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I’ll Quit Being a God – Chapter 124

2022-09-18 00:35:00Publish Time: 3,481 views
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Chapter 124: Breaking and Establishing

Above the tavern, the little Gu eagle still stared at the double-headed black dog not far away, even though the other side had shrunk into a ball and kept showing weakness.

However, Huo Feng watched the weird young woman leave with the people of the Wu clan.

At that moment, if the woman had any evil intent, he would be dead on the spot. This feeling made Huo Feng extremely uncomfortable.

Looking at the little Gu eagle who still didn't know anything on his shoulder, Huo Feng couldn't help sighing and saying:

"Gu Yan, you look so carefree. It's a bit enviable… Unfortunately, I can't take you out in the future."

He bumped into such an evil thing just when he went out, and it seems that the other person is still interested in Gu Yan. How dare Huo Feng take Gu Yan out again?

And after all, it is strange that there are evil demons in Fushan City.

And what's strange is that this kind of evil demon can hide from the Fire God Temple wizard, but can't hide it in front of him?

When did he become so powerful?

Realizing that something was wrong, Huo Feng didn't dare to delay. After paying, he left the restaurant in a hurry and headed for the Fire God Temple with an empty stomach.

The dishes at the table were basically untouched.

But the little Gu eagle on his shoulder heard that Huo Feng wouldn't take him out in the future, it was worried and shouted for a long time.

Huo Feng managed to pacify the noisy little guy, and then walked along the busiest streets to the Fire God Temple.

Then he dived into the Fire God Temple.

The moment he stepped into the door of the Fire God Temple, he felt a sense of security.

In the morning sunshine, pilgrims come and go in a continuous stream in the Fire God Temple, and witches appear from time to time. The Fire God Temple, which covers a large area, is not only the administrative place that governs Fushan City, but also the place where the Fire God is worshipped. There are many people who come to pray every day.

Huo Feng walked through the crowded square towards the back of the Fire God Temple.

The further in you go, the fewer people you can see. In the end, he had come to an area where ordinary people are not allowed to come.

Only Wuzhus and wizards can come here.

Although the appearance of Huo Feng was unexpected, no one came to stop him because Huo Feng was carrying a token.

Through the area behind the Fire God Temple, Huo Feng came to the quietest courtyard in Fushan City.

Opening the gate, he saw a man in white sitting quietly in the sun, looking at the bamboo slips in his hands.

In the early morning sunshine, this scene has a slightly ethereal meaning.

Even though Huo Feng was anxious, he was also affected by this scene and could not help but calm down.

He stood quietly by the door. Even the lively little Gu eagle shut up.

However, Lu Heng felt their appearance.

He raised his head slightly in surprise, looked at Huo Feng by the door, and asked, "Brother Huo, did you see something? Why are you so impatient?"

The wolf god took the initiative to speak, and Huo Feng finally breathed a sigh of relief.

He smiled bitterly and said, " Wolf God. It seems that I ran into evil demons in the city. Fortunately, the other party didn't kill me, otherwise, I can't come back alive."

"Oh, really?" Lu Heng was a little surprised. "Demons? They can also be mixed into Fushan City?"

In Lu Heng's understanding, the wizards of the Fire God Temple have the means to detect evil demons. Let alone sneak in, ordinary evil demons might be found just as they approach Fushan City.

And the demons that can sneak into Fushan City… they must be very strong.

Lu Heng was full of surprise, and Huo Feng also explained his previous experience in detail.

He emphasized his strange reaction to evil demons.

After hearing this, Lu Heng frowned and realized some strange things.

He waved and said, "Brother Huo, come here and let me have a look."

"Well," Huo Feng came to Lu Heng and let Lu Heng hold his wrist.

Lu Heng's mind sank and began to feel the situation in Huo Feng's body.

But Lu Heng felt the same situation as before. Huo Feng's muscles and veins are broken, his soul is injured, and his cultivation base is lost… Hmm? Cultivation base?

Lu Heng felt deeply here, but was dismayed to find that even the smallest bit of Spirit Qi had disappeared from Huo Feng's body.

Although Huo Feng was seriously injured before, the Spirit Qi in his body was scattered all over his body in disorder, constantly impacting the damaged meridians.

But now the Spirit Qi has completely disappeared, leaving no residue.

The current Huo Feng is just like a mortal who has never cultivated, and has no cultivation base in his body.

This strange situation made Lu Heng a little confused.

Thinking of Huo Feng's strange reaction to evil demons… Lu Heng thought and injected a little Heavenly Thunder into Huo Feng's body.


In the air, there seemed to be a flash of lightning.

Lu Heng withdrew his hand in amazement and looked at Huo Feng in front of him. He was speechless for a while and finally smiled at Huo Feng's worried eyes.

He clapped and said, "Congratulations, Brother Huo. Your injury is recovering."

"Huh?" Huo Feng was a little stunned and didn't understand why the Wolf God said so.

Lu Heng smiled and said, "Has Brother Huo found yourself unable to sense the Spirit Qi in your body in recent days?"

Huo Feng hurriedly nodded, "Yes, yes. When I meditated over the past two days, I couldn't feel the Spirit Qi in my body. I thought it was because my Spirit Qi had overflowed…"

Lu Heng shook his head and said, "That's not the case. Even if your Tao heart is broken, your broken cultivation base should still exist."

"Brother Huo, I can no longer feel the slightest broken cultivation base in your body. At first glance, you seem to be an ordinary person."

"But when I injected a trace of Heavely Thunder into your body, I found that although your muscles and veins are still broken, they are no longer blocked."

"And vaguely, I can feel a breath of life with the power of thunder in your body."

Lu Heng smiled and said, "This is because Brother Huo, you have remodeled your Tao heart! Although you become an ordinary person without any cultivation base now, you're not the same as before."

"Brother Huo, you are no different from ordinary people except for the wounds on your muscles and nerves."

"As long as you can find a doctor to cure your body, you can start to cultivate again."

What Lu Heng said with a smile made Huo Feng surprised and unbelievable.

"But… I haven't done anything. Why has my Tao heart been remodeled?" Huo Feng couldn't figure it out.

Lu Heng shook his head and said, "Brother Huo, after your Tao heart was broken, you were neither arrogant nor impetuous, and your mind always kept calm, facing the psychological shadow bravely."

"In the face of all these difficulties and sufferings, you didn't shrink back, nor did you complain, and always maintained a common mind."

"It's normal for an excellent person like you to be able to reshape the Tao heart."

"And now Brother Huo, even if you use your magic eyes to look at me again, you will not be frightened," Lu Heng said with a smile. "Brother Huo, you are destined to have a bright future!"