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I’ll Quit Being a God – Chapter 307

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Chapter 307: The Lord of All Demons Comes Out to See Me

Inside the palace, the atmosphere is eerie.

The once arrogant General Tiger Dragon now trembles in fear. After transforming into a human, he feels nothing but cold sweat running down his back.

And Xiao Juechen felt scared in his heart, losing his courage to speak for a moment.

  • After all, the Heavenly Demon Lord in front of us may be a true giant of the demonic world! Far surpassing the usual evil demons.

Seeing that both demons were silent, Lu Heng smiled and took the initiative to break the eerie silence by speaking up.

"Alright, now that the literary competition is over, we can consider ourselves acquainted."

Lu Heng, who was obviously a guest, now seemed to take the lead like a host. He smiled and said, "I heard that General Tiger Dragon came here to deliver a message to invite Brother Xiao back to the lair to prepare for the appearance of the exotic treasure with the secret of immortality… May I come along? I am also quite interested in this secret of immortality."

Lu Heng's words eased the atmosphere in the palace.

General Tiger Dragon nodded hastily and said, "Indeed, the cave lord commanded me to summon someone back as a precious treasure is about to emerge, and we must prepare well in advance."

Xiao Juechen also spoke up, "This is indeed an opportunity. The master of the cave has been fascinated by the name of the Evil Lord for a long time. If the Evil Lord comes, he wants to be introduced as soon as possible. Now that the Evil Lord happens to be traveling with both of us to the Green Hell Cave, we can work together."

Lu Heng couldn't refuse the invitation of the two demons.

Whether they can cooperate on the matter is not important, the main point is to find out the true location of the Green Hell Cave.

Lu Heng smiled and said, "Well then, I'll trouble both of you to lead the way."

Xiao Juechen and the Dragon General simultaneously said, "No, no, it's just our duty."

Then, Lu Heng and the others didn't stop, while the Dragon General and Xiao Juechen led the way ahead, and everyone went directly towards the depths of the cave.

According to Xiao Juechen, the Green Hell Cave is not in the mortal world, but stands outside the realm of heaven and earth, in an alien evil realm. However, it has three footholds in the mortal world.

This Floating Jade Mountain is one of the footholds in the mortal world where the Green Hell Cave is situated.

From the depths of the demon cave in the Floating Jade Mountain, there are two passages that lead directly to the Green Hell Cave. Anyone who goes to the Green Hell Cave must pass through the Tao Scripture passage.

Passing through the pavilions and buildings hidden in the depths of the forest, Lu Heng and the others arrived at a huge altar deep in the cave.

On the altar, dazzling starlight shone and corresponded to the number of days in a week. The swirling earth spirit energy turned into a bright yellow river that flowed on the ground.

Between the stars and the earth, a huge gateway vaguely appeared, and it was unclear where it led to.

Xiao Juechen said, "Enter from here and you'll find a direct passage to the cave."

However, as soon as Xiao Juechen spoke, the entire Floating Jade Mountain shook violently.

The ground trembled, causing the entire altar to shake. The bright yellow earth spirit energy was in chaos, and above the altar, the stars' illusory figures flickered violently.

The voice of a cold and clear woman echoed throughout the inside and outside of the Floating Jade Mountain, and even the altar deep underground could hear it clearly.

"Where are the demons of the Green Hell Cave? Come out for me!"

Hearing this voice, Lu Heng was slightly stunned, suddenly thinking of a possibility.

It couldn't be that the ancient monster who took away Gu Yin's Master's body has come knocking at the door… Is it just a coincidence?

Lu Heng's expression was somewhat strange.

But to Xiao Juechen and General Jiaolong, Lu Heng's strange expression seemed somewhat suspicious.

After all, the Green Hell Cave is a well-known demonic force in the southeast, and with such a strong presence established in the Land of Absolute Demons like Fire Pass Country, all the top monsters and demons of the Green Hell Cave are extremely proud.

But now, they were being beaten right in front of the Heavenly Demon Lord's face…

General Tiger Dragon suddenly turned around and said, "I will go meet this woman and see what she's made of, daring to make a scene in the Green Hell Cave!"

After speaking, General Tiger Dragon let out a dragon roar and transformed into a giant dragon that was several tens of meters long. Then, he flew towards the stars in the sky above the altar and dove into the virtual image of the stars, disappearing from Lu Heng's sight.

Xiao Juechen said, "This place leads to the outside world…the Evil Lord can go to the cave and wait. Someone will receive you there."

After finishing his words in a hurry, Xiao Juechen also flew up and quickly followed.

Also disappeared into the illusion of stars that filled the sky.

Xiao Juechen is not as impulsive as General Tiger Dragon. The instant that woman spoke, he sensed that something was amiss.

As one of the three main support points of the Green Hell Cave, the Floating Jade Mountain has always been extremely hidden, and even the middle-level demons in the cave don't know much about it.

Those who are aware of the fact that the Floating Jade Mountain is a demon cave are very few, otherwise the Fire Pass Country's wizards would have exterminated this place long ago.

Although the identity of the woman outside is unknown, she was able to reveal that this is the gathering place of demons for the Green Hell Cave… This woman is definitely up to no good!

Xiao Juechen hurriedly left, but Lu Heng didn't follow his advice to enter the void gateway and go to the Green Hell Cave. Instead, he took Xiao Ai and Shen Wuyou and flew up together, disappearing into the stars.

As the starlight flooded around him, Lu Heng felt himself flying rapidly through the Floating Jade Mountain, swiftly passing through level after level of formations, until he finally flew out of a valley behind the mountain.

The cold moonlight is now falling on the mountains.

The dark clouds that obscured everything when Lu Heng came have now dissipated.

Under the moonlight, the warm jade light flows gently over the Floating Jade Mountain, as if a gigantic beautiful jade is hanging high in the night sky.

However, at this moment, this magnificent and mystical sight remains unappreciated by anyone.

Because Lu Heng and others in the Floating Jade Mountain were more concerned about the woman in the void outside the mountain.

The scarlet wedding dress, made of phoenix feathers and blood, known as the Blood Dress of Nishang, is an evil tool used to refine the living corpse. However, it doesn't give off an evil aura on this woman despite being such a strange item.

Completely suppressed by it, the corrupt aura has no longer been able to overflow.

Under the moonlight, she coldly stares at the giant dragon in front of her and says, "Are you the demon from the Green Hell Cave? Where is the Lord of All Demons? Bring him out to see me. A worm like you is not worthy of speaking to me."

The cold and contemptuous language from the woman in red instantly enraged the enormous Tiger Dragon.

Having arrived in the outside world and transformed back to its original form, the giant dragon, hundreds of feet long, resembled a deity from a legendary mural, with the aura of wind and thunder rippling constantly around its body.

It roared angrily, "This woman is looking for death!"

However, just as General Tiger Dragon was about to strike, he was swiftly intercepted by Xiao Juechen who had hurriedly arrived.

"General, calm down! General, calm down!"

Having finally restrained the raging dragon, Xiao Juechen then bowed to the woman in red in the distant void.

"The Lord of the Green Hell Cave, Xiao Juechen, has met the goddess… I wonder why the goddess has come to this secluded place to seek me, the lord of the demon cave. Is there something you want to discuss? This place is incredibly hidden, so for the goddess to come here, someone must have referred you here."

"I wonder which leader of my cave introduced the goddess to come."

Xiao Juechen said, "If there is a token, we will definitely introduce you, and we will not pass it off."

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