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I’ll Quit Being a God – Chapter 92

2022-08-04 23:20:00Publish Time: 4,136 views
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Chapter 92: Requiem Seal

In Youtin valley which was shrouded in fog, there was a strong cold evil spirit Qi.

In this cold and evil spirit Qi, there were ghostly shadows wandering faintly, looming and appearing in the fog, just like the legendary netherworld and wandering souls everywhere.

But there is no netherworld in this world.

Therefore, the strange situation in the Youtian Valley aroused Lu Heng's curiosity.

After arriving at the edge of the lake, he also determined that the origin of the cold evil Qi in the valley was from the dark yellow muddy water.

In this calm, frozen-mirror-like lake, the cold evil Qi diffused, affecting the weather in the whole Youtian Valley and even the whole mountain.

But what Lu Heng was curious about was not only the evil spirit Qi of the deep spring, but also the color of the water of the deep spring.

Dark yellow and muddy…

Such a strange color seems to be exactly the same as the legendary "Yellow Spring".

But there is no netherworld in this world, and naturally, there are no such familiar terms as Yellow Spring Road, Ghost Door, and ten Lords of Yama.

Is it a coincidence that the water in the secluded spring is dark yellow and muddy? Or does it really bode something?

Lu Heng's heart moved, and his soul appeared by the lake.

When he approached the lake, he could vaguely feel a faint signal in the lake, as if something at the bottom of the lake was calling him.

And he clearly felt that it was not calling his physical body, but instead his soul.

Therefore, with the permission of the human-faced owl, Lu Heng directly called out his soul, and then, not surprisingly, his soul felt a stronger sense of calling.

That sense of calling was hundreds of times stronger after his soul appeared.

It seems that the things in the lake can't wait to fly out.

His white soul looked at the dark yellow and muddy water in front of him, thought for a while, and said, "Xiao Ai, Brother Huo, please take a step back."

Huo Feng was a little worried, "Lord Wolf God, this secluded spring…"

The horror of this secluded spring is well-known. As long as it touches the body, it will devour the soul and destroy the bone. He was really afraid that Lu Heng would want to try and get hurt.

Xiao Ai walked aside with a calm face and fully believed in Lord Wolf God.

Seeing Huo Feng's worried appearance, Lu Heng couldn't help laughing, "Don't worry, I have my own discretion. Brother Huo just step back."

"This… Well," Huo Feng saw Lu Heng's calm appearance, so he had to choose to believe in the Wolf God and silently retreated to the little girl with silver hair and ears.

After both of them retreated, Lu Heng, dressed in white, and the huge body of the White Wolf were left by the lake.

Lu Heng didn't delay and directly responded to the call in the lake.

Then, Lu Heng felt an unspeakable ecstasy in his soul.

The calm lake, which was originally quiet and would only sink silently even if stones were thrown, suddenly rioted.

The dark yellow and muddy water of the secluded spring surged madly, as if it had been greatly stimulated. The cold and violent spirit Qi roared out on the lake.

The island in the lake bore the brunt of the storm. The cold and violent wind rushed in front of him. Xiao Ai immediately stopped in front of Huo Feng and helped the young man who had lost all his cultivation to block the cold and evil spirit Qi.

In the cottage, the human-faced owl, who originally covered its head and shrank in the shadow, felt the riot outside, stunned for a moment, and hurriedly flew out of the cottage.

After seeing the man, girl and wolf by the lake and the water of the secluded spring beating the island crazily, the human-faced owl looked frightened.

"What did you do? What the fuck did you do?!"

The human-faced owl screamed in horror, "If this secluded spring rushes ashore and overturns the medicine furnace, then the old woman will blame us, and you and I will die!"

The shrill cry of the human-faced owl could be clearly heard even in the surging wind.

But the man in white beside the lake seemed to have not heard. He quietly looked at the crazy surging spring water in front of him and didn't move. The dark yellow and muddy lake water slapped the island madly, but the flying spray automatically slid away when it approached the girl and the wolf and didn't fall on Lu Heng at all.

And in the turbulent lake, a huge wave gradually appeared.

With the emergence of the wave, a more biting cold spirit Qi rushed out and raged in all directions. The human-faced owl flying in midair was rushed by the cold evil spirit, and directly flew backward, screaming bitterly.

"Shit! Something big! Something big!"

"It's not my fault! It's really not my fault! Wu Gu, you smelly woman, if you want to blame, blame the wolf, don't blame me, don't blame me!"

The human-faced owl screamed in panic, because in front of it, the turbulent tide actually set off a huge wave several feet high, straight towards the island.

The medicine furnace on the island has reached a critical moment and cannot be moved at all.

But now the water of the secluded spring rushed forward. What if it damaged the medicine furnace?

Damn white wolf!

The human-faced owl howled angrily, "I'll not die with you!"

It howled angrily, but it didn't dare to really rush up to find trouble with the White Wolf.

It could only scream and scream sadly and hoarsely, watching the huge waves of the secluded spring several feet high drown.

The dark yellow and muddy water of the secluded spring was full of rich cold spirit Qi.

However, when the wave rushed in front of Lu Heng, it didn't rush to the island, but broke out of thin air. Then, from the broken wave, a light yellow thing flew out and flew straight to Lu Heng, dancing rapidly around Lu Heng, as if full of joy.

The human-faced owl with a desperate face looked at this scene, stunned for a moment, and then it saw the yellow things flying out after the wave break. 

Is that a… Seal?

A dark yellow seal flew around Lu Heng up and down.

The square shape is similar to the size of the seal in the secular world. On the seal, there are five huge characters carved.

[Suppress Souls In the Hell].

Seeing this mysterious yellow seal, the human-faced owl was stunned.

"What is this?" It was extremely surprised, "There is such a thing in this secluded Spring Lake? Who threw it in?"

No one answered the question of the human-faced owl.

Lu Heng looked at the Requiem Seal flying up and down beside him, and vaguely felt a chill in the seal.

Perhaps it was the presence of the Requiem Seal that had lead to the existence of water in the secluded spring at Youtian Valley…

Thinking of this, Lu Heng's soul stretched out his right hand and gently touched the Requiem Seal.


With a light sound, a strong suction suddenly appeared in the Requiem Seal.

The muddy and yellowish Spring Lake around the island, at this time, all soared away and turned into streams of water, all flying towards the pale yellow seal.

The small Requiem Seal had actually absorbed all the water from the spring!

Visible to the naked eye, the surface of the lake around the island fell rapidly.

The water of the secluded spring, which contained the chill of cold spirit Qi and was the source of the fog in the mountains of Youtian Valley, was completely absorbed into the small seal.

After a quarter of an hour, the dark yellow Requiem Seal had sucked up all the water from the secluded spring. The dried bed of the lake was now exposed.

And the Requiem Seal, which was still suspended in mid-air, shook and seemed to belch, before it flew towards Lu Heng.

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