feng's eyeballs pop out.

"This sword…"

With disbelief, he looked at the sword behind Xiao Ai, then at Li Po next to him with a shocked expression.

He remembered clearly that when he first saw this Roaring Goose Sword, Priest Li Po said that it was the best in the world, and that there was no divine weapon stronger than it in the world.

At most, it could only be similar to it.

But now…

The Great Sage of Fu Feng was shocked, while Li Po just laughed.

"Don't look at me, I wasn't just bluffing when I said that your Roaring Goose Sword is indeed the top-level divine weapon in the world."

"But the Wolf God's Heavenly Thunder Sword is an existence that even the heavens and earth cannot tolerate. On the day the sword was forged, even three God-Slaying Heavenly Thunders were unleashed to destroy this divine sword."

"If it weren't for the Wolf God's extraordinary abilities and enduring the three divine tribulations to protect this sword, this sword would not have survived in the world."

"Therefore, this sword should not have existed in the world, and your Roaring Goose Sword is still the top-level divine weapon in the world… Hahaha…"

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