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License Agreement

2023-07-17 00:14:38Publish Time: 1,310 views
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Anyone who agrees to these clauses is granted permission to freely reprint the novels on Here are the permitted actions and restrictions:

  1. You are permitted to freely copy and paste published chapters from any novels on to your own website, utilizing any tools or methods at your disposal.
  2. The novels you transfer from to your own website must not be placed behind a paywall and must remain freely accessible to all readers on your website. Engaging in the pursuit of financial gain through advertisement revenue is deemed acceptable.
  3. Occasionally, the translators of our novels may include a postscript addressed to our readers within certain chapters, elucidating the subject matter of the chapters or advocating for the merits of our ebooks. You are not permitted to remove these postscripts when copying the chapters.

If you agree to the aforementioned conditions, kindly provide the URL of your website here. As long as I don't explicitly refuse your request by commenting here, you are authorized to copy and paste our novels onto your own website. If anyone questions your authorization to post our novels on your website, you can refer them to this page to substantiate its validity.

Anyone who doesn't furnish the URL of their website on this page, yet pilfers novels from, shall be deemed as engaging in illicit conduct.

Additional instruction: Should you deem it fitting that your website may bestow advantages upon our own through continued collaboration, don't hesitate to convey the specifics via electronic correspondence addressed to Provided the circumstances warrant such an arrangement, I would not be averse to remunerating you for your counsel.

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