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I’ll Quit Being a God – Chapter 105 Part 1

2022-08-23 13:24:35Publish Time: 4,613 views
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Chapter 105: Warning of The Human-Faced Owl

At the bend of the river at night, with the departure of the red-haired girl and the river god, it was quiet again.

As for where the emperor of the country had gone, Lu Heng could figure it out without thinking.

She must have gone under the water mansion to find the river god, Gu Zhou.

And when she left, she threw herself directly into the water and didn't hide her intention. Naturally, it is not difficult to guess.

However, it was their own family affairs, so Lu Heng would not join in the fun.

With the character shown by the red-haired woman, Lu Heng believed that she would not do too much to the Pangjiang Water God.

The moment she lowered her head, it meant that she had recognized the identity of this little Gu eagle.

On the boat, the little Gu eagle was curious about the fat bird in the cage and kept walking around the cage.

While the fat bird in the cage was lying on its stomach, ignoring the Gu eagle outside - even if the little Gu eagle was staring at it with eager and curious eyes.

Huo Feng was a little nervous and hurriedly told little Gu Eagle several times, "Don't eat this bird! Don't eat this bird!"

Huo Feng said solemnly, until the little Gu Eagle nodded forcefully, he was relieved.

But even so, when he went to bed at night, Huo Feng decided to go to sleep with the cage of the fat bird.

To be on the safe side, he even asked Xiao Ai to keep an eye on the fat bird for fear that the little Gu eagle would eat it after he fell asleep.

However, his worry was somewhat groundless, because although the little Gu eagle was interested in the fat bird, he was only interested in it.

When it was hungry, it directly ran into the water. A few seconds later, it flew up with a fish in its beak and landed on the deck. It scraped the scales with its sharp claws and then pecked at the fish with its beak.

At dawn, Huo Feng was awakened by the sharp beak of the little Gu Eagle pecking at the fish.

Rubbing his sleepy eyes and sitting up, Huo Feng looked at the gray sky outside and yawned.

In the cold wind in the morning, Lu Heng lay on the bow of the boat, closed his eyes, and rested. He seemed to be asleep. Xiao Ai sat beside him with her knees crossed. She also closed her eyes and concentrated on refining her spirit Qi to protect the Wolf God.

Seeing that they were cultivating, Huo Feng didn't bother them.

He quietly went to the stern of the boat to wash himself, and then fished out the anchor that had sunk in the river. Then he sat at the stern of the boat and began to steer and paddle, controlling the boat to slowly leave the river bay. 

While the little Gu Eagle squatted at the stern of the boat, looking at the basket of stones that Huo Feng fished out from the bottom of the river with curiosity, and pecked them with his beak from time to time.

After all, it is an ordinary boat. The so-called anchor was just a bamboo basket filled with stones.

After leaving the river bay, the boat quickly sailed out of this small tributary and joined the Pangjiang river which was open and wide.

In the misty morning light, the view above the Pangjiang river was wide. In addition to their small boats, they could also see boats of different sizes moving down the river from afar.

The Pangjiang river here was about a thousand feet wide. The boat only needed to go down the river, and its speed was not much slower than that of the horses on the bank.

When Lu Heng opened his eyes, the boat had already driven far out of the boundary of Youji city.

The first ray of sunshine in the morning was falling on the river at this time, and the song of the boatman in the river could be heard from afar. There was a certain desolate ancient flavor in the long songs that were slightly hoarse.

On the river not far away, a large ship with a three-story structure was moving down the river. When the sails were blowing, the speed was much faster than that of their small boat.

In the distance, Lu Heng could see a middle-aged man in thin clothes yawning and holding a young woman in thin clothes walking out of the cabin on the third deck.

When Lu Heng saw the middle-aged man, the other side also saw the white wolf on the boat in the river.

The eyes of both sides were interlaced, and the middle-aged man was stunned for a moment. It seemed that he saw a smile in the eyes of the white wolf.

So he hesitated for a moment, and finally released the woman in his arms. He arched his hand to the wolf demon on the boat from a distance, which was regarded as a greeting.

Lu Heng smiled, but he didn't expect this guy to be so polite. He also nodded to the middle-aged man, which was a response.

After a few minutes, the ship left Lu Heng's boat far behind, and soon disappeared from Lu Heng's field of vision.

The last thing Lu Heng saw was the life like Gu Eagle Totem on the sail.

At the same time that the Fire God was worshipped, the river god Gu Zhou was also worshipped by the people nearby the river. Therefore, many ships on the river were printed with Gu eagle's Totem.

Lu Heng was not surprised at this.

He looked at the little Gu eagle flying around the boat and said with a smile, "Gu Yan, come to me."

The figure of the man in white appeared. Lu Heng's soul waved, "Let me see your situation."

The little Gu Eagle dared not ignore Lu Heng's call.

It quickly fluttered its wings and landed on Lu Heng's hand, waiting for Lu Heng's inspection.

And in the morning light, if your sight leaves the torrential water river and moves south to the end of the land, you can see the vast sea with blue waves.

The golden sunshine reflected the vast water surface.

The fishy and salty sea wind, whistling across the end of the earth and the vast sea, had been blowing to the depths of the ocean far beyond the reach of ordinary people.

A lonely island stood silently among the blue waves.

The sound of seagulls was loud and sharp, breaking the silence of the morning.

However, the black fog flying rapidly in the distance scared those seagulls circling in the sky to flee, and all fled into the woods on the island.

In the blue sky, the Black Mist flew around the island and finally landed on a sea surface in the south of the island.

The clear and transparent sea water surged and beat the sand on the beach one after another. In the cold waves, there was a faint figure floating, like a floating corpse suffering from a shipwreck, undulating endlessly in the waves.

The shadow fell on the sea and turned into a fierce strange bird with a human face.

Then it directly stretched out its sharp claws and caught the floating corpse in the river, dragging the floating corpse onto the beach.

Only at this time could we see that the floating corpse in the river was actually a woman.

The strange bird landed beside the woman and made a shrill and hoarse call into her ear.

"Hey! Wake up! Smelly woman! I have something important for you!"