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I’ll Quit Being a God – Chapter 242

2023-07-29 02:15:00Publish Time: 12,899 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Chapter 242: The God of Fire

In Lianshan Jing's heart, there was an incredible shock.

She couldn't believe that the Wolf God of Hanyu Mountain would be a demon, but the small monster in front of her struggled to come and ask for help, and its story must not be unfounded.

With a slight frown, she checked again and confirmed that there was no sign of the Erba God Man in the pool of blood, concluding that the ancient monster was already dead. Only then did Lianshan Jing withdraw the surrounding flames.

The night wind blew again.

The shaman who was guarding outside hurriedly walked over and waited for instructions while standing by the side.

Under the admiring gaze of the wizards, Lianshan Jing turned around and took a deep look at the pool of stinky blood on the ground, and said.

"Collect this pool of blood, but be careful. Assign someone to analyze and deduce to see what evil technique caused this blood."

"In addition, everything that happened tonight must be kept confidential."

"Except for you and the two wizards, all the wizards present must wipe out all relevant memories and must not pass them on to outsiders."

After speaking, Lianshan Jing flew directly towards the Fire God Temple in the city.

As for the aftermath, it will be handed over to the wizards and two priests of Yaoxing City.

Flying over the city in the night sky, Lianshan Jing's figure flew directly to the main hall of the Fire God Temple and landed lightly.

The nearby wizards quickly bowed in greeting.

"Greetings to the Lord!"

However, Lianshan Jing waved her hand and said, "You all go out, I want to burn incense and pray."

After dismissing all the wizards present, Lianshan Jing even summoned the flame formation again, isolating the magnificent Fire God Temple from the transient world.

Afterwards, Lianshan Jing walked into the Fire God Temple and respectfully offered a stick of incense to the statue of the Fire God at the top.

On top of the altar, the giant statue of the Fire God was a solemn and majestic man.

This man is none other than the appearance of the late emperor Lianshan Kui.

Within the Fire Pass Country, for some reason, the statues of the Fire God have always been built in the likeness of the late emperor.

If Lianshan Jing were to perish, and her descendants govern the country, the statue on this altar will be carved in Lianshan Jing's image.

Of course, that day may still be far off...

In front of the statue of the late emperor, Lianshan Jing lit a incense stick with true fire.

Although it was just an ordinary incense stick, at the moment Lianshan Jing held it in worship...


With a crisp sound, the statue on the altar actually cracked open directly.

In the dim light of the fire, a lazy woman's voice sounded in the temple.

"Umm...it's Little Jing...do you have something to look for me?"

The lazy and sleepy voice sounded like it hadn't woken up yet.

Lianshan Jing didn't care about this, but instead she bowed and said, "Something big just happened, and we should report to the Fire God..."

Then, Lianshan Jing recounted in detail what had happened outside of Yaoying City.

Including all the warnings and last words mentioned by the Erba God Man...

Inside the temple, there was only Lianshan Jing's voice for a moment.

After Lianshan Jing finished speaking, there was suddenly silence in the temple.

Inside the cracked statue, the dim fire flickered irregularly, but there was no sound.

Lianshan Jing stood waiting for two hours before she heard the weary voice again.

"Um...I fell asleep again..."

"My injury is getting worse, sometimes I am clear-headed, sometimes confused...sigh..."

"As for this matter, Little Jing, you handle it. I cannot go to the Three Islands on the sea, only you can go."

"Although the Erba God Man acts strangely, he is highly regarded by the Emperor and must have his own mission... the River Map and the Luo Book... Um... the River Map and the Luo Book..."

The voice, sounding incredibly tired, said, "What was the River Map and the Luo Book again? Ah...it's so hard to remember..."

"But since it's an artifact of the Emperor, it should be well-preserved. You should personally go and bring it back."

"As for the Wolf God of Hanyu Mountain... um..."

"You don't have to pay attention to the Erba God Man's accusations against the Wolf God. These sixteen little monsters are confused and more foolish than me. They often speak nonsense. If you believe them, you're a fool."

"Well... but that's a reminder. The Wolf God happens to be a righteous cultivator, so you can invite him to travel with us."

"The divine man who achieved enlightenment five years ago came from Hanyu Mountain... You can go and ask for his help. He shouldn't refuse..."

Amidst the flickering and dim firelight, the weary voice lazily and slowly said.

The tone of voice was even slower than that of an elderly person who is on the verge of dying.

After speaking, regardless of Lianshan Jing's reaction in the hall, the dim firelight within the statue disappeared.

Only the cracked shell of the statue was left behind.

Seeing this scene, Lianshan Jing sighed silently and rubbed her forehead.

"This stupid bird... is really becoming more and more unreliable..."

She covered her head and said with a headache, "You asked me to run an errand, but didn't even tell me where the so-called Three Islands in the Sea are... Where do you want me to look for those islands?"

"The East Sea, the West Sea, the South Sea, the North Sea... With islands scattered throughout the four seas, where should I go and which Three Islands should I look for?"

Inside the main palace hall, Lianshan Jing was speechless.

This stupid bird indeed can't be relied on!

She couldn't help but look towards the direction of Hanyu Mountain, her eyebrows slightly furrowed.

It seems that I really should go to Hanyu Mountain for a visit, shouldn't I?

The Wolf God is an ancient ancestor, and also an "ancient demon" accused by the Erba God Man. It is likely that the Wolf God lived at the same time as the Erba God Man.

Perhaps he knows the location of the three islands of the sea?

And the god who attained enlightenment five years ago was actually the Wolf God?

Could it be that the Wolf God has made another breakthrough?

Lost in thought, Lianshan Jing removed the flame formation inside and outside the main hall and headed outside.

The shaman, who had already dealt with the concluding matters, was standing outside the hall and appeared in Lianshan Jing's field of view.

Lianshan Jing said directly, "The demon here will be completely judged by you. I have more important matters to attend to."

"If you are not strong enough, please ask Gongshu Jie to come and help. This is a rare opportunity to stop the demons of the Green Hell Cave."

"If these demons can all be captured, perhaps we can use this to find the true location of the Green Hell Cave and eradicate them all at once."

"After fighting for five years and so many people have died, it's time to settle accounts with the Green Hell Cave."

After giving the orders, Lianshan Jing flew directly towards the direction of Hanyu Mountain.

As for the demons here, it's enough to hand them over to the wizards of Yaoxing City.

She just happened to be there and intervened on a whim, and now it's okay for her to leave directly.

The witches and priests of Yaoxing City will handle it properly.

Under the night sky, the red-haired woman flew up and disappeared into the darkness of the night.

Meanwhile, gray light had already appeared in the distant mountains.

The pitch-black long night is about to pass.

In the Hanyu Mountain, Lu Heng also put away the wine jug and had Xiao Ai make a fragrant cup of tea instead.