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I’ll Quit Being a God – Chapter 67

2022-07-16 12:49:10Publish Time: 4,612 views
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Chapter 67: It's New Year's Eve Again

After the Double Ninth Festival, the weather was getting colder and colder.

Hanyu mountain has restored its former tranquility.

The scenery of green mountains and blue waters makes people feel comfortable. At the same time, there is no more violent dust, which means that there is no need to clean up several times a day.

This allowed Xiao Ai and the White Ape to spend more time cultivating.

Today's White Ape has gradually become accustomed to the days of cultivation in the mountains. Even if Xiao Ai didn't supervise it, it would cultivate for a long time.

Although he still enjoyed playing, he has more self-control than before, and can slightly restrain his playful nature.

Xiao Ai was quite satisfied with this, so she gave the monkey more opportunities to experience new things.

Outside Hanyu mountain, the markets of Wind Raiders Department and the Shuisheng village were still held every six days. Before, Xiao Ai went to the market in person to exchange for living supplies, but now she handed the job to the White Ape.

So on the day of going to the market, before dawn every time, the White Ape had already got up.

The White Ape obediently completed the daily chores and homework. When these chores and homework were finished, it was almost noon.

After lunch and Xiao Ai's approval, the White Ape went down the mountain happily.

The noisy market was different from the scenery in the mountains.

The White Ape crawled around in the market and was very excited, chirping happily.

After several times, the White Ape became familiar with everyone. Every time, he'd play in the market for a long time. Only when the sunset goes down, the White Ape would return to the mountains.

Xiao Ai didn't interfere with this apparent laziness, and even condoned it deliberately.

So the White Ape had a better time every time he went down the mountain.

But the happy days were short. With the arrival of winter, the mountains gradually began to snow heavily. The market outside the mountain also stopped because of the cold weather.

The White Ape, who could no longer go down to the market, often sat alone in front of the Wolf God Temple and sigh, missing the excitement of the market.

Until one day, it heard Xiao Ai "Inadvertently" mention that demons can become humans and enter the world after their cultivation. And the colorful world outside is much more lively than in the remote market.

There are hundreds of thousands of people living in the big city, the human food that can't be seen in Hanyu mountain, all kinds of interesting acrobatic performances, and a large market that sells everything. Chimeras whose tears will turn into pearls, Winged Feathered people, three-headed people, corpse people who only eat blood, giants who are more than ten feet tall, small people the size of a palm… The girl told the White Ape the legends she heard from the elders in the village.

Hearing the stories, the White Ape couldn't help but stare.

For the White Ape who has been living in Hanyu mountain, the human market at the foot of the mountain is already an unimaginable lively thing.

But outside this Hanyu mountain, in that vast world, there are so many strange things?

Those bizarre legends captivate this monkey who thirsts to understand the prosperity of the world.

After listening to the girls' story, it was so excited as if there were 10000 ants crawling in its heart. He wanted to fly out of the mountain to see the strange and vast world.

But the little girl also told it that the world outside was full of monsters and beasts. If a monkey like itself leaves this Hanyu mountain, even a random tiger can eat it.

The White Ape, who knew his strength was weak, couldn't help sighing and began to be distressed. Why was he so weak?

The next day, Xiao Ai took the White Ape into the depths of the primitive jungle behind the mountain and "Visited" several beasts raging in the jungle.

The beasts that once made the White Ape afraid were now easily knocked down by the little girl. This disparity of power made the White Ape very excited.

It finally clearly realized the importance of cultivation.

It turns out that cultivation can not only let him live longer, but can also make him become powerful? If it can be as powerful as Xiao Ai, can't it go down the mountain to play?

Go and see those strange and interesting things…

Thinking of such a future, the White Ape was happy and excited.

Since then, the White Ape has become more and more serious in cultivation. It cultivated even harder than Xiao Ai.

Xiao Ai was very satisfied with this change and began to teach the White Ape literacy in addition to cultivation.

When she was young, her mother taught her to read and write, but now she teaches the monkey to read and write. Many times, Xiao Ai would inadvertently think of her mother who has died of illness and her father who has been missing for many years.

The time when her parents were around was the most carefree time in her life.

Although up to now, her memory of her father's appearance has been blurred. But the carefree joy of childhood remained in her heart.

When she thought about it occasionally, she felt warm in her heart.

But now she also has her own happiness.

Being able to stay in front of this Wolf God Temple, and worship the Wolf God all her life is the greatest happiness for the little girl now.

The days in the mountains passed day by day.

The weather in the mountains is getting colder and colder.

Soon, it was the most important and lively New Year's Eve of the year.

The outside of Hanyu mountain is bustling, and the Wind Raiders department once again reflects the night sky bright with their fireworks. The sound of fire exploding in the night sky spread far away in the mountains.

With the experience of last year, Xiao Ai prepared the New Year's Eve dinner quite neatly. She was no longer in a hurry like last year, and she didn't eat cold dishes this year.

The White Ape is quite happy about this.

After dinner, it is a quiet time to watch the new year.

The little girl and the White Ape sat in the Wolf God Temple, lit all the candles in the temple, crossed their knees, closed their eyes in the candlelight, and started meditation.

But this time, Xiao Ai was unusually distracted.

In the flickering light of yellow candles in the Wolf God Temple, the girl opened her eyes from time to time and looked out of the door.

The cold moonlight fell silently in front of the Wolf God Temple. But in the moonlight, a man in white appeared with a smile and said to her, "I come to see you".

The quiet and lonely New Year's Eve passed silently.

Until dawn, the candles in the Wolf God Temple had been burned out, and the rooster in the cage began to crow, announcing the arrival of the new year. In front of the Wolf God Temple, there was no man in white.

In front of the huge statue of Wolf God, the little girl silently lowered her head. In her heart, she felt a little disappointed.

The Wolf God, do you remember that Xiao Ai has been in the mountains for a year…