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I’ll Quit Being a God – Chapter 327

2023-10-22 02:45:00Publish Time: 1,237 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Chapter 327: The Nine Cauldrons of Emperor Yu Break the Vast Sky

In the hot and scorching world of molten lava, the ancient and blurry words on the Demon Stone Stele could still be partially read with divine thoughts.

However, the content of the text above was somewhat incomprehensible to Lu Heng.

"The Fire God Zhu Rong…"

He slowly explained to Jiu Mie, "In ancient times, there was a powerful god named Zhu Rong, also known as the Fire God, who was as famous as the Water God Gong Gong."

"But I've seen Zhu Rong's tomb before, it's located in a cemetery of Demon Stones within the Mandala flower sea, at the center of the Immortal Kingdom…"

Lu Heng's words made Jiu Mie slightly frowned and said, "Could it be the difference between a tomb for burial clothes and a tomb for physical remains?"

The monk and the wolf both looked at the Demon Stone Stele that was slowly rising from the magma.

The majestic and terrifying Demon Stone Stele, towering a hundred feet high, faintly emanated a terrible breath of suppression, exactly the same as the one Lu Heng had seen in the Demon Stone Stele Forest.

It is not a fake.

Jiu Mie extended his hand and sent out a palm strike, directly towards the magma lake below.

This palm strike could destroy mountains, but when the palm force fell on the magma lake, it could not shake this strange magma. It didn't even stir a ripple.

The seemingly surging magma lake was actually firmly suppressed by some invisible force, making it impossible to be shaken by any external force.

After seeing this scene, Lu Heng and Jiu Mie looked at each other and acted at the same time.


With an ear-piercing thunderous sound, the blazing white heavenly thunder flew out from Lu Heng's sleeve and struck directly towards the magma lake below.

Meanwhile, Jiu Mie threw out his cane. The seemingly ordinary wooden cane now showed an incredibly powerful momentum, instantly expanding thousands of times, and fiercely smashing down like a supporting pillar that props up the sky towards the magma lake below.

This time, both of them didn't hold back and almost used all their strength in their moves.

However, despite the falling heavenly thunder and the smashing giant cane, they were still unable to break the invisible suppressing force above the magma lake and caused no harm to the magma at all.

However, due to the enormous impact force, the violent hot wind raged and whistled within the world of magma, causing the earth to shake wildly.

At the shore of the magma lake, Lu Heng and Jiu Mie stopped at the same time and didn't continue to test each other's strength.

They had already realized that this magma lake could not be disturbed by external forces, as the enormous Demon Stone Stele had completely suppressed this place.

With such a grand battle, perhaps under this Demon Stone Stele lies the corpse of the Fire God Zhu Rong…

Jiu Mie said, "Now the most terrifying thing is that something beneath this magma lake is about to emerge."

Jiu Mie clasped his hands together and wore a look of distress, "If it is really an ancient god returning to the world, the situation in Yanjing City will truly spiral out of control."

Lu Heng shook his head and said, "A solitary Demon Stone Stele proves nothing. The Demon Subduing Stele Forest that I saw before, is the true land of divine suppression."

"The names and surnames recorded in the Forest of Steles are awe-inspiring, each one shaking the heavens and the earth."

"There is only this solitary stele here. Even if it is truly related to the Fire God Zhu Rong, it may just be one of the relics left behind by the great god Zhu Rong."

Lu Heng speculated as such.

And in the world of roaring hot lava, every sentence spoken by Lu Heng and Jiu Mie caused the surrounding space to heat up even further.

Although the Demon Stone Stele completely suppresses the lava in this area and what lies beneath the magma lake, such suppression seems to have reached its limit.

On close inspection, one can even see the intricate cracks on the surface of the Demon Stone Stele.

With each passing moment, the cracks on the stone deepen slightly, and the scorching heat of the lava world continues to rise steadily.

Lu Heng and Jiu Mie both knew that what lay beneath the lake was about to surface.

Whether it was the rebirth of an ancient deity or the discovery of the relics of an ancient deity, it would be a disaster for the current Yanjing City.

Lu Heng was somewhat helpless, "It's like bad things always happen at the worst possible time. The emergence of these divine objects is really ill-timed, and they must be forcefully suppressed."

"At the very least, its emergence should be postponed until after all the demons in the Green Hell Cave have been eradicated."

As Lu Heng spoke, he formed seals with his hands and drew the spiritual energy of the earth from the void. In the scorching hot world of lava, strands of dark red earth spirit energy converged towards Lu Heng's hands.

With a flip of his sleeve, Lu Heng produced a small cauldron that flew out from his clothes. It was none other than the Green State Cauldron gifted to him by Jiu Mie earlier.

Seeing Lu Heng take out the Green State Cauldron, Jiu Mie was somewhat surprised.

"My friend, do you already know how to use this cauldron?"

Lu Heng shrugged and said, "Naturally, I don't know, but the magic formation I have set up happens to require a top-quality divine object as its eye."

"Although this the Green State Cauldron looks simple and unadorned, it is incredibly sturdy and is indeed an ancient divine object. It's just right to be used as the formation's eye. With this, you don't need to stimulate its power to use this cauldron."

As Lu Heng spoke, he directly threw the Green State Cauldron in his hand into the air.

Only to see strands of dark red earth energy gathering towards the small cauldron in mid-air, rapidly submerging into the tiny bronze cauldron.

With such scorching earth energy, ordinary magical treasures would instantly be burned and shattered.

Yet amidst the countless strands of dark red spiritual energy, the small Green State Cauldron emitted no divine light, but calmly and steadily endured all the earth fire energy without being affected in the slightest.

Even the temperature of the cauldron body didn't change in the slightest, remaining as calm and cool as gentle jade.

Seeing this scene, Jiu Mie couldn't help but widen his eyes and say, "This cauldron is indeed so wonderful…"

Lu Heng was also amazed by the divinity of the Green State Cauldron.

Although aware of the extraordinary divinity of this cauldron, it was surprising that it could remain unaffected by such strong earth fire energy… Remember, the Green State Cauldron has not yet shown any power.

It just passively endured the erosion of the earth fire energy.

If the power inside this cauldron was really activated, no one knows what kind of terrifying scene it would be.

Both Lu Heng and Jiu Mie were greatly amazed by the divinity of the Green State Cauldron.

In the shadow of this molten world, there was a presence hiding in the depths, witnessing everything that happened and also seeing the small cauldron suspended in midair.

He was frightened on the spot, his mind was unstable, and he almost exposed his figure.

This cauldron… this cauldron is one of the legendary Nine Cauldrons of the Yu King?!

The presence in the dark was stunned and looked incredulously at the white-clad Wolf God on the shore of the lava lake.

With the heritage obtained from the ancient ruins, it came here after facing numerous hardships, intending to secretly take away the divine object suppressed beneath the lava lake.

As the divine object was about to appear and its plan was about to succeed, it suddenly attracted the Wolf God of Hanyu Mountain and old monk Jiu Mie, who was proud among the immortals…

If it had not seized the opportunity to escape into the shadows in time, it would have been killed by the monk and the wolf by now.

Although it was confident in its strength, it dared not provoke both the Wolf God of Hanyu Mountain and old monk Jiu Mie at the same time.

Now it is hiding, only hoping for the monk and the wolf outside to leave, but didn't expect to witness such a terrifying thing with its own eyes.

The Nine Cauldrons of the Yu King…

In ancient legends, the fierce and ominous nature of this object was often mentioned.

The River Chart emerges and the Luo Book appears, as the Nine Cauldrons of the Yu King scattered throughout the sky…

The three great evil creatures mentioned in ancient legends, once gathered in the present world, will bring about the Earthly Catastrophe once again.

Now, the Green State Cauldron is in the hands of the Wolf God of Hanyu Mountain…Does this suggest that the Earthly Catastrophe is about to come again?