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I’ll Quit Being a God – Chapter 188 Part 2

2023-06-01 02:30:00Publish Time: 2,205 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Translated by: postContent

Edited by: anonymous, Anita-Krempl

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Chapter 188: The Murderer Moluo (2)

Huo Feng has just recovered from his injuries, but his cultivation has not yet been restored. How can he have the strength to kill, let alone to use demonic cultivation?

His expression also became serious. "Do you have any other news besides this?"

Xiao Ai shook her head. "No, Gu Yan informed me of this. He overheard someone discussing this matter in the restaurant and hurried to inform me. I went to inquire in the city, but I couldn't find out more… Now that the incident has just occurred, there are several different rumors circulating in the city."

"The only thing that can be certain is that Huo Feng has been captured by the Mermaid Kingdom. Senior Caiyi is injured and still unconscious, and to capture Huo Feng and Caiyi, the Mermaid Kingdom is said to have sacrificed a respected old general…"

Xiao Ai's news made Lu Heng's expression solemn.

"Has the Mermaid Kingdom also lost people…?"

Looking down at the city below him, Lu Heng felt a little perplexed.

He turned directly and walked towards the bamboo garden, quickly finding Wu Gu who was studying the Yu Ren Ya organs in the bamboo garden.

Seeing the Wolf God appear with Xiao Ai, Gu Yan and the fat bird, Wu Gu was somewhat surprised.

The Wolf God was as usual, but Xiao Ai and Gu Yan looked very anxious.

Wu Gu suddenly realized.

"What happened?" Wu Gu asked, putting down what was in her hand.

Lu Heng sighed and asked Xiao Ai to tell Wu Gu the news she had gathered from the city.

Upon hearing it, Wu Gu was also stunned.

"Murder in the Mermaid Kingdom's capital? This is… "

Wu Gu frowned. "I didn't detect any demonic energy in her body when I checked the young man from the Yun sect earlier. How could she be an evil cultivatior? There must be some misunderstanding?"

Lu Heng sighed and said, "That is also what I have been thinking… But regardless of any misunderstandings, the most important thing now is to figure out what actually happened. Both you and I know that Huo Feng currently has no cultivation and has no relation to the demonic path."

"Moreover, what we heard might be only rumors circulating in the city, which could be completely different from the truth. This incident came suddenly, and perhaps only by inquiring with the high-level members of the Mermaid Kingdom can we find out what exactly happened… As you have some connections with the Mermaid Kingdom, can you help us to investigate the situation?"

Lu Heng made a sincere request, and Wu Gu nodded in agreement.

"It's a small matter, I will immediately ask Ah Yu to gather information."

Ah Yu, mentioned by Wu Gu, is the owner of the Warm Fragrance Pavilion named Yu Linglong, a stunningly beautiful woman who had met Lu Heng before.

With high cultivation, she is the main reason why the Warm Fragrance Pavilion holds such a lofty position in the South Sea.

However, as soon as Wu Gu finished speaking, a figure appeared from outside the door, saying,

"There's no need to call me, I've already arrived."

As the voice faded, a woman dressed in green appeared in front of the crowd.

She first bowed to Lu Heng, then stared at Wu Gu and said, "Calling me Ah Yu… I've been away from the Warm Fragrance Pavilion for two days, and I've been to the Mermaid Kingdom and back. Have you ever cared about me, except for your bottles and jars?"

Yu Linglong's complaint had a feeling of a woman's long-suppressed dissatisfaction in a secluded world.

Wu Gu then awkwardly smiled and said, "I was wrong, Linglong, don't be angry… Did you go to the Mermaid Kingdom to inquire about this matter?"

Wu Gu brought up the main topic.

Yu Linglong became helpless and glanced at Wu Gu before turning around to face the Wolf God with a serious expression.

"Actually, two days ago, I had already received the news. But at that time, the situation was unclear, and the information in my hand was not complete, so I didn't dare to disturb the Wolf God. Therefore, I went to the Mermaid Kingdom alone to investigate in person."

"Now that I am back, I have barely figured out the situation at the time and have come to report to the Wolf God."

Yu Linglong said, "Indeed, the madman Mu Yepeng and his seven companions were killed by Huo Feng. However, there were more than just these seven people who were killed at the time, including an elder and the former general of the Mermaid Kingdom."

"Even Caiyi's injury was caused by Huo Feng at the time. Huo Feng, who had gone mad, went on a killing spree in the city, cruelly and viciously slaughtering Mu Yepeng and his companions."

"The fighting in the city alarmed the nearby former general of the Mermaid Kingdom, who rushed to stop it and fought with the possessed Huo Feng along with Miss Lian Caiyi."

"Finally, they managed to restrain Huo Feng, who was trying to flee, and the Mermaid Kingdom was able to apprehend him. But the price was the death of the former general and Caiyi's coma from serious injuries."

Yu Linglong spoke, looking worriedly at the Wolf God, saying, "Now the lord of the Mermaid Kingdom has issued a letter, inviting the lords of the South Sea countries and righteous cultivators to gather on the day of the Treasure Conference, which falls on December eighth, at the Extreme Hell Island, to execute Huo Feng, destroy his soul and behead him as a punishment."

Yu Linglong's message plunged the Bamboo Garden into a brief silence.

Everyone who heard the news remained silent.

The little fox instinctively looked at the Wolf God but hesitated to speak.

Wu Gu frowned and broke the silence first.

"Huo Feng possessed by evil demons? Nonsense! That guy just recovered from his injuries, and has no cultivation base. Even if he was possessed, how much cultivation could he have? And he caused chaos in the Mermaid Kingdom, killing the maniac Mu Yepeng… This couldn't be Huo Feng, it must be a demonic powerhouse disguised as him."

Wu Gu questioned this.

Yu Linglong chuckled bitterly and said, "This is the news I went to great lengths to find out. It can be guaranteed to be absolutely true. The young man of the Yun sect did indeed fall into demonic path and also indeed killed someone."

"However, I couldn't find out why he fell into the demonic path or the details of the murder after falling into the demonic path. And now, the young man of the Yun sect is being detained in the Extreme Hell Prison next to the South Sea Deep Trench. It's an ancient prison that hasn't been used by the Mermaid Kingdom for thousands of years."

"So this murder case is definitely not ordinary. At least, besides the news I know, there must be the truth that outsiders don't know…but that truth is probably known only to the lord of the Mermaid Kingdom and the true Mermaid upper echelons."

Yu Linglong said helplessly, "At the very least, it's not necessary to issue a demon-eradication letter and invite all the South Sea colleagues just to simply kill a demon."

Yu Linglong's words stirred something in Lu Heng's heart.

He pondered for a moment and inquired, "What if Huo Feng is not just a mere demon, but the legendary Moluo Sword Master?"

He looked at Yu Linglong and asked, "Can the legendary Moluo Sword really cause such a commotion in the Mermaid Kingdom?"

Lu Heng's inquiry caused Yu Linglong to be slightly stunned.

"The Moluo Sword?"

She inadvertently exchanged a glance with Wu Gu and saw the shock in each other's eyes.

Both women turned to Lu Heng simultaneously, anxious and with one voice asked "Huo Feng is the Moluo Sword Master?!"

Seeing the reactions of the two, Lu Heng heaved a sigh and wryly said, "It seems that the Moluo Sword Master truly deserves such a grandiose display…"

Lu Heng felt an intense headache. "When the Moluo Sword disappeared without a trace, we thought it had fled, but we never expected it was hiding in Brother Huo's body… As it turns out, the most perilous place is the safest place…"

"I think I understand the situation now," said Lu Heng.

With a glance at the people before him, he proclaimed, "The culprit is not Huo Feng, but the Moluo Evil Sword!"

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