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I’ll Quit Being a God – Chapter 283

2023-09-08 02:00:00Publish Time: 1,527 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Chapter 283: Until We Meet Again

Thinking of Huo Feng and the Moluo Evil Spirit inside him, Lu Heng smiled and said, looking at the woman who called herself Purple Fish in front of him.

"You are so cooperative, so I should give you some benefits... Well, as you said, since you are a demon, I will not hold back. You are undoubtedly going to die."

"However, since you are so frank, I will give you two options."

"First, I will kill you with ordinary magical methods rather than the demonic most feared Heavenly Thunder, letting you die painlessly."

"Second, I will strike your soul into the netherworld where you will receive punishment for the crimes you have committed in your lifetime. After you have served your sentence and fully redeemed your sins, your memories will be erased. You will then be reborn through reincarnation, starting a new life."

"Which one do you choose?"

The options presented by Lu Heng left the woman in purple somewhat bewildered.

"The Underworld? Redeem all sins? Reborn? This..."

She hesitated for a moment before carefully asking, "Could you explain it a little? I am ignorant and don't quite understand the meaning of the netherworld and reincarnation."

Lu Heng didn't consider it a bother. He smiled and explained the process of reincarnation to the woman in purple, who listened intently with shining eyes.

"The second one, the second one! I choose the second one!"

Excitedly, she said, "I choose to be reincarnated in the netherworld!"

Lu Heng looked at her with a smile and said, "But as a demonic cultivator, if you go to the netherworld, you will surely suffer from various tortures such as flaying, dismemberment, the sword mountain and sea of fire, frying in oil, and so on. At least you will have to endure for several decades or even centuries before you could possibly complete your sentence and be reborn through reincarnation."

"Moreover, once you enter the netherworld, there will be no room for regret. Even if you regret it while suffering, death will be a luxury. You can only endure all the tortures and hardships to the end... Even so, do you still want to go to the netherworld?"

Lu Heng's words left the woman in purple with a slightly pale complexion.

But she still nodded firmly and said, "I am willing to enter the netherworld, to suffer all the punishments, to cleanse my sins, and only wish to live another life..."

After finishing her words, she looked cautiously at Lu Heng and said, "Furthermore, may I ask a question?"

Lu Heng nodded and said, "Please go ahead."

"Can ordinary people enter this netherworld cycle? Have people who died before already entered the netherworld and been reincarnated?" The woman in purple asked with anticipation in her eyes.

Lu Heng shook his head and replied, "The cycle has only just begun, and the netherworld has not yet been established. Therefore, people who died previously have completely vanished without entering the cycle."

"We have to wait until the Underworld is thoroughly established before we can guide the souls of the world into reincarnation in the Underworld. So if you are hoping to see someone you knew in a past life, it is impossible."

"After reincarnation, all memories will disappear. Even if you meet someone you knew in a past life, you won't recognize or remember them."

Lu Heng's words made the woman in purple look sad.

But she still smiled and kowtowed heavily to Lu Heng, saying, "Thanks to the guidance from the Wolf God, I understand. I am willing to enter the netherworld, accept punishment and redeem myself of all my sins before entering the cycle to live another life."

"I don't wish to see that person again, I only hope to live a safe and peaceful life as an ordinary person, no longer being evil or doing wrong."

The words of the woman in purple made Lu Heng slightly silent.

He looked at this female demon in front of him and said, "Since that's the case, come with me to the netherworld... Also, is there any way to track down your companions?"

The woman in purple smiled and said, "Now that my soul has left my body, those guys won't spare my flesh and blood."

"For demons, my flesh is a nourishing food. Therefore, the Wolf God only needs to follow my body to find those guys."

As she spoke, the woman in purple continued, "However, that group of guys were just temporarily gathered by me. They don't know much about the matter, so the Wolf God can easily eliminate them. They won't be able to extract any useful information."

"If you want to find the mastermind, the Wolf God needs to go to the Floating Jade Mountain to meet the demon who coerced me."

Lu Heng nodded and said, "Alright, let's go to the netherworld."

As he spoke, Lu Heng's mind stirred and the mysterious Requiem Seal vibrated slightly, directly severing the last connection between the woman in purple and her physical body.

It turned her into a real wandering ghost.

However, when he took action, Lu Heng chose to leave the faintly connected string that linked to the woman's body, intending to use it to track down the demon.

Within the Water Palace of Pang River, the figure of the woman in purple trembled slightly and became more transparent.

She widened her eyes in surprise and felt that she had lost the foundation of her physical body, with no more reliance in the mortal world.

Even the sunlight that filtered through the riverwater made her feel uncomfortable.

The surging water flow of the river made her extremely uncomfortable.

The soul that had lost its physical body was so fragile. The abundant spiritual energy and powerful physical body that had been obtained through hard cultivation had all dissipated at this moment.

Only when her thoughts resonated could her relatively strong and tenacious soul provide her with a little sense of security.

In the next second, Lu Heng waved his sleeve and the woman in purple suddenly felt her vision darken. She seemed to have fallen into a huge and strange vortex, and her whole soul was violently trembling and shaking.

Everything was pitch-black in her vision and there was nothing in her consciousness but emptiness.

When she regained consciousness, she found that the surrounding scenery had changed.

The Water Palace of Pang River, where the river surged and roared, had disappeared without a trace. Now, she was standing on a desolate and pitch-black land.

In this pitch-black world, it seemed so desolate that there was nothing left.

The eerie and chilling wind whistled across the wasteland.

However, when the chilling wind blew across her body, she felt incredibly comfortable, not experiencing any stinging or coldness like when she was hit by the wind of the mortal world.

Beside her, dressed in white, the Wolf God was conversing with a majestic goddess who wore divine robes.

The goddess, dressed in a black divine robe and emitting a chilling aura from her entire body, appeared extremely solemn and imposing. At first glance the goddess, Purple Fish's heart trembled slightly, experiencing the spiritual deterrent power of a higher-ranked being toward a lower-ranked one.

- This goddess dressed in a black divine robe is very likely the high-ranking ruler of this netherworld!

And the words of the Wolf God confirmed her conjecture.

"This is Chakravartin You Yue, the Lord of the Chakravartin Palace, responsible for the cycle of reincarnation, rewarding the good and punishing the evil."

The Wolf God spoke, "You may follow her, she will arrange the punishment you must receive, as well as your reincarnation after the end of the punishment period."

Upon hearing the introduction from the Wolf God, Purple Fish hastily saluted and said, "Purple Fish pays respects to Chakravartin."

When she was bowing, Lu Heng had already prepared to leave.

Upon seeing this scene, Purple Fish quickly called out to the Wolf God.

"The Wolf God, please stay for a moment..."

Lu Heng, dressed in white, paused for a moment and turned to look at her. He asked, "Is there anything else you needed?"

The woman in purple took a deep breath, knelt down again, and kowtowed heavily to Lu Heng.

"Thank you, the Wolf God, for your grace in rebuilding my life!"

Above the deserted wasteland, where the cold wind was blowing, the woman in purple lifted her head and smiled with happiness.

"After my brother died, I could not go on living... Thank you, the Wolf God, for giving Purple Fish another chance at life."

"I am now very happy."

Under the dim sky, the woman in purple at this moment smiled brightly like a flower, with such innocence and loveliness, and without any hint of darkness.

Even though the most terrible punishment of the Netherworld awaited her, her face still bore an innocent and lovely smile.

She has obtained real liberation.

The sunny smile made Lu Heng slightly stunned.

Then he nodded and bowed to the woman as a respectful gesture.

"May we meet again by fate."