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I’ll Quit Being a God – Chapter 108

2022-08-25 23:20:00Publish Time: 4,082 views
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Chapter 108: Helan Zhen

The clan is a completely different group from the family.

The so-called family is almost composed of people with the same surname and is maintained by family ties and interests.

But the clan is above the family.

Within the same clan, there are many different surnames, but most of its members come from the same ancestor.

They not only rely on blood ties as a link, but their interests are more tightly bound.

Within the clan, there are different offices. If there is a person who violates the clan rules, the clan leader can decide his life or death.

If it can be called a clan, even if it is only a small clan, it still means that the Wu clan has a good standing in Fushan city.

However, it is not surprising to know it. The young man whom the wolf demon met 89 years ago was suffering from a terminal illness but was still able to wander around, and was accompanied by guards. It could be seen that his family was pretty strong.

Although the guards sacrificed their lives in order to save Wu Chonggu's life when they ran into a monster, Wu Chonggu ran into Hanyu mountain alone and was almost devoured by tigers in the mountain.

But guards that could block a monster are not weak.

Lu Heng had some conjectures about Wu Chonggu's family background, so he was not surprised by what Huo Feng said.

What he was thinking about now was how to contact Wu Chonggu's descendants.

And how to solve the karma eighty-nine years ago.

There was a premonition in Lu Heng's heart that the karma left over from 89 years ago may not be so easy to solve.

Therefore, he must think twice before he went into the city.

The small boat was still downstream.

At this water area, the water speed of the Pangjiang river had slowed down a lot, and the river surface had become more and more open, which was far longer than its width.

On the river, hundreds of boats carrying different commodities kept going and coming. It had a certain sense of prosperity.

However, the further ahead, the more precipitous the mountains on both sides of the river. And the sky was getting dark.

However, this time, Lu Heng on his boat didn't stop to rest, but continued to go south in the dark, trying to enter the city at night.

On the river, the number of boats still sailing at night was much less. Lu Heng and his small boat were sailing along the shore, simple and ordinary, just like an ordinary small fishing boat, which was not noticeable.

However, after passing through a huge river bend, Lu Heng could see the prosperous lights of Fushan city from a distance. Lu Heng at the bow of the boat opened his eyes.

Because in front of the river there were three people standing silently.

The leader was a woman in a black robe, with a dignified and upright manner of a divine cultivator, and two small snakes, one blue and one white, hanging from the earlobe. According to her dress, she must be a Wuzhu.

Lu Heng's mind moved, and the boat drifting along the river stopped on the river.

Dozens of feet apart, the three people walking on the river bow to Lu Heng at the same time.

"Wuzhu Helan Zhen, the Left Wizard Hao Yuan and the Right Wizard Ning Yue, are here to wait for the Wolf God following the emperor's order. Welcome to Fushan city."

The voice of the woman in black interrupted the little Gu eagle's cultivation in the cabin. It looked out of the cabin curiously at the three people on the river.

Above the bow of the boat, a figure in white appeared, smiled, and arched his hands at the three people on the river, saying, "Thank you. I will first visit your place. You don't need to be so serious."

Lu Heng's words were easy-going, but the three people on the river dared not really ignore him.

Since the emperor came to Fushan city and explained the matter, they had been waiting day and night. Finally, tonight, the legendary Wolf God came.

As seen by the magic eyes of Helan Zhen, the man in white on the bow of the ship smiled kindly, but there was endless heavenly thunder surging around him, and the horrible scene made her eyes ache.

If people with low cultivation bases saw this scene, their Tao hearts would break and lose all of their cultivation bases.

The God of Hanyu mountain is really as extraordinary as the emperor said!

Helan Zhen calmed down and said with a slightly serious bow, "We have prepared a quiet place. The Wolf God can stay in the city with the three of us. We have also sorted out the information about Wu Chonggu and his descendants. You can read it at any time."

Lu Heng smiled and said, "Thank you, but the descendants of Wu Chonggu… should not know of my arrival yet?"

Helan Zhen nodded and said, "Well, we haven't informed the Wu clan yet. There are only three people in the whole Fushan city who know the true identity of the Wolf God. However, if you have orders, we will bring anyone in the city to you."

Lu Heng shook his head and said, "It's not necessary to summon them. Now the situation is very good. Let me first understand the situation of the Wu clan and then decide on the follow-up… By the way, is Emperor Lianshan Jing also in the city now?"

Lu Heng couldn't help laughing when he thought of the red-haired woman who followed him all the way. "I don't know where the emperor has gone. I also plan to discuss with her the art of hiding spirit Qi."

Lu Heng was greedy for Lianshan Jing's skill of hiding her spirit Qi.

When the other party disguised to be a boatman approached, Lu Heng could not find her true identity just from the breath.

At that time, the reason why Lu Heng was able to find her identity was due to the induction of the Requiem Seal to souls. All things with souls near Lu Heng cannot avoid the induction of the Requiem Seal.

However, at that time, he didn't know if Lianshan Jing was an enemy or a friend, so Lu Heng didn't ask her.

Later, when the identities of the two sides were broken and he no longer needed to be on guard, Lianshan Jing directly threw herself into the river. It was a pity that Lu Heng didn't even have a chance to say anything to her.

If he can meet her again in Fushan City, they can have a good talk.

However, after listening to Lu Heng's words, Helan Zhen shook her head and said.

"Sorry, the emperor is no longer in Fushan city."

"Half a month ago, she left Fushan city after telling us to meet the Wolf God. As for where she went… I'm ashamed, but we don't know."

"However, if the Wolf God is interested in the art of hiding spirit Qi, we can also offer relevant methods for you to study."

It's nothing new for demon cultivators to be curious about the cultivation of humans.

What's more, Lu Heng's status is noble, and this is not an important thing to offer the relevant spells of hiding spirit Qi. Naturally, Helan Zhen would not refuse.

When Lu Heng heard that Lianshan Jing was not in the city, he was disappointed.

However, he felt much better when he heard that Helan Zhen was willing to offer the art of hiding spirit Qi.

He smiled and arched his hand and said, "In that case, thank you, Wuzhu Helan."

Helan Zhen shook her head modestly and said, "The Wolf God, you're too polite. This is what Helan Zhen should do."