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I’ll Quit Being a God – Chapter 334

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Translated by: postContent

Edited by: umit-sivri, anonymous

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Chapter 334: The Sky Darkened by the Demon Cloud

Although the initial plan was to abandon the foundation of the Green Hell Cave and focus only on seizing the Dragon Soul and taking away many key demon generals.

However, the appearance of the Heavenly Demon Lord gave the Lord of All Demons hope for a win-win situation.

If we could not only seize the Dragon Soul, but also preserve the main forces of the Green Hell Cave, and then lead the demons out of the Fire Pass Country borders, it would provide more power for when we seek revenge on the beast that harmed my wife in the Cangwu Abyss.

On the second day, early morning.

As the first ray of sunlight shone into the mountain stream in the morning, the hidden demons in the stream were already lined up neatly, ready to depart.

However, the number of evil demons appearing here is not many.

The numerous demons under the Green Hell Cave are now in another location, preparing for the siege.

Among the three demon generals, Yin Yue Bone Demon and Tiancan Taoist have gone to lead troops, only General Tiger Dragon remains here.

Among the Four Elders, Niu Tie Yi has also joined the main forces, leaving only Madame Green Bamboo and Xiao Juechen by the side of the Lord of All Demons.

Although the number of evil demons here is not many, they are all the backbone and elites of the Green Hell Cave. Led by the close guards of the Lord of All Demons, many demons have no weak ones.

The Lord of All Demons stood on a high platform, looking down at many confidants below, feeling slightly excited.

But it didn't say anything more, and instead took a deep breath, then waved its hand decisively.

"Let's go!"

As soon as the order was given, General Tiger Dragon on the side let out a huge dragon chant, blowing the horn of the Lord of All Demons.

The desolate sound echoed through the mountains.

The gloomy demonic atmosphere, accompanied by the sound of the horn of the Lord of All Demons, surged in the mountain stream and directly engulfed all the evil demons in the valley.

Immediately after, the sound of the demonic horn faded away, but the formation of the Lord of All Demons' horn had already taken shape.

Under the heavens, many demonic cultivators slowly shed their demonic energy, transforming into ordinary cultivators.

With this disguise, even if one is usually near Yanjing City, which is close to the capital of the Fire Pass Country, it will certainly not attract the attention of wizards.

Not to mention that in the other direction of Yanjing City, where demonic forces are surging and evil demons are running rampant in the wilderness, wizards are busy dealing with the demon attack on the city. They have no leisure to pay attention to this group of less than one hundred ordinary cultivators.

Under the daylight, many demonic creatures led by the Lord of All Demons directly soared into the sky and headed towards the distance in a grand manner.

Not afraid of the scrutiny of wizards at all.

And in the wilderness to the east of Yanjing City, the black miasma is pervasive and the demonic clouds are surging. The dark clouds are coming from the east and are constantly advancing towards Yanjing City.

The fierce and evil demonic aura ripples through the wilderness, frightening the rare and exotic beasts into a frenzy of escape.

Amidst those dark demonic clouds, densely packed demonic figures can be seen, all of them wearing battle armor and wielding demonic weapons, shouting and bellowing in a terrifying and cacophonous manner.

Among the demonic soldiers, flags fluttered in the breeze, and giant monsters ran rampant.

Deafening shouts resounded through the mountains as the demonic clouds advanced unabatedly.

"Break through Yanjing City! Flood the Fire God Temple!"

"Break through Yanjing City! Flood the Fire God Temple!"

On the earth, countless creatures who witnessed this scene all had their faces change color in shock.

Whether they were wizards from the Fire Pass Country or ordinary cultivators passing by, they all panicked and hastily retreated when they saw the pitch-black demonic clouds obscuring the sky and approaching.

Everyone who saw this scene knew in their hearts that the witchcraft war, which had lasted for years within the Fire Pass Country and caused countless casualties on both sides, was likely coming to an end today.

The monsters from the Green Hell Cave, which had always behaved mysteriously, were now directly leading their army towards Yanjing City without any sign of hiding or avoiding.

This is clearly a plan to gather the forces of all the monsters from the Green Hell Cave in order to have a fight to the death with the Fire God Temple, and thereby bring this witchcraft war to a complete end.

Does the Lord of All Demons already have the certainty of victory and intend to capture Yanjing City today?

On the ground, many cultivators panicked and fled, and through various means each spread the news of the monster's attack on the city.

Soon, not only Yanjing City, which was thousands of miles away, but also other cities farther from this place and cultivators who were not in Yanjing City, received this horrifying news one after another.

The Lord of All Demons, who had been hiding his strength and avoiding battles for many years, is finally going to gather the power of all the demonic caves and have a decisive battle with the Fire God Temple today!

Under the sky, the overwhelming demon clouds cover the sun and the sky.

Wherever the demon clouds went, all the villages, houses, and all living beings were urgently evacuated by the warriors who had come after hearing the news.

The enormous demon clouds advanced for over a hundred miles, only to see empty villages with desolation and not catch a single living person.

The demons who had been looking forward to a hearty meal before the war were immediately filled with disappointment and resentment towards the wizard of Fire God Temple.

You think you can move people away? Can you move the entire Yanjing City away? The tens of millions of creatures in Yanjing City are all going to become food today!

Within the demon clouds, the evil demons were roaring with anger.

Failing to catch any bloodthirsty creatures made these demons extremely restless, to the point that the demon clouds advanced even faster.

Incited and encouraged by the demon generals, all the demons were ravenous and eager to rush into Yanjing City, killing and devouring every living person they saw.

In the desolate and turbulent wasteland of demon clouds, on a barren mountain, there were two figures standing quietly at the top - one tall and one short. Together, they watched in silence as the horrifying sight of the pitch-black demon clouds covered the sky and passed by.

However, there was not the slightest fear.

Slightly small in stature but with a bulky body, Mother Ghost sneered, "Xieying, it seems that today is the day you will put your plan into action. The Lord of All Demons cannot contain his desire to attack the city and has put up such a huge front. Today will surely not end well."

"With the relationship between Emperor Yan and the Wolf God of Hanyu Mountain, the Wolf God will surely come to lend a hand today."

"At that time, there will be the demons of the Green Hell Cave to attract the attention of the Wolf God in the front. Finally, there will be space to carry out your sinister plot."

Beside Mother Ghost, the sinister figure with indistinguishable features and aura shook its head and spoke.

"Although the demonic clouds are vast and mighty, my intuition tells me that the Lord of All Demons is not among them. Although these demonic soldiers and evil generals are numerous, they are all weak before the Wolf God of Hanyu Mountain."

The evil shadow said, "After all, according to legend, the Wolf God can command the heavenly thunder. In the face of this group of demons attacking the city, he doesn't even need to do anything. He just needs to summon the thunder clouds and that will be enough to deal with these little devils with their skyrocketing evil energy."

Looking at the demonic clouds in the sky, the evil shadow said, "Whether or not we can use that secret technique today depends on the Lord of All Demons' subsequent actions."

"Since he dared to make a move today, he must have been confident in dealing with the heavenly thunder commanded by the Wolf God; otherwise, he wouldn't dare come here for a decisive battle."

"But it is also not impossible that it made a stupid decision to actively come and seek death."

The evil shadow laughed and said, "Either way, we'll just watch this group of demons perform from the shadows for now. If we don't get an opportunity, we can always wait until the next time."

"Nowadays, within the Fire Pass Country, there are many demons targeting the Wolf God of Hanyu Mountain, not just me."

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