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I’ll Quit Being a God – Chapter 290

2023-09-15 02:25:00Publish Time: 1,607 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Chapter 290: Does the Demon Destroyer List Really Exist?

The successor who receives the mantle of responsibility…

Lu Heng's words made Su Xiaoxiao pause momentarily.

Then, the little fox demon lowered her head in dejection and said.

"I know that I come from a humble background, and I am not a virtuous person. I am not qualified to be a disciple of Witch Wu Gu."

Such a response, full of inferiority and disappointment, was a far cry from the lively and unrestrained little fox girl she used to be.

However, when she answered like that, Lu Heng simply smiled and didn't continue to dwell on the subject.

He said, "Okay then, let's talk about the real business. Xiaoxiao, as the messenger of the Green Hell Cave, is the Lord of All Demons requesting something specific from me this time?"

Lu Heng suddenly brought up serious matters, which made the little fox demon slightly startled. She quickly forced herself to break free from that melancholic and dejected mood and said.

"Master Demon Lord said that the Green Hell Cave dares not negotiate with the Wolf God. The reason they escorted Miss Wuyu earlier was out of concern for her safety, not with any intention of blackmailing the Wolf God in the slightest."

"Now that the Wolf God has descended to the mortal world, Master Demon Lord dares not keep Miss Wuyu any longer. Later, after the situation has stabilized, someone will be sent to return her. Please be patient, your Majesty the Wolf God."

The little fox girl's answer was somewhat unexpected for Lu Heng.

But on second thought, it does also fit the style of the Lord of All Demons' actions.

Lu Heng smiled and said, "Indeed, as expected of the Lord of All Demons, in terms of temperament and vision, he surpasses ordinary demons by far… Well then, I will wait for the Green Hell Cave to deliver Wuyu."

After speaking, Lu Heng looked at the fox girl in front of him and said, "Now that it's settled, do you want me to take you back to Madame Green Bamboo?"

The little fox girl was taken aback and not quite sure why Lu Heng suddenly mentioned this.

But she still respectfully replied, "I will return to the mountain to cultivate later and not see Madame Green Bamboo. Because Madame Green Bamboo doesn't allow me to intervene in the conflict between the wizards and the demons, I haven't seen her for several years."

After the fox girl's response, Lu Heng nodded and said, "Madame Green Bamboo has some conscience after all… But what about you? How do you plan to deal with this? Now that the conflict between the wizards and the demons in the Fire Pass Country is coming to an end, all the demons in the Green Hell Cave are on the Demon Destroyer List."

"When the Green Hell Cave is destroyed one day, where will you go… Have you thought about these things?"

Lu Heng's inquiry made the little fox girl widen her eyes in surprise.

"The Demon Destroyer List… Is there really a Demon Destroyer List here in the residence of the Wolf God?"

Lu Heng smiled slightly and said, "There is no smoke without fire, and there is indeed something similar here. Although it's not as terrible as the rumors outside, it does record the names of the demons in the Green Hell Cave."

"However, few people in the world know about this list. I didn't expect that you in the Green Hell Cave would be so well-informed that you even knew about the Demon Destroyer List that I secretly researched."

After speaking, without even looking at the astonished expression of the little fox girl, Lu Heng smiled and redirected the conversation back to the main topic.

"Or, let's talk about your plan… The destruction of the demons in the Green Hell Cave is imminent. But since you are not a demon, and not on the Demon Destroyer List, you don't have to worry about sacrificing yourself."

"So, when the Green Hell Cave is destroyed in the future, will you seek revenge for Madame Green Bamboo?"

Lu Heng's words made the little fox girl slightly startled.

Then, the little fox girl kneeled down and heavily kowtowed to Lu Heng.

"I beg the Wolf God to spare the life of Madame Green Bamboo. From now on, I will serve and repay the Wolf God by working tirelessly like an ox and horse."

The little fox girl's plea was obviously not a sudden whim, but had been planned for a long time, she just lacked the courage to bring it up.

Now, Lu Heng mentioning his plan to destroy the Green Hell Cave, as well as the existence of the Demon Destroyer List, let her know that Madame Green Bamboo really had no way out.

She could no longer remain calm, and even though she knew her request was unreasonable, she still nervously implored the Wolf God.

Lu Heng didn't stop the little fox girl from kneeling down.

He looked at the little fox girl in front of him and said, "You plead with me for mercy, but what you ask for is not forgiveness for yourself, but for the lives of others… this kind of plea is not sincere."

"Because you are not Madame Green Bamboo, you cannot represent her, you can only represent yourself."

Seeing the stunned expression on the little fox girl's face, Lu Heng smiled slightly and said, "If you really want to save your Madame Green Bamboo, go and bring her here and let her plead for mercy in person. I'll give her a chance for your sake."

Lu Heng's words made the little fox girl look frightened.

Although she wanted to say that she trusted the Wolf God, bringing Madame Green Bamboo to see him… Even if she was willing to do it, Madame Green Bamboo would never dare to come!

In this world, which demon would dare to come and see the Wolf God!

The little fox girl looked bitter and didn't know how to answer.

Seeing her so hesitant, Lu Heng said again, "Don't rush to answer, you can go back and think about it slowly. Before your Madame Green Bamboo dies, you can bring her to me anytime."

After speaking, Lu Heng no longer looked at the little fox girl and picked up the book next to him to continue reading.

Xiao Ai walked forward and said, "I'll see you off."

At this point, the little fox girl naturally couldn't stay any longer.

She once again kowtowed heavily to Lu Heng, then silently stood up and walked out with Xiao Ai.

It wasn't until the two girls walked away that the little boy, who had witnessed everything, couldn't help but speak up.

"Dad, didn't you say there's no Demon Destroyer List? Why did you tell this fox demon that it exists?"

Lu Heng glanced at him and said with a smile, "Although I really don't have the Demon Destroyer List, now the whole world believes that Lu Heng has it. At this point, whether I really have it or not doesn't really matter."

"Moreover, saying so doesn't have any harm to me. On the contrary, it can deter the evil demons, make the demons restrain themselves and deter them from acting recklessly. Invisibly, it can also save many mortals who would have been harmed by the demons."

"Therefore, I admit the existence of the Demon Destroyer List, which has a hundred benefits and no harm."

As he spoke, he saw that Xiao Ai had already sent Fox Demon Su Xiaoxiao away and returned. Lu Heng put down the book in his hand and asked, "Did Xiaoxiao leave?"

"Well, she has already left the Water Palace," said Xiao Ai. "Do you need Xiao Ai to follow her?"

Lu Heng shook his head and said, "There is no point in following her. She definitely doesn't know the real location of the Green Hell Cave, otherwise, the Lord of All Demons wouldn't have let her come to see me."

"Nowadays, the fox demon Su Xiaoxiao is just a small branch. Even her Madame Green Bamboo, apart from our grudges, doesn't count for much. We still have more important things to do."

Standing up, Lu Heng said, "Let's go, Wuyou. We should hit the road and go to the Luwu Mountain to see the place where you once lived."

Lu Heng's words made the little boy widen his eyes and feel a sudden surprise.

"Daddy, are we… leaving now?"

"Well, let's go now," Lu Heng said with a smile. "I stayed at the Pang River just to wait for the messenger from the Green Hell Cave. Now that the messenger is here, there's no need for us to stay."

"Hurry up and hit the road, let's get to the Luwu Mountain as soon as possible before the situation completely falls apart. If we delay any longer, we won't have time for leisurely strolls."