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I’ll Quit Being a God – Chapter 323

2023-10-18 02:00:00Publish Time: 1,531 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Translated by: postContent

Edited by: ALS-Soldat-Gaming, Jing-Teck

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Chapter 323: Lu Heng, You Have No Heart

Inside Tian Wei Tower, the once elegant and luxurious elegant room is now in a chaotic mess.

Dressed in a musician's long robe, Gu Yin's eyes scanned the people in the room coldly, blocking the only way out.

The several young men who were blocked in the private room by him were all fearful and angry.

The leader angrily shouted, "I am Lin Yimo, the son of the patriarch of the Lin family in Yanjing City. Who are you, a vicious person who dares to act recklessly in Yanjing?"

Lin Yimo's expression was angry, but he was secretly afraid. He attempted to use the reputation of his family to scare off the person in front of him.

Although the Lin family was not among the top clans in Yanjing City, they still had enough influence. The family's name could have an effect in many situations.

However, this time, Gu Yin, who was threatened by him, remained expressionless and said,

"What does the Lin family matter? You, a heartless and cruel person like you, I'm killing you for the sake of justice!"

Obviously, the Lin family's reputation was not enough to scare off the person in front of them.

Realizing this, Lin Yimo's expression became somewhat panicked.

He looked at the man in front of him and the situation around him, and shouted, "This is Yanjing City! It's in front of the Fire God Temple! It's where all the wizards gather. How dare you commit violence and hurt people here?"

"Besides, we had no grievances in the past and no enmity recently. Why do you have the right to come and kill me?"

Lin Yimo shouted angrily.

Gu Yin, with a cold expression and icy gaze, looked at the young masters in front of him and said, "Do you happen to know the singer Yan Er from the Luoming Lake?"

"You deceived and tempted Yan Er with your playboy ways and sweet speeches, then cruelly abandoned her, causing chaos from beginning to end."

"Now that Yan Er has committed suicide by drowning, as the mastermind behind this tragedy, you should pay for your actions with your own life!"

Gu Yin's cold and curt shout instantly stirred up excitement among the spectators both inside and outside the Tian Wei Tower.

People looked towards the several young masters who were stuck inside the elegant chamber, shouting out loud.

"A faithless person like him doesn't deserve to live!"

Lu Heng and Jiu Mie stood among the crowd, although their figures were translucent and unknown to outsiders, they could still clearly hear the conversation inside the house.

Jiu Mie exclaimed and said, "I see, Gu Yin is here for revenge."

At this time, the Fire Pass Country, although governed by wizards and with many laws and regulations, had always been lax in dealing with revenge and private fights.

If someone like Lin Yimo, who started and abandoned relationships with women, was sought out by the woman's family to be killed in revenge, the wizards would not punish the killer as long as the situation was true.

In the folk, there is often a commendable attitude towards the revenge of blood relatives.

Therefore, after Gu Yin explained the situation, the crowd at Tian Wei Tower was immediately aroused, denouncing and criticizing the several young masters inside the elegant room.

Seeing such a situation, the young man known as Lin Yimo's face turned pale, but he still angrily shouted.

"So you are a friend of that bitch…Yes! I did have sexual relations with her, and I even promised to marry her."

"But this woman has a malicious heart, is jealous and biased. I haven't even married her yet, and she was already making trouble by asking me to divorce my wife and become her main wife."

"My legal wife and I have been childhood sweethearts for more than ten years. We have a son and two daughters together. She is also very filial to my parents and praised by everyone. Why should I make way for her, a newcomer?"

"Just because I didn't want to divorce my wife, this bitch Yan Er caused trouble several times, making me look bad and being punished thrice by the elders of the clan. Why can't I kick her?"

"Now she has jumped into the lake to commit suicide, purely deserved it! She deserved to die!"

Lin Yimo became more and more excited as he spoke. He angrily scolded Gu Yin, "Since you are her friend, you should know the karma. You are crying for her and seeking revenge on her behalf. Have you ever thought about why things have come to this point now?"

"This bitch ruined my future, causing me to be punished and criticized by the clan. I have been condemned by everyone in the family. Do I have to support her, marry her and let her make trouble every day?"

Lin Yimo's shouting made the onlookers quiet down for a moment.

Gu Yin, who was the first to be hit, was not affected.

He looked at the young master in front of him coldly and said, "Even if Yan Er has made mistakes, it is not enough for you to hide your family situation, lure her into having sexual relations with you, and then abandon her afterwards."

"You deceived Yan'er about your family situation and lured her, saying that you would marry her as your legal wife… If it weren't for your sweet words, she would not have come to this point today!"

Gu Yin's expression is frosty.

On the other hand, Lin Yimo cursed out loudly, "It's true that I didn't mention the main wife in my family at first, but I didn't abandon her halfway through. I actually made preparations to marry her as my legal wife."

"She brought all of this upon herself by being a seductive woman… Now that she has nothing left, is she going to blame me for it?"

Inside the Tian Wei Tower, there is a constant noise of quarrels.

After hearing the whole process, Jiu Mie shook his head and said, "It's a complete mess… It's really hard to examine this matter and it's unclear who is right or wrong."

After finishing, Jiu Mie turned to Lu Heng and said, "What do you think, my friend?"

Lu Heng smiled and said, "I think we are the ones who are wrong. We shouldn't have appeared here… Let's go, there's no way we can eat at Tian Wei Tower. The Fire God Temple's wizard is already on his way here because of the high-profile nature of this incident."

"In order to avoid trouble, let's just go and find a roadside stall. It will be more interesting than staying here and watching the monkeys."

Saying so, Lu Heng straightforwardly left the place.

While following along, Jiu Mie laughed and said, "My friend, should we say hello to that Gu Yin? At the very least, we are old acquaintances. As an elder, don't you think it's time for you to show your face?"

Lu Heng shrugged and said, "Getting involved in this trivial matter will only increase our troubles. Let's leave it to the wizards to handle."

"Moreover, we promised to retrieve the physical body of Gu Yin's master. Now that we have come back empty-handed, how can we show our faces? It would be better to leave silently and pretend that we haven't seen anything," he said, referring to Gu Yin.

Lu Heng smiled and said, "My friend, we can wait until you subdue the ancient female warrior Lian Cangqing and retrieve Gu Yin's Master's physical body. Only then can we show up and look for Gu Yin. This way, we can make an entrance as esteemed elders."

Lu Heng's words made Jiu Mie widen his eyes and say, "When did I promise Gu Yin to retrieve his Master's physical body? Isn't it the first time that I have seen him today?"

Lu Heng laughed and said, "You, me, and our friend Candle Dragon stand together through thick and thin. His matters are my matters. I believe our friend would not simply sit back and watch if it were the other way around."

"So when I agreed to this Gu Yin, it also means that the three of us have agreed to it."

"Unfortunately, Candle Dragon is nowhere to be found in the Fire Pass Country. Otherwise, we could have invited him to join us. With his help, there would be a greater chance of the Dragon's soul manifestation in two days."

Lu Heng had a bright smile on his face and spoke in a friendly tone.

Jiu Mie was dumbfounded and greatly shocked.

"My friend, you really are…"

Shaking his head in silence, Jiu Mie jokingly said, "Old wolf Lu, you have no heart."

With a chuckle, Lu Heng arched his hand and said, "You flatter me, you flatter me."

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