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I’ll Quit Being a God – Chapter 212

2023-06-29 01:00:00Publish Time: 2,002 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Chapter 212: Lu Heng the Old Demon

"Er… um…"

Even Lu Heng was a little confused when he saw "Demon Sutra" fall out.

This tattered book actually fell out at a time like this? Was it intentional chaos?

He looked at the manual on magic arts at his feet, then at the eerie Moluo Evil Spirit in front of him. Despite his initially righteous and imposing demeanor, he suddenly felt weak.

"Um… I must say, this book was just something I accidentally picked up. Even though I have read the contents, I have never actually cultivated it…Do you believe me?" Lu Heng said with a dry smile as he picked up the "Demon Sutra" at his feet.

Under the withered tree, the red-haired monster clinging to Huo Feng's unconscious soul rolled its eyes and looked with disdain at the white-clad Lu Heng before it, humming from its nostrils but speaking not a word.

Nevertheless, its contemptuous attitude made its meaning very clear.

Lu Heng couldn't help feeling helpless, "Why is it that no one believes the truth these days?"

Lu Heng was very weary of heart.

Carefully stowing away the "Demon Sutra", Lu Heng took extra precautions this time to prevent the troublesome book from causing any trouble at a critical moment.

It wouldn't be a big deal for it to accidentally fall out in front of the Moluo Evil Spirit, but if it fell out in front of the people in the Mermaid Kingdom…Lu Heng's reputation would be utterly ruined.

After putting away "Demon Sutra", Lu Heng looked at the Moluo Evil Spirit in front of him, who already regarded him as "one of their own," and felt somewhat speechless.

He had intended to use threats and inducements, but now that the situation had suddenly changed, he was completely at a loss and unable to speak at all.

This Moluo Evil Spirit had already identified him as a hypocritical gentleman wearing the mask of righteousness and a practitioner of the evil path, so even if Lu Heng were to use the Heavenly Thunder of the righteous path to suppress him, he feared that he would not be able to move this devil.

Thinking of this, Lu Heng couldn't help but sigh and say, "Forget it."

"Since that's the case, I won't waste any more time with you. Let's just use the final means."

After speaking, Lu Heng swept his sleeves and directly swept the Moluo Evil Spirit and Huo Feng's soul back into the original body.

This Moluo Evil Spirit is truly integrated with Huo Feng's soul, even the Requiem Seal cannot separate the two souls. Lu Heng can only think of another way.

After watching the woman, who was full of evil demons, return to her soul, Lu Heng opened his mouth.

"Two days from now will be the day of the trial and execution on December 8th. You have two days to consider… Of course, I will also consider during these two days."

Lu Heng smiled and said, "Before that, let's both take a rest."

Lu Heng showed his intention to leave, but the woman didn't breathe a sigh of relief. Instead, she felt the danger approaching and looked vigilant.

"What…what do you want to do?" The woman cried out in a panic.

As a practitioner of the dark arts, she was well aware of how malicious the methods of torture could be in the realm of magic.

Furthermore, the white wolf in front of her not only belonged to the dark faction, but also possessed the ability to disguise itself as an honorable gentleman… these deceitful demons, who are experts at concealing their true nature, are often the cruelest and most malicious of the dark world!

They may have a gentle smile on their face, but their actions can be extremely cruel!

If it weren't for being trapped under the withered tree and unable to escape, Moluo Evil Spirit would have fled in panic long ago.

In front of her, Lu Heng in white smiled slightly and raised his right hand, saying, "When I was studying the magic array of barriers, I discovered a divine power that can imprison demons using heavenly thunder as the pillar and drawing the ground as the cage."

"And after meeting you today, I was inspired once again and suddenly realized that this Heavenly Thunder Prison not only imprisons but can also be used to kill… of course, since you are currently occupying the body of my friend, I won't kill you."

"Since the effect of the heavenly thunder on you is so obvious, please undergo some electric therapy. I believe when we meet again in two days, you will have a change of heart."

After speaking, Lu Heng didn't wait for the woman to respond, but immediately formed a magic array.


Amidst a deafening roar, three blazing white heavenly thunders appeared out of thin air and viciously struck the woman. They transformed into three lightning columns that interlinked with each other, forming a heavenly thunder prison that trapped the woman within.

Clad in white, Lu Heng stood outside the Thunder prison, smiling as he touched the fearsome lightning column that made all beings tremble. Sparks of lightning overflowed from his fingertips.



Amidst the piercing sound, the white lightning flickered. Within the prison of thunder, three columns of thunder released flickering electricity at the same time, and the surging lightning flooded the thunder cage.

The woman's piercing screams were heart-wrenching and echoed.

In the dazzling lightning, a figure could be vaguely seen convulsing and wailing in agony.

"Lu Heng!"

The woman's silhouette in the lightning screamed in pain and emitted a cry of resentment and hatred, "You deserve to die!"

Outside the cage, Lu Heng laughed and said, "Don't worry, I will definitely outlive you."

"Also, don't worry about the Heavenly Thunder hurting my Brother Huo's core. The Heavenly Thunder Prison intermittently stops emitting lightning, giving you time to recover."

"When you can no longer bear it and want to leave Brother Huo's body, tell me, and I will let you out for a good fight."

"If you refuse to leave, then you can stay in this Thunder Prison and enjoy the electrotherapy."

"Being able to constantly and almost uninterrupted be subjected to the Heavenly Thunder… You're the first among all the evil demons from the past to the present."

"Anyway, I have plenty of patience to spend time with you. I hope you can hold on for a few more days and not surrender so quickly… Hahaha…."

Laughing loudly, Lu Heng in his white attire turned and walked outside.

Under the withered tree in the sky prison, lightning flashed and the woman's figure was no longer visible.

Only the mournful and agonizing cries continued to sound.

"Lu Heng the Old Demon! I am at odds with you… Ahhhhhhh!!!!"

Among the stars, the malicious and mournful howl was heard even by Yu Huaifeng and Xiao Ai beyond the stars.

In the sea of stars, Yu Huaifeng saw a portal appear in the void and the Wolf God emerged. Although everything seemed normal on the surface, his heart skipped a beat.

That Moluo Evil Spirit is an ancient demon sword, known for its ferocity, ruthlessness, with no tears or blood shed.

Such a demonic entity, even when faced with death, will never whimper for mercy. Even if its soul is damaged, subjected to thousands of tortures, it still won't furrow its brow.

It's truly a tough nut to crack.

Yet, this bloodless, cruel, and vicious demon was now being tortured by the Wolf God, wailing and screaming miserably.

Although its screams didn't carry any pleas for mercy.

But for such a demonic entity, being tortured to the point of wailing and screaming is practically no different from begging for mercy.

What had the Wolf God done to the demon inside? How could it have caused such a mournful howl to be heard from the demon…

Yu Huaifeng's heart was filled with shock, as well as a hint of fear.

At that moment, he suddenly realized that he didn't seem to have a deep enough understanding of the Wolf God…

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