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I’ll Quit Being a God – Chapter 83

2022-07-27 00:10:00Publish Time: 4,231 views
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Chapter 83: Ghosts' Crying

In the rainstorm, the strange bridal sedan chair of red burst all over the sky, turning into countless spirit Qi surging in all directions.

The Red Lady, who spread terror among the merchants, unexpectedly disappeared.

She came quickly, but died even faster than she came. It happened so suddenly that everything was resolved before the people in the caravan had the chance to react.

Huo Feng stared at everything in front of him. This time, he finally clearly felt the power of heavenly thunder that day.

The cultivator's extremely awed and rare thunder unexpectedly appeared in the wilderness, and fell three times in a row, directly killing the strange Red Lady. It looks like the Red Lady has done many evil deeds and attracted heaven's wrath.

But Huo Feng knew that this wasn't a coincidence.

This thunder was called by the Wolf God!

At this moment, Huo Feng finally understood why he saw the terrifying scene of ten thousand strands of thunder when looking into the Wolf God… The Wolf God could control the thunder!

He inexplicably looked at Lu Heng with awe, and felt a great shock.

On the road, those strange figures that originally rushed towards Lu Heng stopped silently after the sedan car burst into pieces.

At this time, a blazing lightning cut through the night sky and turned the shadowy and strange figures outside the post house pale.

The scarves on their heads and the red clothes on their bodies gradually fell off and disappeared into the air. Then appeared the original appearances of these ghosts.

There are men and women, old and young, most of whom are pale and extremely miserable.

All ghosts wear a black chain on their backs like the soul of the Xiqu.

But as the evil things that enslaved them disappeared, the black chain gradually became transparent and finally disappeared.

Looking at these miserable souls, Lu Heng sighed.

"The evil thing is dead, and your hatred has disappeared… you can dispel now."

In the rain, those shadowy ghosts were stunned, and they all woke up.

At the moment when all the ghosts regained consciousness, they all issued a miserable howl and cried bitterly. The cry was so sad that even the businessmen couldn't help but tear up.

They knew that these ghosts were innocent people who were brutally killed by the Red Lady who then enslaved their souls.

In the wind and rain, the ghosts' shrill cries lasted for a long time. Finally, all ghosts kowtowed in the direction of Lu Heng, and finally dissipated in low sobs.

Even the ferocious beast soul of the Xiqu, after roaring and breaking away from the black chain on its back, lay on the ground with two hooves and bowed deeply to Lu Heng, and finally disappeared completely.

Outside the post house, dozens of souls dispersed at the same time, raising a cold wind.

The businessmen stared at all this, which was the first time they had seen real ghosts.

Lu Heng sighed and said, "This Red Lady was so vicious and cruel that all innocent passers-by's who ran into her were killed by her. There were so many victims who were enslaved by her soul alone. I'm afraid there were many more people who died tragically who were not enslaved but directly killed…"

"… the Green Hell Cave is really an evil organization."

Lu Heng sighed and turned to look at the people behind him. "I'm afraid I'll bother you to keep tonight a secret."

"The Green Hell Cave is so evil. If they learn what happened tonight, I'm afraid everyone here will be killed…"

Lu Heng's words are not alarmist. The merchants present actually thought of the possibility he said.

Even if Lu Heng didn't remind them, these merchants naturally knew to keep secrets.

So everyone saluted seriously, saying, "We must keep it a secret and never divulge anything about tonight."

Xin Sheng hesitated and asked, "Lord Wolf God, should we leave here immediately in case the demons of the Green Hell Cave come after us?"

Xin Sheng was worried that there were other demons of the Green Hell Cave nearby, who came to avenge the Red Lady after her death.

However, Lu Heng smiled and said, "It doesn't matter. If there are demons chasing us, it's a good thing. Next, if there are demons coming again, you can tentatively say the opposite words before I appear to see if you can get the specific location of the Green Hell Cave."

Lu Heng's words stunned everyone in the caravan.

"Get the specific location of the Green Hell Cave…?" Xin Sheng looked at Lu Heng in astonishment and asked incredulously, "Do you want to… destroy the Green Hell Cave?"

Lu Heng shook his head with a smile and said, "I don't know much about the Green Hell Cave. How can I destroy such a demon cave alone? But if I can know its specific location, I can take precautions in the future."

Lu Heng's words are very modest. It seems that he really doesn't want to get into trouble with the Green Hell Cave.

But the caravan people naturally didn't believe it. They all remembered the conversation between the Wolf God and the Red Lady just now.

No wonder the Wolf God was so friendly to the demon. He originally wanted to figure out the specific location of the Green Hell Cave. Unfortunately, the Red Lady was too vigilant and didn't say anything.

Xin Sheng and others all saluted with fists, saying, "We understand. If there are demons, we will try our best to figure out the location of the Green Hell Cave."

"OK, please," Lu Heng smiled and arched his hands at the people. After saying that, his soul disappeared directly under the night sky.

When the Wolf God left, Xiao Ai also returned to the fire with the dark blue Heavenly Thunder Sword on her back, crossed her knees again and continued her cultivation. The appearance of the Red Lady didn't affect the little girl's mood.

However, the merchants on one side were not so relaxed.

When they returned to the house, they all gathered by the campfire and muttered in a low voice about how to get the position of the Green Hell Cave if they met other demons of the Green Hell Cave.

In the end, when everyone reluctantly discussed a result, the light was already shining.

The wind and rain in the mountain finally stopped, and the businessmen who had not slept for half a night got up with dark circles under their eyes and were ready to start.

And the White Wolf, who had been lying beside the fire all night, finally opened his eyes and stood up. the Heavenly Thunder, which was taken into the body last night, has finally been absorbed by now.

Seeing that the Wolf God woke up, Xin Sheng came over and asked the Wolf God for his opinions. After Lu Heng nodded, the caravan people started on the road again.

This time, everyone was a little nervous. They always felt that there might be demons catching up behind them at any time, and looked back from time to time.

But they walked all the way for three days, and finally came to the boundary of Baishi City, but they didn't meet any demons of the Green Hell Cave again.

That Red Lady, she really doesn't have any companions.

Lu Heng couldn't help sighing and felt sorry about this.

Although he had guessed the result, he couldn't help being discouraged that no demons came knocking.

It seems that the next time he encounters the demon of the Green Hell Cave, he has to seize the opportunity and let Xiao Ai talk first.

He really can't pretend to be a bad person as long as others look at him with their magic eyes…