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I’ll Quit Being a God – Chapter 155 Part 2

2022-11-07 21:20:00Publish Time: 3,625 views
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Chapter 155: Boyi (2)

At a certain moment, Lu Heng noticed something, and his brow slightly wrinkled.

The twinkling thunder light disappeared silently in his hands.

Lu Heng on the bow fell into darkness.

However, his eyes were looking straight ahead at the sea in the distance.

Vaguely, he saw some shadows swimming in the sea.

Some kind of ominous evil demon was floating along the sea breeze.

Xiao Ai sensed the ominous atmosphere and quickly came to Lu Heng.

"Lord Wolf."

Xiao Ai whispered, "It seems that something is approaching in the sea."

Lu Heng nodded and said, "There is evil demon Qi, but the breath is not strong. It should be just some ordinary sea demons. We don't need to interfere."

Lu Heng's words fell, and the dark sea surface lit up in a bloody light, instantly illuminating half the port.

This is the warning set by the Immortal Kingdom in the sea. Once a sea demon approaches, it will release red light and expose its position.

Seeing the red light, everyone knew what it meant.

"The sea demon! It's the sea demon! The sea demon is coming!"

"The sea demon is attacking the harbor!"

On the dock, there was a cry of panic.

Many ordinary boatmen were screaming loudly and running towards the shore in a panic.

For these ordinary people who grew up on the seashore, the sea demons are terrible evil.

These monsters swim in the sea and often attack the mortals on the shore, or disperse and devour the fish in a certain area, causing the fishermen to get no gain.

As usual, a sea demon is already a disaster.

However, the dazzling blood light on the sea outside the dock is one after another, which means that there are more than one sea demon in the sea today!

Everyone screamed and fled toward the shore.

Some of the old ascetic cultivators who stayed on the ship rushed to the deck to protect their ships.

On the farthest land, the patrolling sergeants had already rushed towards here.

Those soldiers in armor rushed directly from the land into the sea, but didn't sink to the bottom of the sea. Instead, they stepped on the waves.

One ship after another was crossed by them, and a total of 17 figures were dispersed tacitly in the process of the charge. In groups of two, they rushed straight to their respective goals.

When one group rushed near Lu Heng, one of the solider was the one who stopped Lu Heng in the daytime.

The eyes of both sides crossed. The soldier saw Lu Heng in white at the bow.

But now he didn't recognize that the man in white was the white wolf before him. He glanced at Lu Heng, ignored him, and rushed directly to the vast sea outside.

Between the dark sea and sky, there was a shrill cry from the sea demons.

The red blood burst in the night.

In the city, the originally bustling market was briefly quiet for a while because of the red blood light that was lit on that day.

All of them looked up at the rising direction of the blood light, stunned and puzzled.

"The sea demons?"

"How dare the sea demons come to the Immortal Country to attack the harbor…"

"Nothing serious will happen, will it?"

People were in a state of disbelief and discussion.

Businessmen and customers who were haggling over prices had forgotten their quarrel. They all looked up at the night sky in the north.

The illusionist performing illusions on the roadside forgot to perform them, so the fish in his hands became a dead vine at some time.

Huo Feng, who was originally wandering around, also frowned at the northern night sky, full of puzzling thoughts.

"The Immortal Kingdom has always been a forbidden area for sea demons. No sea demon dared to enter the sea area of the Immortal Kingdom. Why are sea demons attacking the harbor now… is it that a big demon took the lead?"

Around Huo Feng, Lian Caiyi shook her head and said, "It can't be a big demon."

She said, "The red lights seem to be numerous, but from the perspective of movement, they are just some ordinary sea monsters. Soldiers patrolling outside the city can solve this problem…"

Lian Caiyi said that, and her expression was a little confused.

Because ordinary sea monsters never dare to approach the Immortal Kingdom.

Now there is no big demon to control these sea demons, how dare they come to attack the harbor?

This is simply different from common sense!

At the market, it was not only Huo Feng and Lian Caiyi who thought of this and were puzzled by it.

Those who have a little common sense of the sea are curious now.

However, those sea monsters were soon killed by patrols outside the city. The blood red light in the northern night sky quickly disappeared and the sky returned to its original appearance.

It seems that the sea is calm again.

But just then, a strange bell rang outside the city.


The long and strange sound of the bell spread to every corner of the city.

The people in the market were shocked to see that all the people of the Immortal Kingdom around them, after hearing the strange and long bell, were all prostrate on the ground and bowed down to the distance.

Whether men or women, old or young.


Another strange bell rang, and suddenly a cold wind blew in the direction where the people of the Immortal Kingdom were kowtowing.

A huge shadow appeared over the city.

The huge animal body is like a goat magnified hundreds of times, as huge as a mountain. Four sharp ears stretched out, which let it have the ability to listen in all directions.

The huge nine tails waved behind the huge beast and flew in the night sky. Each beast's tail is like a dark cloud, which is larger than ordinary people's imagination.

However, such a terrible beast is dragging a mysterious chariot. The chariot was covered with white cloth, and it was indistinct. It was impossible to see the people inside.

Such a terrible beast is just a pack animal in front of them!

Seeing this scene, Lian Caiyi's face changed slightly.

"Boyi?!" She recognized the identity of the beast, looked in the direction of the disappearance of the mysterious chariot, and guessed who was in the chariot.

"The immortal lord…"

Grasping Huo Feng's hand, Lian Caiyi looked unusually serious. "Things have changed. Tonight is not an ordinary sea demon attacking the port. Even the mysterious immortal lord has been alerted. Something big has definitely happened tonight!"

"Stay close to me. I will escort you out of the city."

"No we will only be safe after returning to the Wolf God's side!"

While talking, Lian Caiyi dragged Huo Feng through the crowd and walked out of the city.

In the crowd not far away from them, a little boy about eight years old stared at the two who had left and whispered.

"The situation is a little bad… even the immortal lord has been alarmed. Do we still have to do it?"