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I’ll Quit Being a God – Chapter 41

2022-06-19 03:46:38Publish Time: 5,655 views
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Chapter 41: White Wolf Girl (1)

After inviting the old man to accompany him, Lu Heng did not delay any longer. He directly used the power of the mountain god and left with the three people in front of the mountain temple.

In front of the mountain temple, the huge white wolf and the three people disappeared in an instant.

With the power of shrinking the land into inches, Lu Heng took a single step, and the world around him changed dramatically. Forest and mountain scenery, rivers and wilderness, everything on Hanyu Mountain was like a rapidly shaking picture, flashing around the travelers, and then disappearing.

Finally, when Lu Heng stopped, the sunny Shuisheng Village appeared in front of everyone.

It was late autumn at this time, and the wind blowing across his face was a little cool. It sunny and warm today, so the wind didn't feel wet and cold.

Outside the Shuisheng village, the rice fields that will be empty after harvest are paved on the plain one after another, just like a simple puzzle.

The soil in the paddy field has already dried up, and the dry, hard and cracked mud blocks are scattered with withered and yellow straw stems, on which grasshoppers jump. When they arrived, Lu Heng saw some children running and playing in the rice fields, and the cheerful voice came from afar.

In the village in the distance, as evening approached, a curl of cooking smoke rose from the village.

The barking of dogs is the only noisy sound in this quiet village.

On the wooden fence at the entrance of the village, the young man on duty fell asleep with his arms folded and his back against the fence. The straw hat on his head blocked out the sun for him, so that he could be lazy at his leisure.

No matter how you look at it, the village in front of you is just a quiet and peaceful mountain village.

If you are just passing by, no one can imagine that there is a demon seed hidden in this small village.

The old priest looked at Lu Heng and asked, "Do I have to enter directly?"

Lu Heng nodded and said, "Go straight in."

As he spoke the heavenly thunder in his body surged.

In the sky above the Shuisheng Village, a curl of white clouds emerged from the sky and slowly gathered. Then, these ethereal white clouds slowly thickened, and the color of the clouds gradually darkened.

In the end, the clouds hanging over the Shuisheng village were dark and gloomy. Terrifying thunder light loomed in clouds and a musty smell instantly shrouded the whole village.

In the Shuisheng village, the demon seed who closed the door tightly and sat cross legged in the dark room suddenly opened his eyes.

In the kitchen next door, the peasant woman is cooking. The smell of rice wafted over, making the demon seed hungry.

But now they have no time to care whether the body is hungry.

He climbed down from the bed and shouted towards the door.


Soon, the door of the house was opened, and Cripple Ai with a dull look in his eyes appeared in his field of vision.

The demon waved to Cripple Ai and said, "Help me out for a walk."

At this time, it has been hiding in the mortal soul for too long. Its demon Qi was greatly consumed, and its body became weak.

Although it has eaten the Water Ganoderma Lucidum, it would take time to fully absorb its power. Since it doesn't want to consume too much demon Qi, it needs help to control the body.

With the help of Cripple Ai, the demon seed walked slowly towards the outside.

At this time, the village was quiet and peaceful, without any noise. In the afternoon, most households spend time preparing meals. Even those who like to visit others return to their own homes.

In such a quiet environment, it should have been relaxed, but the demon seed was inexplicably worried. It even felt a vague sense of panic. It sensed that something terrible was about to happen.

What a terrible thing… Is that girl not dead?

No… no way. At that time, he saw the girl die with his own eyes. He can guarantee that the girl is absolutely dead.

The place where the girls body was buried was so remote that almost no one passed by. Even if someone passed by, they would never think that there was a girl's body buried underground.

Even if the girl's body was dug up, no one could trace it back to him.

All the villagers in the Shuisheng village are afraid of the girl and did not dare hurt her.

Once the girl died, the most suspected group was of Li tribe people outside the mountain.

From what he knows, even Gong-Shu Jie is willing to make friends with the white wolf in the mountain, although it is somewhat unusual. However, the mountain god of a remote hill, even if he has a little strength, can never arouse the people of the Li tribe.

No matter how the Li tribe reacts to this matter, the white wolf will never dare to act rashly.

As long as the White Wolf doesn't dare to act rashly, the matter will be postponed for a while. When it absorbs the medicine of Water Ganoderma Lucidum, it can directly leave here and stay away from the inexplicable cloud in the mountain.

At that time, everything in the mountain has nothing to do with him. Even if the white wolf knows that it killed the girl, what can it do?

But the cloud in the mountain… tsk.

As it thought about the heavenly thunder clouds, the demon seed felt more and more unlucky.

It didn't think that it could run into heaven's scourge cloud in any direction. Within the scope of the heavenly thunder clouds, it doesn't dare to act rashly. Otherwise, the evil Qi in its body will trigger the heavenly thunder clouds, which will directly lead to the heaven's wrath.

In the beginning, it had thought that the heavenly thunder clouds were brought by some demon or strange treasure. As long as it hid in this mortal body and waited until the heavenly thunder clouds cleared, it could continue to flee. However, it hadn't expected that it would have to be in the boy's body for so long, the heavenly thunder clouds still not disappearing, and the gloomy and terrifying atmosphere remaining to shroud the world.

If it wasn't for the Water Ganoderma Lucidum sent by those Li tribe people, it wouldn't even dare to wake up and would continue to sleep in the boy's soul.

Hoo… What bad luck. Fortunately, the Li tribe sent the water Ganoderma lucidum in time. As long as he managed to endure a little longer and absorb the power of the water Ganoderma lucidum, he could finally leave.

As for what the heavenly thunder cloud is, it didn't dare to pay any attention as he couldn’t risk the response.

There are so many strange things in the world. It's not so strange to see frozen heavenly thunder clouds. As long as he doesn't get close to the range of this mountain in the future, it will be ok.

The demon seed thought in his heart, and with the help of Cripple Ai, he walked out of the house and came outside.

Ominous thunder bellowed throughout the dark clouds.

However, the dark cloud only covers the Shuisheng village, and the sunshine is still bright outside the Shuisheng village.

The moment he saw the terrible cloud above his head, the demon seed's body froze.

This… This cloud floated out of the mountain? Just above it?

Is it the demon Qi in his body that attracted the heavenly thunder cloud?

The demon seed subconsciously looked in the direction of Hanyu mountain, but was stunned to find that the deep of Hanyu mountain was still shrouded in a huge dark cloud. The heavenly thunder clouds that have covered the main peak of Hanyu mountain for the past year have not moved.

Then the cloud above my head…

The demon seed's heart suddenly pounded, and a sense of horror and crisis that was even stronger than when he was almost beaten to death by Gong Shu Jie suddenly came out of his heart.

With a premonition in mind, the demon seed suddenly looked in the direction of the village entrance.

In this peaceful village, a huge white wolf slowly came out of the houses. The huge shining silver animal glanced at the thin boy.

——And the demon seed attached to the boy's body.

The demon seed's breath stopped instantly, and his face became very pale.

The white wolf in the mountain… actually came out?!