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I’ll Quit Being a God – Chapter 232

2023-07-19 01:25:00Publish Time: 4,042 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Chapter 232: The Vicissitudes of Life

The white ape named Sun Yan was quickly pulled back by Xiao Ai who had an angry expression.

At that time, Lu Heng had just set up the Heavenly Thunder Cage in the underground Divine Palace of the Wolf God Temple and locked Huo Feng possessed by the Moluo Evil Spirit inside it.

Of course, now it is the Moluo Evil Spirit that controls this body.

Moreover, even if the Moluo Evil Spirit wants to hide deep inside the body and drag Huo Feng out to control the thunder in Lu Heng's Heavenly Thunder Prison, it cannot be done, and can only endure the bone-corroding pain of the Heavenly Thunder with gritted teeth.

In the underground Divine Palace, the wailing of the Moluo Evil Spirit rang out incessantly.

"Lu Heng, you old devil! We are at odds with each other!"

However, Lu Heng was already accustomed to this guy's tough talk, and casually gave him some instructions.

"When you want to die, just let me know, and I'll release you to meet your death."

After speaking, Lu Heng left the underground divine palace and returned to the surface again.

Although the excruciating pain from the thunder strike was unbearable, the Moluo Evil Spirit's toughness exceeded Lu Heng's imagination. Despite being tortured by thunder for so long, it didn't back down at all.

It seems that it will take a long time to force it out of Huo Feng's body…

Above the ground, in front of the Wolf God Temple, Xiao Ai has already returned with the white ape Sun Yan in tow.

The monkey is now curled up into a ball, with no color in its face, completely frightened.

Standing next to them is Li Ju, the old priest of the Wind Strike Department, and the girl named Qian.

Upon seeing Lu Heng appear, Qian greeted him cheerfully with a smile.

"Greetings to the Wolf God."

Lu Heng smiled and bowed, saying, "My mischievous monkey has caused trouble again. Thank you both for looking after it."

Judging from his appearance, Sun Yan went down the mountain to the Wind Strike Department to play.

After all, heavy snow falls outside the mountains, and even if this monkey is not afraid of the cold, the villagers in Watersong Village cannot play with it.

At such times, only the Li Tribe people, who are not afraid of extreme cold and heat, can have fun with Sun Yan.

After detailed inquiries, it was not unexpected that this monkey often went down to the Wind Strike Department to hang out and had become familiar with the group of kids there.

However, Xiao Ai's sudden appearance must have frightened it.

The current white ape was dragged to the back by Xiao Ai to check on its cultivation, while Lu Heng invited the old priest and Qian to sit and chat under the pavilion.

Everything remained normal in the mountains, and after Lu Heng and the others descended from Hanyu mountain, nothing major happened.

Other than before the Chongyang Festival, when the witch Gongshu Jie from Qianzhen City sent someone to visit and give gifts, there were no other visitors.

Lu Heng then discussed with the old priest and Qian about the Green Hell Cave and his experiences in the South Sea.

After listening to Lu Heng's narrative, Qian exclaimed in admiration and became greatly interested.

"The Wolf God's descent from the mountain was so interesting… I should have gone to play with the Wolf God earlier."

Lu Heng laughed and said, "Alright, if there is a chance next time, I will bring you along… if you can handle it."

In the Wind Strike Department, Qian's status is very special, as she is the designated next priestess.

In such a situation, it was impossible for the old priest to let her wander outside. The old man had to keep an eye on this naughty little girl until she could handle things on her own.

After Lu Heng spoke, the old priest glared at Qian and smacked her on the head with a slap, saying "You're always causing trouble!"

Small talk persisted until the sky gradually darkened, and only then did the elderly man bid farewell to Lu Heng.

After Lu Heng had escorted the two individuals to the end of the steps on the shady path, he turned around and headed towards the Wolf God Temple.

When they returned, Xiao Ai's countenance appeared satisfactory, and Lu Heng chuckled, "Was this monkey not skipping work?"

Xiao Ai hesitated for a few moments before nodding and saying, "It can barely be considered as not slacking off…"

Lu Heng laughed heartily and said, "Looks like Sun Yan has escaped punishment… Hahaha…"

Watching Gu Yan and the fat bird standing side by side on a tree branch, Lu Heng said, "You two should continue training in the mountains with Xiao Ai in the future. As for me, I will go into seclusion for a long time and might not leave for quite some time."

"Gu Yan, if you're homesick, you can go back to the Pang River to see your mother first."

"With the current thunder power in your body, you don't have to worry about being affected by chaotic energy for at least three years."

Lu Heng's words made the little Gu eagle hesitant for a long time, but in the end, it shook its head and let out a few howls, indicating that it was willing to stay in the mountains and cultivate with the Wolf God.

So Lu Heng stopped talking.

He looked at Xiao Ai beside him and said, "It's almost New Year's Eve, Xiao Ai, you should prepare. After New Year's Eve, I will begin closed-door cultivation."

Although Lu Heng wanted to enter closed-door cultivation now, it was only a few days until New Year's Eve, so he could wait a little longer.

He smiled and said, "Pack up, tomorrow we will go to Luoye City to buy New Year's goods."

Lu Heng's words made the little girl tremble slightly, and then excitedly nod her head repeatedly.

Her elated expression was as though she had received the most precious treasure in the world.

Lu Heng, on the other hand, watched the joyful figure of the little girl leaving and sighed quietly.

This little girl is easily satisfied…


The wind howled past the snow-covered mountains.

Just outside a tranquil bamboo forest, a petite white fox wagged its tail and ran out from the snow, leaping into the bamboo forest ahead.

As it leapt into the bamboo forest, it seemed to pass through an invisible barrier. When the fox landed, standing amidst the bamboo grove, was the girl Su Xiaoxiao.

She nervously gazed at the bamboo forest before her, whispering, "Madame Green Bamboo, are you there?"

In the midst of the bamboo forest, a glimmer appeared, but it was not the familiar petite Madame Green Bamboo who emerged. Instead, a seductive woman with dark lips and heavy eye makeup appeared.

Tall and slender, she wore a minimalist leather armor that exposed large swathes of skin to the air. The armor was covered in sharp spikes, making it quite intimidating.

Seeing the terror on Su Xiaoxiao's face, the seductive woman snorted and said, "Don't be afraid. I am Xie Yunniang, one of the Four Elders of the Green Hell Cave. I am your Madame Green Bamboo's co-worker."

"She was injured not long ago and is now recovering in the cave, so I have come to pick you up… You must be Su Xiaoxiao, right? Don't worry, with me, Xie Yunniang, you are safe now."

Xie Yunniang's extremely proud tone gave the little girl a slight sense of security.

But then what rose was anxiety and fear, "Madame Green Bamboo's injured? When did it happen? Is it serious?"

Xie Yunniang shook her head and said, "She was injured in the south ten days ago. She was careless when she came ashore and was caught by the witch of Fire Pass Country, almost losing her life. But her hiding technique is quite strong, and she managed to escape with difficulty. Currently, the cave master is treating her, so at least there is no danger to her life."

As she spoke, Xie Yunniang glanced at Su Xiaoxiao and said, "You've traveled all the way north, so you must have seen the situation in Fire Pass Country by now, right? Led by that Lord Lianshan Jing, they are now hunting down us demon fellows. You're clever enough to make it here alive… at least you're much stronger than your Madame Green Bamboo."

Xie Yunniang looked down on the Green Bamboo Lady, who had almost lost her life due to carelessness.

However, the little girl was too worried to pay attention to these words now. She anxiously said, "Senior Yunniang, can you take me to see my Madame Green Bamboo in the cave now? I'm so worried about her…"

Xie Yunniang shook her head and said, "No, you are not a demon path cultivator and cannot easily enter the Green Hell Cave. But the Cave Master has other arrangements for you. Follow me, and when Madame Green Bamboo's injury is healed, she will meet you."

After speaking, Xie Yunniang was about to elaborate, but suddenly she sensed something and frowned.

She stared at the little fox girl in front of her and asked, "Are you sure you didn't have a tail when you came?"

Su Xiaoxiao was bewildered and hadn't reacted yet when laughter suddenly came from outside the bamboo forest.

"Hahaha… Even if she had a tail, with the little fox's limited skills, could she even detect us?"

In the vast sky, there was a flickering of light.

The crimson flames instantly formed into a massive net, descending from the sky.

It was none other than the Holy Fire Demon Binding Net, frequently used by the wizards of Fire Pass Country to capture and subdue demonic creatures.

Upon witnessing this scene, Xie Yunniang, who was deep within the bamboo forest, immediately turned pale and seized the frightened little fox girl, transforming into a black streak as she fled outward.

"Let's go!"

Amidst the bitter gusts of wind, there howled the demon winds, while the fiery rain was scattered.

The ongoing struggle between the demons of the Green Hell Cave and the wizards of Fire Pass Country had reignited on the vast expanse of this snowy wasteland, and it would persist for eternity.

Until one of them vanished.

The serene atmosphere of the snowy forest was shattered by the bloody gore and piercing screams.

In the Hanyu Mountain, Lu Heng in his white attire was conversing and instructing the white ape about its progress in cultivation.

Above the Pang River, the River God Gu Zhou, who possessed the power of incense and had guarded the banks of the Chang River for centuries, was now leading the confused and lost soul of an old man towards the water palace in the river, to safeguard his benevolent spirit.

Gongshu Jie, emerging from the Fire God Temple in the Thousand Needle City, had a gloomy expression, having made an important decision.

Meanwhile, at the eatery upstairs at the nearby inn, a red-haired lady leaned against the window, quietly watching Gongshu Jie's departure, letting out a sigh with an ambiguous expression.

Then she tilted her head back and took a deep gulp of the liquor.

This winter, the Fire Pass Country is even colder than usual.

In the desolate wilderness where few had trodden, a delicate young lad with tattoos on the back of his hands and the ancient numeral of "eleven" walked cautiously.

The conflict between the demonic entities of the Fire Pass Country and the Green Hell Cave had caused frequent battles and high alert throughout the country's borders. This had made it hard for them. They couldn't even approach any towns or villages and had to walk carefully through the wilderness along the dirt roads, refraining from speaking to anyone, afraid of the deadly woman finding them.

By hiding too well, these sixteen little monsters knew nothing of the rumors and tales that had spread from the South Sea. They were still wandering aimlessly in the wilderness like headless flies.

They didn't know when they would finally find the target they had been searching for…

In the midst of the thousand-mile frozen land to the north of the Fire Pass Country, a huge and severely wounded beast of prey finally came to the end of its arduous escape, and collapsed heavily like a mountain collapse onto the icy sea surface.

When the beast named Tao Wu, breathed its last breath of life, a hint of nostalgia and reluctance flashed in its eyes.

However, as its body gradually stiffened, the unborn life in its belly began to suffer from hypoxia.

Fortunately, the life inside its belly was not an ordinary one.

In a difficult struggle, a tiny young beast finally roared and tore open level after level of flesh and blood, crawling out of its mother's skin and flesh from its belly.

Even though it had just been born, the young beast, covered in blood, looked so ferocious and terrifying.

Amidst the snow and ice, it raised its head and roared furiously.

Even though it had forgotten everything from its past life, the moment this ferocious beast was born, it deeply remembered one thing.

To repay a debt!

It wanted to repay a debt!

In the midst of the storm, the young beast howled.

However, the scent of the mother's blood had attracted some indistinct shadows beside it…

This icy world has never seemed to know kindness or gentleness.

The cruelty of life's cycle, the despair of separation caused by death, the lament of blood and fire, the battles between monsters and wizards…. These strange scenes, one after another, form a grotesque picture of the human world, absurd and terrifying.

However, under the vortex clouds of Hanyu Mountain, a man in white seems to have sensed something and looked northward.

Yet what he saw was only the vast earth and endless forests.

In his eyes, this world of ice and snow appears so gentle and mild.

But this mountain range covered by vortex clouds has already become a forbidden area in the eyes of certain monsters.

Within a radius of a thousand li, not a single evil demon dared to approach.

However, with the increasingly intense struggle between the demons and the wizards, how long can such taboos last?

Inside the Green Hell Cave, the demons wailed.

In front of the Fire God Temple, the wizards glared angrily.

Perhaps the blood and fire conflict will come to an end one day when someone comes to terminate it.

But before that, the whirlwind of demons will only become more rampant, and their ferocity will sweep through the entire territory of the Fire Pass Country. Eventually, it will turn into a great catastrophe that will ravage all living beings.

——The Frenzied Dance of Ten Thousand Monsters.