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I’ll Quit Being a God – Chapter 191 Part 2

2023-06-07 00:50:00Publish Time: 2,035 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Chapter 191: Gathering of Great Individuals (2)

Although she didn't recognize the carriage of the master of the Immortal Kingdom, she had also heard from the Great Sage of Fu Feng about those few existences that cannot be provoked in the South Sea.

Apart from the Mermaid Kingdom and Hanhai Department, the Immortal Kingdom, which is mysterious and inscrutable, is the first to face the challenge…

Luo Yujun, the ruler of the Immortal Kingdom, who has lived for countless years, and the Immortal Kingdom people who are rumored to be immortal and have never opened their borders, possess a powerful and terrifying army…

If the Li Tribe's Hanhai Department was surprising for being attracted by exotic treasures, then this eerie army formation in front of them is quite peculiar…

This Luo Yujun, the ruler of the Immortal Kingdom, could not be attracted by ordinary treasures, not to mention these knights in front of them…

Madame Green Bamboo furrowed her brows and asked, "Brother, are these four columns of knights what you previously mentioned as the Immortal Kingdom Praetorian Guard?"

The Great Sage of Fu Feng nodded and said, "Yes, they are indeed the Praetorian Guard of the Immortal Kingdom."

"These four columns of knights, a total of forty men, may seem few in numbers, yet they are capable of fighting against thousands of enemies. The armor they wear is the highest quality among the black-armored troops."

"It is rumored that even in the Immortal Kingdom, there are only forty-five Praetorian Guards, each of them being the most elite force in the kingdom."

"Their helmets and armor are ancient and fierce, possessing an incomprehensible power that is god-like."

"The forty-five Praetorian Guards marching together have far more power than ten thousand ordinary black-armored troops. With forty of them accompanying him, the Immortal Kingdom has truly brought out their best soldiers…it can be said that they have mobilized the entire country's strength."

The Great Sage of Fu Feng also sensed that something was amiss, his expression furrowing as he spoke.

He said, "If Luo Yujun only came to attend the Treasure Conference in the Mermaid Kingdom, why to make such a big fuss? Traveling with forty Praetorian Guards is like a national expedition… Is Luo Yujun coming here for a fight?"

The Great Sage of Fu Feng walked to the window and frowned as he watched the carriage of the Immortal Kingdom and the forty accompanying Praetorian Guards pass through the streets below.

At this moment, the streets had become desolate once again.

The passersby who were excited to see the Sovereign's carriage from the Immortal Kingdom became worried after seeing the forty Praetorian Guards, and couldn't help but feel frightened.

Anyone who saw this scene would never believe that Luo Yujun came simply to attend the Treasure Conference.

Walking into the Mermaid Kingdom with forty Praetorian Guards in tow, this display seemed like a confrontation rather than a casual visit.

And these two kingdoms, above the South Sea, are equally mysterious and infamous.

Even if outsiders cannot determine which side is stronger, it can be assured that neither side is one that an ordinary person can provoke.

Therefore, compared to the lively scene when the Hanhai Department entered the city, when the beast Boyi carried the carriage into the city, although there were many onlookers on both sides of the street, no one was making loud noises.

The quiet and dead atmosphere seemed inexplicably heavy.

On the second floor of the wine shop, after the Great Sage of Fu Feng and Madame Green Bamboo watched the carriage of The Immortal Kingdom disappear, Madame Green Bamboo whispered.

"Maybe something big happened in the city, even the lord of The Immortal Kingdom was alarmed… Thinking about it, perhaps the arrival of the priest of the Hanhai Department may also be related to this matter."

Madame Green Bamboo's speculation made the Great Sage of Fu Feng shake his head.

The frail man dressed in a scholar's gown stood by the window and said, "Why worry so much? We will go ask Li Po and know everything soon."

After speaking, he took Madame Green Bamboo downstairs to settle the bill.

Later, the two prepared to leave and pay a visit to the residence of the Li Tribe's Hanhai Department. However, just as they were walking downstairs, there was a commotion at the city gate.

It seemed that another important character had arrived.

Upon hearing the commotion, the Great Sage of Fu Feng couldn't help but stop and stand by the roadside with curiosity on his face.

"Who else has come? The Mermaid Kingdom is very lively today."

The Great Sage of Fu Feng's words were also the voice of many passers-by on both sides of the street.

Everyone stopped and watched, waiting for the main character at the city gate to enter.

Soon, the procession entering the city appeared in the sight of the people.

However, compared with the previous Hanhai Department and The Immortal Kingdom, the momentum of this team entering the city was much weaker.

Coming into view at the end of the street was a team of less than a dozen people, all dressed in black robes. As they walked, their robes seemed to be empty. If not for their exposed faces, one would almost think that there was nothing under those black robes.

They have neither a fearsome reputation nor the ferocity of the Praetorian Guards. This team of a dozen or so people appears to be just an ordinary merchant caravan entering the city.

If it had not been for the fact that the leader of the Mermaid Kingdom's naval patrol was there to greet them, hardly anyone would have taken this group seriously.

However, upon witnessing this group of strangely dressed black-robed individuals, the Great Sage of Fu Feng's face changed slightly, clearly recognizing their identity.

Madame Green Bamboo beside him was taken aback, quickly asking in a low voice, "Brother, do you know these black-robed people?"

The Great Sage of Fu Feng remained silent, but his eyes stayed fixed on the group of black-robed men until they disappeared from sight. Only then did he let out a sigh and whispered.

"These are the people of Wuqi Country, led by their ruler who is the most enigmatic and mysterious presence in the South Sea. If we delve deeper, the inheritance of my Roaring Goose Sword sword is somewhat related to Wuqi Country… When I discovered the ruins where I found Roaring Goose Sword, it was the capital city of Wuqi Country from a hundred thousand years ago."

The Great Sage of Fu Feng's words left Madame Green Bamboo shocked and dismayed.

"A hundred thousand years ago?!"

For ordinary cultivators, a hundred years is already considered a long time scale.

Even for the top cultivators, thousands of years of time are difficult to endure.

Ten thousand years of time is enough to erode many national inheritances…

Yet, Wuqi Country already existed one hundred thousand years ago?

She looked incredulously in the direction where the group of black-robed people disappeared, whispering, "But why has this Wuqi Country, with such ancient history, never been heard of above the South Sea?"

The Great Sage of Fu Feng sighed and said, "All because this country has always been focused on internal cultivation, never venturing into the outside world. Even if they occasionally go out, they never proclaim their reputation outside."

"I was able to know their names because I had a brief encounter with the lord of the Wuqi Country when I received the Roaring Goose Sword. Later, after I met Priest Li Po, he enlightened me and I learned how terrifying these mysterious black-robed men are."

The Great Sage of Fu Feng looked around and whispered, "According to ancient legends, Wuqi Country was a vassal state of the ancient demon, Yin Dragon Zhu, and they have been worshipping it for generations!"


The Great Sage of Fu Feng's whisper scared Madame Green Bamboo so much that her face turned pale.

The Yin Dragon?

The infamous name of this ancient demon was known to everyone in the world.

As an existence with a notorious reputation since ancient times, it had survived the chaos of the ages and still held a fearsome reputation even in modern times.

It was one of the most terrifying beings on the current stage.

Wuqi Country actually worships the The Yin Dragon? No wonder it has survived for tens of thousands of years…

However, the priest of the Li Tribe who was able to expose the background of Wuqi Country, it seems that this mysterious and unfathomable Li Tribe had a history even longer than rumored.

Madame Green Bamboo was shocked, feeling like she had been drawn into a mysterious struggle far beyond her level. When the grand and vast curtains were drawn, a demonic cultivator like her seemed to be less than insignificant when compared to the tiniest of ants.

First, the Li Tribe's Hanhai Department appeared, then the ruler of the Immortal Kingdom, which had been closed for thousands of years, made their way into the city with the Praetorian Guards. And now, even ancient legacies like Wuqi Country have come to light…

What exactly has happened to the Mermaid Kingdom before their eyes?

Just the appearance of these few factions on the stage was enough to scare the crowd, not to mention the unknown number of equally powerful entities lurking in the shadows, yet to be discovered by the people…

Are these mysterious and terrifying entities really only here because of the Treasure Conference?

Although the Treasure Conference has a prestigious reputation, it doesn't seem quite noteworthy enough to cause such a great disturbance…