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I’ll Quit Being a God – Chapter 308

2023-10-03 02:40:00Publish Time: 1,575 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Translated by: postContent

Edited by: anonymous, Enemorio-tl

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Chapter 308: Lian Cangqing

Xiao Juechen smiled as he probed, intending to ease the atmosphere first.

However, under the moonlight, the woman in the bright red wedding dress sneered disdainfully and said, "Introduction? Do I need an introduction to find you bunch of demons?"

"This Three Realms Gathering Array is so crude that I can just observe the direction of the earth's aura and see at a glance where the fulcrum is… Do I still need an introduction?"

She sneered at the two demons in front of her and said, "Your words are so funny that you have successfully made me laugh. Since your joke is good enough, I will spare your offense and ask you to call the Lord of All Demons."

"I just want to see how much weight the so-called strongest demon in this place carries!"

Xiao Juechen's expression changed slightly upon hearing the arrogant words of the woman in the red dress.

Can you believe that this woman said she can see at a glance where the fulcrum of the Green Hell Cave is?

The Three Realms Gathering Array is an ancient secret technique unintentionally discovered by the cave owner, and no one in the present can break it. Even the Wolf God of Hanyu Mountain, the wizards of Fire Pass Country, resent the Green Hell Cave, but they have failed to grasp its true location.

All of this is due to the Three Realms Gathering Array set up by the cave owner.

But not only did the woman in front of him call out the name of the formation, she even claimed she could see through it… When the cave owner set up the formation, he said that it was a creation of heaven and earth, and even in ancient times, few could break it.

This mysterious woman in the red dress…

Xiao Juechen felt fear in his heart, and his face became even more respectful. He quickly said, "May I ask how to address the goddess? I will report this matter to the cave owner."

Under the moonlight, the woman in red looked coldly at it and said, "My name is Lian Cangqing. You may inform the Lord of All Demons and have it come out to see me."

Lian Cangqing… Xiao Juechen muttered the name to himself, but he couldn't remember when such a formidable person with that surname had appeared in this world.

It seems that since Lu Heng emerged from Hanyu Mountain, more and more top cultivators have suddenly appeared in this world.

What old monk Jiu Mie, the Heavenly Demon Lord, and Lian Cangqing…

All of them are obscure figures with unclear origins and even possibly top cultivators who existed in ancient times but had no widespread reputation.

With this in mind, Xiao Juechen tentatively asked, "I wonder if the goddess has ever heard of the name Lu Heng, known as the Wolf God of Hanyu Mountain, who is said to command heavenly thunder to destroy all evil and wield a half Ancient Sword to rule the world…"

Xiao Juechen's inquiry caused the woman in red to furrow her brows slightly.

"What's this about the Wolf God Lu Heng… It sounds arrogant, but I've never heard of him. If you want to call out the Lord of All Demons, go ahead and do it. Why ask so many questions?"

The woman in red was extremely impatient.

And Xiao Juechen's heart skipped a beat… In today's world, who doesn't know of the illustrious reputation of the Wolf God of Hanyu Mountain?

If this woman doesn't know the name of the Wolf God, there is only one possible explanation: she is also an old monster who has been hidden away for years, and was active in a different era than the Wolf God in ancient times. She only recently came into the world again.

As for whether she was active before or after the Wolf God… either possibility is equally dreadful.

Xiao Juechen felt nervous in his heart, and his expression became increasingly deferential. He quickly spoke, saying,

"The goddess wants to find the strongest person in this land… but he, the Lord of All Demons, is not the strongest in Fire Pass Country. The current undefeated champion recognized by the world is none other than the Wolf God of Hanyu Mountain, Lu Heng."

"Not to mention the strongest in Fire Pass Country, even if one were to claim to be the strongest in the world, no one could question the status of the Wolf God of Hanyu Mountain…"

Xiao Juechen spoke carefully, hoping to shift the blame to someone else.

However, the woman in red, who called herself Lian Cangqing, suddenly became furious and said, "I told you to summon the Lord of All Demons, not to drag your feet! Do you think I'm a football? Kicking me around?"

"Even if the Lord of All Demons is not the strongest in Fire Pass Country, I have come today and I must see what it is capable of!"

After speaking, the woman in red immediately slammed her palm forward, imprinting it on the air several miles away, towards Xiao Juechen in mid-air above the Floating Jade Mountain.

"Hesitation and obstruction… result in death!"

Under the moonlight, the raging qi blast thundered.

As the woman in red slammed her palm forward, even though she was several miles away, Xiao Juechen above the Floating Jade Mountain felt his heart skip and instinctively dodged.

But it was still too late.

The tremendous palm strength, extremely ferocious, landed on his chest and directly shattered Xiao Juechen into scattered blood mist.

On the side, General Tiger Dragon could only widen his eyes and witness Xiao Juechen turning into shattered flesh and blood flying, splattering him.

The terrifying scenery startled General Tiger Dragon.

"What the hell is going on!"

The heart of General Tiger Dragon trembled, despite his cultivation and vision, he couldn't even see how the palm of the red-clothed woman killed Xiao Juechen from a distance.

Lu Heng in the distance was also slightly surprised, having also failed to see the woman's move clearly.

Several miles away, a seemingly effortless palm strike killed Xiao Juechen of the Four Elders, directly from a distance… Lu Heng put himself in Xiao Juechen's shoes and realized that he too would not have been able to react if he had been standing in his place.

Will be killed directly by the strike.

Lu Heng's eyes instantly became serious.

After occupying the body and resurrecting, instead of adapting to the physical body and restoring the cultivation, this woman is spouting mad words about finding the strongest person in the world… It turns out it's not empty talk, she really has incredible means that ordinary people can't match.

In the void, the woman in red laughed disdainfully upon seeing Lu Heng and General Tiger Dragon both being subdued by her.

She said, "Now you can call for the Lord of All Demons to come out… Hmm?"

As soon as she finished speaking, the woman's eyebrows furrowed and she suddenly looked towards a certain direction of the Floating Jade Mountain.

The look in the eyes turned cold.

"Come out!"

After the woman's voice fell silent, Lu Heng and General Tiger Dragon also followed her gaze and instantly locked onto the mountain forest.

Under the gaze of several people, a half-decayed head rose up from the mountain forest.

Xiao Juechen's physical body was continuously crawling out from inside the decayed head. However, because he had only crawled halfway out, he now appeared extremely disgusting with blood flowing all over.

Seeing this scene, the woman in the red dress chuckled with a sudden realization.

"So it's a Corpse Demon, a devil that grows from the corpse of a strong person… Ha… To be able to cultivate to this level, he is considered an outstanding figure among Corpse Demons."

"Considering that your cultivation is not easy, and you have already died once, I spare your life now. Go and call the Lord of All Demons and I will pardon your previous offense of evading and offending me."

The woman in red spoke with contempt and arrogance. But now, no one dared to confront or mock her again.

Even General Tiger Dragon, who was initially so bold as to declare his intention to come and meet her, has now closed his mouth and dares not speak recklessly.

The woman in red in front of them had an unclear background, but her strength was clearly above that of Xiao Juechen.

If that strike had landed on him, he would have died just like Xiao Juechen did, but he wouldn't have had the chance to come back to life like him.

Although this woman is mad, she has the capital to be arrogant!

General Tiger Dragon remained silent while the body of Xiao Juechen, who was constantly struggling to crawl out of the void, let out a bitter smile.

"Goddess, wait a moment. The junior will go to the cave to invite the Demon Lord out…"

In the face of Lian Cangqing, a woman in red with an unclear background and extremely vicious aura, Xiao Juechen had completely lost his temper.

Even such a ruthless person has emerged… The current situation of the Fire Pass Country is becoming more and more chaotic.

With such a chaotic situation, can the chief's plan still be successfully implemented?

Xiao Juechen was worried in his heart.

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