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I’ll Quit Being a God – Chapter 176

2023-02-12 20:30:00Publish Time: 2,585 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Chapter 176: Conception of the Tao Lection

In the valley, the evil demon Qi has all faded away and the baleful energy remains unseen.

Lu Heng brought Xiao Ai and Gu Yan down from the sky and landed in front of Huo Feng.

Facing the Wolf God, Xiao Ai, and little Gu Yan, Huo Feng's face was slightly embarrassed.

But Lu Heng had quietly instructed not to mention Lian Caiyi's matter anymore.

Therefore, Xiao Ai didn't say anything.

Huo Feng doesn't understand animal language, so even if Gu Yan kept calling out to him, he still didn't understand what the little Gu eagle was saying.

Facing the hesitant Huo Feng, Lu Heng gave a slight smile and said, "Brother Huo, may I take a look at your situation?"

In response, Huo Feng had no objections and immediately reached out his hand, only to have his wrist caught by Lu Heng.

In the valley, Lu Heng's heart moved slightly, injecting a strand of Heavenly Thunder into Huo Feng's body.

Wherever the divine thunder goes, it searches for any evil energy that may exist in the veins and flesh of Huo Feng.

The Moluo Sword mysteriously disappeared, leaving Lu Heng anxious.

Half a while later, Lu Heng finally retracted his hand and released Huo Feng's wrist.

He nodded and said, "It looks like the Moluo Sword is not hidden in Brother Huo's body. I checked three times and was unable to find any evil energy."

"Of course, it's also possible that the sword was hidden too deeply and I have overlooked it," Lu Heng said, "Brother Huo, you are a rare Hidden Sword, and the Moluo Sword's hard to resist such temptation."

"If it takes the risk and hides in your body, there is still a possibility to turn the situation around."

"After we part ways, if Brother Huo senses the presence of evil energy or heart demons, you can come to Hanyu mountain to find me."

"Even if the Moluo Sword is truly lurking inside you, with me here, at least it can be guaranteed that the Moluo Sword will not dare to use force."

Lu Heng smiled.

These words are naturally not an exaggeration. The fact that the Moluo Sword chose to flee before the Heavenly Thunder Sword's tip, means that it doesn't dare to confront it directly.

Otherwise, the magic sword can kill Lu Heng and take the soul of Huo Feng.

This Heavenly Thunder Sword, which is intolerable to Heaven and Earth, is the only one in the world that can destroy gods.

Other than Lu Heng, even if others make a sword of the same level, they would not be able to protect themselves against the God Slaying Heavenly Thunder.

Lu Heng's assurance made Huo Feng immensely grateful, so he quickly bowed and said, "Thank you very much, Wolf God."

Lu Heng nodded, and looked upon the valley before them. He said, "So many eminent people have died in this valley, all of the souls were absorbed by the Moluo Sword. It would be quite a pity should their corpses remain here in the wasteland... let us burn their remains."

After living for a long time in the Fire Pass Country, Lu Heng had also become accustomed to the fire-passing cultivation of the country.

As for Huo Feng, he is already a citizen of the Fire Pass Country and has no objections.

So Lu Heng, Xiao Ai, and Huo Feng moved all the corpses in the valley to the outside and built a big fire, reducing all the bones to ashes.

As for the relics left behind by the dead, they were all magical artifacts that were still shining with divine light. Although their power was not bad, Lu Heng still waved his sleeves and directly buried these artifacts in the soil.

Among the three people, whether it's Lu Heng, Xiao Ai or Huo Feng, none of them are willing to move the belongings of the deceased. Therefore, burying them underground is the most suitable solution.

At least it can prevent someone from unintentionally stumbling across the valley and taking away the belongings of these cultivators.

Of course, if someone happens to come here and digs out the relics of a certain cultivator, it is their own destiny.

When Lu Heng uncovered the layer of mud at the bottom of the valley, he indeed felt that there was a sword there and wondered if it was the Moluo Sword.

Yet when he stirred up the mud in the valley and brought forth the sword which had been hidden underground, he found that the sword didn't have a trace of spiritual glow or charm.

Although the sword's body was sharp and the shape was exaggerated, it was indeed the Moluo Sword, but it had already lost its charm.

It looks like the Moluo Sword's getaway was actually the Sword Spirit abandoning its sword body and fleeing.

Lu Heng was amazed at such an astonishing escape.

The sword's spirit escaped, not even caring about its sword body... where will it go afterward?

Is it possible to just pick up a random sword and become the sword's new Sword Spirit?

Indeed, the Moluo Sword is quite extraordinary.

After carefully inspecting the Moluo Sword that landed behind him, Lu Heng, in order to avoid any future trouble, directly split the sword body of this demon sword into fragments by summoning three Heavenly Thunder.

Even after losing its divine charm, it was still able to endure three Heavenly Thunderbolts... The material used to forge this sword is indeed not bad.

The Moluo Sword Spirit that escaped will probably have a difficult time finding a matching blade embryo in the future.

But that's not what Lu Heng needs to worry about.

After rescuing Huo Feng, Lu Heng took him southward and arrived at Fire Hating Country.

The vast area of Fire Hating Country is already considered a small territory. Strange beasts roam in the wilderness.

But in this country, almost all the residents of Fire Hating Country can control fire. Most of the beasts are on the weaker side here.

The dark skin people of Fire Hating Country gave Lu Heng a strong sense of deja-vu.

After arriving in the city, Lu Heng directly headed to the inn, where they presented the Fire Pass Country's road pass and then checked in to rest.

For nearly twenty days, Huo Feng has not eaten a grain of rice. Even though he has benefited greatly in the valley, wandering on the line of death for a long time still has pushed both his psyche and body to the limit.

After Lu Heng took him for a big meal, this young man went back to his room and fell asleep.

He slept for three days and three nights.

Meanwhile, Lu Heng and Xiao Ai sat in the courtyard, guarding Huo Feng and allowing him to rest peacefully, and incidentally, studying the two strange ancient books they had obtained from the mysterious Stele Forest.

"Divine Skill" and "Demon Sutra".

These two secret books have a strong appeal, making people powerless to resist wanting to be immersed in them and following their teachings.

However, Lu Heng carries the power of the Heavenly Thunder, there is no need to worry about his mind being influenced.

He was only curiously perusing these two secret books when he found that both of them had one point in common.

Whether it's a human cultivator, a demon cultivator, or even a beast cultivator, everyone can cultivate the techniques recorded in the two books.

There is almost no limit.

Just after cultivating, the cultivation base and the power of law in your body will transform naturally.

This strange cultivation manual has broken Lu Heng's understanding of cultivation methods.

Demon cultivators don't really have any cultivation base, and they basically rely on absorbing the energy of Heaven and Earth and increasing their power as time goes by. Only the demon cultivators can improve their cultivation bases quickly.

Setting aside demon cultivators, there are many other ways of cultivating power.

The cultivation methods of the righteous and demonic paths are in opposition to each other, unable to coexist; Little Gu Yan is a prominent example.

But the two techniques can be cultivated by anyone...

Such a strange situation gave Lu Heng a new inspiration.

What he wanted to glean before was a skill that could cultivate his own heavenly thunder.

After seeing these two secret books, he had a sudden inspiration.

Perhaps... he could create a cultivation method similar to the two secret books, allowing everyone to cultivate it?