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I’ll Quit Being a God – Chapter 330

2023-10-25 02:30:00Publish Time: 883 views
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Chapter 330: Ao Tianxing


A loud noise suddenly sounded not far away.

The magic servants inside the room were slightly startled, not knowing what had happened. Suddenly, the demon standing in the middle of the servants shook violently and spewed out a mouthful of blood.


The demon, who was holding his chest and almost lost his balance, looked extremely shocked.

Just now, it clearly perceived that the Blood Slave connected to its mind was killed by someone.

Moreover, it was slain with a swift and decisive move!

With the strength of Blood Slave, even if it encountered Wuzhu from Yanjing City, it would be able to hold its own for a few moves as long as it was not Lord Lianshan.

But now, it was slain with just one move, without even a hint of information being able to be transmitted…

Suddenly pushing aside his panicked demon servants, the demon rushed out of the room and into the small courtyard.

From a distance, it saw a monk and a wolf both stop in unison on the sky, bowing their heads to look down at the high wall of a small alley.

It was quite apparent that it was this monk and wolf who had made the move to kill the blood slave!

Upon seeing the Wolf God Lu in his white robes, the demon's pupils suddenly contracted, and his heart and lungs almost stopped as he realized that old demon had come seeking him out!

But in the next moment, the demon noticed that the monk and the wolf in the sky hadn't noticed him, but were instead continually looking down at the high wall.

Obviously, the ancient secret method had taken effect. Even the cruel destroyer of all life, who had once killed countless creatures, couldn't see through the secrets of the ancient era and couldn't find the specific location of the demon lair.

Realizing this, the demon's heart was slightly more at ease.

After seeing Chi Slave who had hurriedly arrived, it immediately waved its hand and sent out a blast of demonic energy, which swept over the several demon servants following behind Chi Slave, as well as the few demon servants in the room behind the demon, all of whom were turned into blood and dissipated into the air.

The demon said, "The Wolf God of Hanyu Mountain has come knocking at our door. We must leave here immediately."

The demon said to Chi Slave, "Bring me the human skin puppet that I had previously sewn."

The human skin puppet was a skillful technique of the demon. It was carefully crafted from the flesh and blood of living creatures, which not only concealed the demonic energy, but also disguised itself as an ordinary mortal.

It was precisely with the carefully crafted human skin puppets that it was able to bring its two trusted subordinates into the heavily guarded Yanjing City in a completely open and honest manner.

And now that it is leaving, it naturally must use the same trick again.

However, this time when leaving, there will only be it and Chi Slave accompanying it. Blood Slave has been killed…

Finally, it took a glance at the monk and the wolf in the distant sky, then turned its head and dared not look again.

If someone else killed its Blood Slave, it would not give up until vengeance was taken.

Even if it is the Wolf God of Hanyu Mountain, if it didn't know the identity of the one who destroyed the world, it would surely have sought revenge.

But now it doesn't even dare to have the thought of revenge.

As for the terrifying thing like the world destroyer, it only wants to stay as far away from it as possible.

After putting on the puppet made of human skin handed over by Chi Slave, the demon turned into an ordinary mortal. With burly muscles and a bearded face, he looked just like a rough merchant.

And after Chi Slave put on the puppet made of human skin, she turned into a man with a sharp nose and sunken cheeks, with a thin and agile build, looking like a thief with shifty eyes.

Thus, the demon disguised as a mortal took Chi Slave and left the temporary demon lair.

As it pushed open the door to leave, it appeared on the busy main street bustling with people.

As for the demon's lair behind them, it had already been rid of evil energy and quickly dismantled, and it wouldn't be long before it dispersed on its own and returned to an ordinary courtyard.

However, at that time, it is likely that the master and servant had already left the Fire Pass Country…

On the main street, the demon merged into the crowd with Chi Slave.

Not far behind it, the monk and the wolf were relying on Blood Slave's corpse to try to uncover the secrets behind the high wall.

Although the demon had guessed all of this, it didn't dare to turn back, not even daring to glance back.

In the sky above, wizards on flying boats occasionally flew past in haste.

However, not a single wizard had noticed the anomalies of the rough-looking merchant below.

In the afternoon, the demon and Chi Slave arrived at the city gate.

The huge city wall stood as high as a hundred zhang.

Meanwhile, the creatures and mortals below the city wall were made to appear small as ants in contrast.

In addition to the guarding wizard at the city gate, there were also eight huge bronze sculptures of fierce lions and tigers, each towering twenty meters high on the left and right sides.

Moreover, these eight bronze sculptures were alive, occasionally emitting red light from their eyes to scrutinize every creature passing by below, and inspecting all the living beings entering and leaving the city gate.

However, the human skin puppetry technique was impeccable. Despite being a demon, it allowed Chi Slave to pass through several checkpoints, and withstand the scrutinizing gaze of the eight bronze beasts, without exposing its demonic aura.

Easily passing through the city gate, they arrived outside Yanjing City.

Arriving here, the demon breathed a sigh of relief, but it still didn't dare to completely let its guard down.

It still wore the human skin puppetry disguise, pretending to be an ordinary human, and led Chi Slave all the way to the wilderness, just like a real merchant.

The plan was to remove the human skin puppetry disguise and use magical escape once they were far enough.

And so, it traveled with Chi Slave along the main road for over ten kilometers, already far from the gates of Yanjing City.

Although the main road was still bustling, with occasional villages appearing on both sides, this place was already considered secure.

The demon was about to enter the forest and find a secluded place to remove its human skin disguise when it suddenly saw a figure blocking the way on the main road ahead.

Moreover, the other party was sneering at it continuously.

The demon's heart sank slightly…

Could it have been discovered?

However, the person in front of them was neither the Wolf God Lu nor a wizard from the Fire Pass Country…

In the afternoon light, a figure stood menacingly in the way ahead on the main road, indicating trouble.

The other party had a burly and robust figure, like a small mountain, yet they were wearing a scholar's robe, giving an incongruous impression. Their thick, muscular arms were covered in strange tattoos, completely at odds with the appearance of a scholar.

It was this burly man, resembling a humanoid monster, who stood in the way of the demon on the road ahead.

Realizing the situation was not good, the demon walked several meters away from the man and stopped. Then, like an ordinary merchant hesitating, he cupped his hands and said, "Mister, are you trying to rob me by blocking the road ahead? I don't have any money left on me."

As soon as the demon finished speaking, the burly man laughed heartily and said.

"My name is Ao Tianxing! I am not here to rob you, but to kill you!"

The burly man laughed heartily and raised his fists, touching them together with force. He said, "You have an extraordinary temperament and a strong demeanor. Even though there isn't a hint of divine aura or Taoist charm surrounding you, you give me an immensely powerful feeling."

"My intuition tells me that you are a master!"

Ao Tianxing grinned ferociously and said, "And I, Ao Tianxing, came to the Fire Pass Country this time specifically to find a master!"

"I will use the miserable defeat of you bunch of masters to tell the world that my, Ao Tianxing's Proud Sky Secret, is the strongest in the world!"

On the road, the burly man who called himself Ao Tianxing burst into loud and boisterous laughter, showing off his unabashed arrogance.

The demon felt a chill in his heart and cursed inwardly.

Damn it! He's a lunatic!