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I’ll Quit Being a God – Chapter 158

2022-11-28 17:26:26Publish Time: 2,739 views
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Chapter 158: Ancient Battlefield (1)

In the night sky, sixteen lights scattered.

But this time, neither the heavily guarded army in front nor Luo Yujun in the chariot stopped.

The Moluo Evil Spirit is an evil beast. It will cost Erba God Man a lot to summon it.

But there are more troublesome things to deal with. Luo Yujun doesn't plan to tangle with those monsters for the time being.

The thunder that flew into the flower sea on the other side was a cultivator with high cultivation bases.

The news from the border, even more, said that this demon cultivator was extremely strong, and the city master could not see how strong he was.

Now Luo Yujun couldn't see through the cultivator's details after seeing him personally. His magic eyes could only see the bright and dazzling light of the sky thunder, and judge that his cultivation base was far above his.

But it is such a superior person with high cultivation bases plunged into the flower sea on the other side… Doesn't he know the meaning of this sea of flowers?

This strange flower sea should be notorious to all cultivators…

Luo Yujun was confused.

Behind him, a figure dressed in black armor came near and bowed.

"Lord," said An Yuan, the general of the army, worried. "That elder just flew into the sea of flowers…"

In the chariot, Luo Yujun sighed and said, "I know your worry. The ancient battlefield is very dangerous. I'm afraid the elder won't be able to come out."

"But this elder is a man of great cultivation bases. I'm afraid he won't give in when he is dying. If his struggle before his death causes a deadly riot on the battlefield, it will be a disaster for the Immortal Kingdom…"

Silently looking at the seemingly peaceful flower sea on the other side, Luo Yujun made a decision.

"Close the kingdom."

With a flick of his sleeve, Luo Yujun said, "Drive out all foreigners in the kingdom and block the port. No foreigners are allowed to enter the kingdom within a month."

"Gather the city leaders and the troops here again. Even if there is a deadly riot, the influence can be reduced."

Luo Yujun's order was quickly passed on.

The entire Immortal Kingdom, quickly mobilized. The merchants and travelers in the four border cities have all received the ultimatum from the Immortal Kingdom and are required to leave the sea area of the Immortal Kingdom within three days.

The originally bustling ports soon became deserted. Even though many travelers are confused, they can only go away obediently and dare not stay.

The Bo horse that stayed at the dock faced the soldiers from the Immortal Kingdom who came to drive it away. Even if it was worried, it could only leave temporarily.

But it could not sail a boat, so it jumped off the sea with Huo Feng's luggage and went straight on the waves.

As for the boat that Huo Feng half rented and half bought, it floated alone in the wharf of the Immortal Kingdom. Later, because nobody was watching, it was driven away by someone in the chaos.

This time, not only those foreign merchants were driven away. In the border cities of the Immortal Kingdom, there are some foreigners who settled there.

These foreigners are usually responsible for the daytime jurisdiction, and they also have real estate status within the national territory. They can be regarded as the indigenous citizens of the Immortal Kingdom.

But this time, they are also on the list of people who have moved out of the kingdom due to the blockade of the border.

However, unlike the foreign merchants, these foreigners who grew up in the Immortal Kingdom only moved to the island outside, and they can come back when things are solved.

In this regard, these foreigners who grew up in the Immortal Kingdom had no opinions.

Because among their ancestors, such things was not rare.

The Immortal Kingdom will be granted a state every hundred years, and it seems that some important ceremony will be held.

Now, although it is less than one hundred year, these people have to obey the orders from the lord.

Three days later, the cold black airflow rose from the shoreline at the border of the Immortal Kingdom and rose into the sky, becoming a huge hood, covering the entire Immortal Kingdom.

This black airflow wall was full of gloom. When people touched it, they would be directly frozen into ice crystals. It completely isolated the entire Immortal Kingdom from the outside world.

At the same time, outside the sea of flowers, the deepest part of the Immortal Kingdom, was already full of soldiers wearing black armor.

In the cold wind, almost all the troops from all over the kingdom came here to completely enclose the whole flower sea on the other side.

But none of them dared to approach the scarlet flower sea on the other side, and they were very far away.

The only people who dare to approach the flower sea on the other side were the huge monster named Boyi and Luo Yujun in the chariot.

In the overcast wind, Luo Yujun lay lazily in the chariot, his figure looming between the swaying plain white curtains. Boyi lay on the grassland, yawning lazily, and its eyes on its back were slightly narrowed.

However, this man and beast seem relaxed, but their attention was always on the other side of the sea of flowers not far away, always paying attention to the movement inside.

Three days…

It will be the time for that elder to formally enter the ancient battlefield…

In the netherworld, Lu Heng had been walking forward.

Xiao Ai followed him closely.

They had been walking for three days and nights in this netherworld.

At the beginning, Lu Heng tried to fly, but found that in this strange netherworld, the speed of flying was the same as that of walking.

Whether you are flying fast, running hard, or walking slowly, as long as you go forward, the speed is the same.

Such a strange phenomenon reminded Lu Heng of the knowledge mentioned in one of the bamboo slips from when he was reading books in Fushan City.

[Alien Realm].

There are so-called [Alien Realms] in this world.

The so-called [Alien Realm] is an individual small world that is almost isolated from the outside world. Even the internal rules may be different from the outside world.

The legendary [cave paradise] is one kind of [Alien Realms].

But [Alien Realm] is not only limited to [cave paradise].

And the source of [Alien Realms] is even more bizarre.

The complete netherworld in front of them is obviously an [Alien Realm], independent of the world.

It's just that the order and rules of the [Alien Realm] entrance are so strange and powerful that even Lu Heng can't fly at a high speed. It's absolutely an unusual [Alien Realm].

And the more he walked in, the more clearly Lu Heng felt a strong Death Qi.

The huge Death Qi is even bigger than the whole netherworld combined. Even Lu Heng, who holds Requiem Seal, can't help feeling palpitations.

Is there a place in the world that is more deadly than Lu Heng's netherworld?

It seems that he accidentally broke into a dangerous place…