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I’ll Quit Being a God – Chapter 297

2023-09-22 02:15:00Publish Time: 8,468 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Translated by: postContent

Edited by: Jing-Teck, anonymous

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Chapter 297: The Abandoned Water Mansion for Many Years

Within the Luwu Mountain, the lake water is clear and the mountain breeze is cool.

Lu Heng, dressed in white, stood at the edge of the lake and watched as Xiao Ai and the little boy emerged from the water, one after the other. He smiled and said,

"Have you found anything?"

Xiao Ai shook her head and said, "The Water Mansion is empty and desolate, there isn't even a piece of cloth or a chair left. It has long been abandoned."

The little boy had a disappointed expression on his face, as if he had been greatly affected, and looked nothing like his previous happy and excited self when he returned home.

Lu Heng was somewhat surprised and asked, "Wuyou?"

The little boy hesitated and glanced at Xiao Ai beside him, then said, "Daddy, Sister Xiao Ai said… she said that this Water Mansion in the lake has been abandoned for at least a hundred years, it couldn't have been the place where my mother and I lived."

"But I remember clearly that this was indeed the home where my sister, my mother and I lived. It's just that after we left for some time, it became dilapidated…"

The little boy's narrative made Lu Heng slightly surprised.

He looked at Xiao Ai beside him and saw her shaking her head silently.

Lu Heng understood some of it, but in the face of the disappointed little boy, he still kindly said, "Perhaps Xiao Ai got it wrong… Anyway, since you have already been here, we should move on to the next place. Whether the Water Mansion in the lake is abandoned or not, it doesn't really matter."

Lu Heng's words left the little boy stunned.

"Daddy… Daddy, won't you stay for a few more days?"

He quickly explained, "Although the house is a bit old, if Wuyou cleans it up properly, it will be habitable in no time. Wuyou also wants to have a good talk with dad about how we used to live before…"

"Daddy… Daddy, can we stay for a few more days?"

The little boy pleaded pitifully.

Lu Heng sighed and said, "Although I would also like to stay a few more days, it's not a time for a leisurely vacation now."

"Your sister is still under the control of the demon in the Green Hell Cave. We have to find a way to go to the Floating Jade Mountain to see Xiao Juechen and try to sneak into the Green Hell Cave to save your sister."

"Secondly, there has been a major incident in the Fire Pass Country recently, which is even more serious than the rampant demons in the Green Hell Cave. We must go there to investigate and handle it."

With that, Lu Heng recounted the news that musician Gu Yin had come to inform them about.

After listening, the little boy was completely baffled.

"Ancient… ancient monster?"

In the past, he followed his mother and lived in seclusion with her in the wilderness. He had never seen ordinary demons or cultivators. Those cultivators only existed in his mother's legends, mysterious and enigmatic.

Although he saw many powerful demons with his father afterwards, including attending the Fierce Demon Feast and witnessing the chaotic dance of monsters, as well as encountering one of the Four Elders, Xiao Juechen, in the Green Hell Cave.

However, these cultivators were only powerful within the mortal world, and could not compare to his father.

However, the ancient monster that his father spoke of, who could revive by taking over another living body, was obviously a legendary character…

The little boy looked worried and asked, "Father, can you… can you defeat this woman who can revive by taking over another body?"

Lu Heng wryly smiled and said, "This is also the problem that is giving me a headache… I wonder if I am a match for this senior woman? I don't know the answer to this question."

"So in order to find out more about her, we must investigate the swamp where she was revived and see what lies beneath it. Only then can we specifically deal with this resurrected senior."

Upon hearing Lu Heng's words, Shen Wuyou nodded repeatedly and said, "Let's go quickly then, father. If it's inconvenient to bring Wuyou along, I can stay at the Water Palace of Pang River while I wait for you."

Lu Heng shook his head and said, "No need. Having you with us won't affect anything."

After speaking, Lu Heng waved his sleeve and flew into the sky with Xiao Ai and the little boy Shen Wuyou. Ethereal clouds gathered and swirled beneath his feet.

Riding on a black cloud of calamity, Lu Heng departed from the Luwu Mountain and headed towards the swamp where he had struck his sword down several days ago.

That place is over 3,000 li away from the Water Palace of Pang River, and even farther from the Luwu Mountain, nearly 10,000 li away.

In his past life, Lu Heng was able to cross that vast distance, spanning the third largest country in the world.

But here, it is only a corner of the Fire Pass Country's territory.

And the Fire Pass Country is only a small nation in terms of its territory in this part of the world known as China, so small that even some of the countries in the South Sea are larger than it…

In such a vast world, it is extremely difficult to search for a wilderness swamp thousands of miles away.

But after all, the sword was wielded by Lu Heng, so he knew where the sword qi ultimately fell.

Therefore, Lu Heng rode on the black cloud and, accompanied by Xiao Ai and Shen Wuyou, headed directly across the Fire Pass Country and towards the swamp where a faint mist of blood floated.

The earth rapidly retreated beneath their feet.

But in the far distance, there were continuous, sprawling mountains that obscured the existence of the horizon.

It was quite apparent that this world could actually be flat…

Standing high in the sky, overlooking the mountains, rivers and streams on the ground, Lu Heng felt a sigh escape his heart.

In fact, he had always been curious about the true face of this world and had the idea of flying out beyond the heavens to take a closer look at what this land really looked like.

However, every time this idea arose in his mind, a sudden feeling of fear and trepidation would sweep through Lu Heng's heart, as though he was treading upon an extremely perilous path.

Therefore, Lu Heng had always deliberately restrained himself from pondering on this matter.

The intuition of a cultivator is often very accurate.

He would feel that kind of palpitation in his heart, and clearly understand that the true aspect of this world beyond is not something that he, in his present state, could spy upon.

This seemingly savage and primitive world is actually fraught with countless mysteries and dangers.

Lu Heng held this in awe and would never become arrogant and boastful, even though he possessed two deadly weapons - the Heavenly Thunder Sword and the Requiem Seal. He knew that merely wielding them didn't make him invincible.

However, Shen Wuyou and Xiao Ai, both being still young, clearly didn't comprehend Lu Heng's musings.

The little boy stood atop the roiling clouds of calamity and gazed in amazement as the earth below rapidly receded from view.

Although it was not the first time that his father had taken him flying, the feeling of looking down upon all the living beings from atop the clouds still made him feel incredibly exhilarated and novel.

Especially since the clouds beneath their feet were not ordinary clouds, but the calamitous clouds capable of bringing forth heavenly punishment.

Although he knew that his father had control over the calamitous clouds, the little boy still felt uneasy standing on them, fearing that his feet upon the calamitous clouds might bring down divine punishment upon him.

For any living being, even a single wisp of calamitous aura is enough to stir up the deepest fear and trepidation within their souls.

And below, in the desolate wilderness, countless demons and monsters, upon seeing the calamitous clouds flashing across the sky and sensing the overwhelmingly terrifying aura, all trembled in fear, thinking that they had done something wrong to have incurred divine punishment.

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