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I’ll Quit Being a God – Chapter 352

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Chapter 352: The Legend of the Wolf God (Part 2)

The strange reactions of the cultivators directly left Hu Yi bewildered.

He, an ordinary person, how could he withstand these cultivators!

And offend cultivators… and even offend hundreds of cultivators at the same time.

Such things just thinking about them made Hu Yi's scalp numb.

Just as Hu Yi was frightened and contemplating whether to change the topic and tell a different story, a young boy's voice suddenly sounded from the crowd.

"What kind of story is it about the Wolf God?"

The young boy's curious voice wasn't particularly loud, but in the currently silent street it sounded incredibly clear.

Hu Yi's gaze looked over and found that it was a young boy who was sitting by the side of the road, about five or six years old, looking at him curiously and expectantly.

Waiting for him to tell a story.

And sitting next to the young boy was a girl who looked about the same age and had a similar appearance, probably his older sister.

Seeing that everyone was looking over, the young girl quickly hit the young boy's head and said, "Wuyou! Don't talk nonsense!"

And sitting beside these two little boys and girls was a man in a white shirt.

Standing behind the man was a little girl who appeared to be around ten years old. However, this young girl had cold eyes, silvery-white hair and two furry wolf ears on top of her head. She was also carrying an old dark-green sword on her back.

At first glance, one can tell that she is not an ordinary person.

Seeing the young girl reprimand her brother, the man in the white shirt chuckled, raised his cup and took a sip of tea, saying, "Just childish talk, no need to pay attention… Please continue, please continue…"

The man in the white shirt had a friendly smile and an extraordinary demeanor.

Just sitting there gives a feeling of transcendence, immediately setting oneself apart from most cultivators on the street.

After this man spoke, several other voices of cultivators could be heard in the crowd.

"Please continue, we also want to hear the story of the Wolf God."

"Yes, listen to the legend of the Wolf God exterminating demons…"

The tone of the cultivators suggests that they had already known this legend.

However, as the atmosphere eased up and everyone let him speak, Hu Yi breathed a sigh of relief and quickly began telling the story of the Wolf God of Hanyu Mountain, who scared numerous demons and forced them to flee and disperse in all directions within the Fire Pass Country.

However, now Hu Yi was nervous and his words became more cautious. Many exaggerative adjectives and plot lines that were originally for the sake of the show's effect, were changed by him on the spot.

He narrated a story that he had arranged for a long time, which was supposed to be exciting, but he told it in a flat and uninspired manner.

However, even so, Hu Yi's story obviously attracted all the cultivators present.

In front of the Fuyu Tower, the expressions of the cultivators became increasingly serious and they gradually became entranced by the story. Even the doors and windows of the Fuyu Tower were opened one after another, and the main characters inside all seemed to be listening, with nobody speaking.

In such a huge Meteor Soul Street, only the voice of the storyteller Hu Yi kept echoing, with no one else to be heard.

As everyone gradually immersed themselves in the story, while watching this, Hu Yi felt a little proud and his tone also became slightly more excited.

"…The might of that sword, with its sword qi spanning three thousand miles, swept across the horizon and frightened countless evil demons on the earth, causing them to flee in panic…"

"…The so-called Heavenly Demon Lord, who was such a conceited and powerful being, bid farewell to the Lord of All Demons and set up a trap alone to harm the Wolf God. Little did he know that he would never return from his journey, and that the Heavenly Demon Lord would never be seen again in this world…"

"…Outside Yanjing City, the demonic might was so overwhelming that it covered the sky and shook the earth. If it weren't for the Wolf God's warning that Yanjing City received in advance, the siege today by the demonic forces would have surely resulted in untold casualties and deaths…"

"From then on, the Wolf God returned to Hanyu Mountain, closed the mountain gate once again, and disappeared from the sight of secular visitors. Inside the Fire Pass Country, the demonic forces fled in defeat, and evil demons were never seen again."

Outside the Fuyu Tower, a storyteller in a long robe let out a long sigh, and slammed the table, saying:

"This is precisely the imperial decree - Thunderbolts of Heaven shall punish the wicked, while the Half-unsheathed Ancient Sword shall suppress all beings in the world!"

Snap ---

The storyteller heavily slammed the wooden block on the table, awakening numerous cultivators who were immersed in the story, while also drawing many perplexed and curious gazes.

Inside Fuyu Tower, someone asked with surprise the Zhuxian Town's lord beside them.

"Is this storyteller…possibly a foreigner from the southern lands?"

Upon inquiring those around him, the Zhuxian Town's Lord, Nangong Hao hastily replied to Lie Lao, "Report to Lie Lao, this storyteller's surname is Hu and his given name is Yi, hailing from the local community of the Zhuxian Town, and has never traveled to the foreign lands southward."

"This story might have been heard and modified from others, though it is well-told. Nevertheless, the performances of Hu Yi's storytelling are fascinating and it is for this reason that he was invited here."

Nangong Hao replied as such. However, the middle-aged man referred to as Lie Lao burst into laughter and said, "Heard and modified from others? Not necessarily."

"Although there are elements of exaggeration in the stories told by this Mr. Hu, many of the details within them are not something an ordinary person could imagine. Without doubt, a true practitioner must have informed him of this story."

After Lie Lao finished speaking, a cultivator outside could be heard questioning.

"Oh, storyteller! You speak with such realism, could it be that you didn't witness with your own eyes the process in which the Wolf God of Hanyu Mountain defeated evil and vanquished demons? Have you just arrived from the south?"

"Oh yes! Storyteller, how could you, a mere mortal, know more than us?"

Cultivators continued to question, and Hu Yi on the podium quickly smiled and apologized, saying, "Please rest assured, this matter is actually quite simple. I am indeed a mortal who has never left the gates of Zhuxian Town in my entire life. How could I have had the opportunity to personally witness the Wolf God exterminating demons?"

"Mainly because not long ago in Zhuxian Town, I met a cultivator from the south. That person asked me about some things, but also said he didn't bring any money. Instead, he told me some stories from the south as a reward."

"I only learned about the various deeds of the Wolf God of Hanyu Mountain just now," Hu Yi said. "According to that person, these are all news spreading from the south. Some are exclusive insider information that only he knows about and the general public is unaware."

Hu Yi's words made Lie Lao inside the Fuyu Tower show a curious expression.

A person from the south…? He knows so much detail. Could he be a wizard cultivator from the Fire Pass Country?

Lie Lao didn't wait too long before someone outside immediately asked.

"Did you ask for the name of that person at the time?"

In front of everyone, Hu Yi shook his head and said, "I certainly dare not ask for the name of the person. But that person acted generously. He told me his name is Ao Tianxing."

"An arrogant person who walks alone across the world, Ao Tianxing."

"He also said that the reason he knows so many stories about the Wolf God is that he planned to go to Hanyu Mountain and fight the Wolf God there to prove his own strength, but he didn't expect that the Wolf God had already left Hanyu Mountain."

"So he went north to find the Wolf God."

"He also said that soon I will hear his name echoing throughout the entire Youxiong Country. And when that time comes, he will come back to find me, and let me tell the story of his deeds to the world."

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