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I’ll Quit Being a God – Chapter 120

2022-09-14 18:30:00Publish Time: 3,446 views
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Chapter 120: Helan Zhen's Thoughts

On the weak water, Helan Zhen looked complicated.

As the leader of Wuzhu, she also has to take charge of many affairs of Fushan City in addition to cultivating.

In the world, Soul Diffusion is the disease that most parents fear.

Every year, countless parents come to the Fire God Temple monthly to pray for the safe growth of their unborn babies.

But the gestation of souls can't be interfered with by external forces.

Normally, a child born from the womb has a 70% probability of giving birth to a soul, and can grow up healthily after birth.

However, about 30% of newborns are unable to form souls.

After such a fetus is born, it has no soul, no intelligence, and is dull and ignorant. It has only the body of a living person, but no soul of a living thing.

As a Wuzhu, whenever she sees those parents who gave birth to soulless fetuses crying, her heart often turns sour.

However, even if her cultivation base is strong, she still cannot create souls out of nothing.

Even though she saw the grief of those parents, she couldn't do anything.

But what she saw and heard tonight made her see the dawn of changing all this.

If the Wolf God can guide the souls of the dead to reincarnate and let the reconstructed souls occupy the babies who can't conceive souls, wouldn't there be no sorrow in the world?

Helan Zhen was excited at the thought of this.

If she can find a way to persuade the Wolf God to open this reincarnation tunnel so that all the dead in the world can have a place to go and be reincarnated, wouldn't it be a good thing?

This way, we can avoid the pain of soul dissipation after the death of those good people and also save the lives of those soulless babies. It is simply a good deed!

Although she was excited, Helan Zhen didn't dare to speak recklessly.

Because she realized how difficult it was.

This netherworld is a secret place controlled by the Wolf God. Maybe it is a magic power that the Wolf God has cultivated hard for many years.

How could the Wolf God open this place to all people so easily?

Helan Zhen doesn't think that as long as she asked, the Wolf God would agree.

Even though the netherworld is beneficial to ordinary people… she can't ask him to open it, because that would become moral blackmail.

Such an act, even if it is intended to be good, can never be called goodwill.

What's more, even if the Wolf God is willing to open the netherworld to all living beings for free, there are countless people in the world, and countless people are born and die every year.

In order for every soul to enter the netherworld and go to the reincarnation tunnel in an orderly way, it takes a lot of manpower to maintain this process.

Unfortunately, the netherworld world is so deathly that living people can hardly survive and can only rely on the souls of the dead to maintain it.

Such a matter is no ordinary trivial matter. The spirits selected for the job must be upright and good people, and put an end to those devious and evil people. Only in this way can the normal operation of the order be maintained.

Otherwise, once someone gets in the way, the consequences will be bad.

There are not many good people. In a hurry, where can we find so many good people's souls to maintain the reincarnation order?

Moreover, the operating rules of this reincarnation tunnel are not clear. If you want to achieve this, you need to find the Wolf God to discuss it in detail.

However, such an important event has a bearing on all people in the world. Helan Zhen thinks she is not qualified to talk about it.

Therefore, although she was excited, she could only hide the matter in her heart silently and planned to send someone to find the emperor immediately after she returned.

In the whole Fire Pass Country, there is only one person who is qualified to negotiate such a big event with the Wolf God.

After making up her mind, Helan Zhen stopped thinking about it.

Lu Heng has been observing the reaction of Helan Zhen since he led them to watch the existence of this reincarnation channel.

Although Helen Zhen is silent, she is also willing to fight for the interests of the people.

This is not only her nature, but also her instinct as a good cultivator.

The more they cultivate, the more Wuzhus attach importance to people's livelihood.

Those Wuzhus who can make achievements must be upright and good people.

So Lu Heng guessed that Helan Zhen was attracted to this reincarnation tunnel when he saw Helan Zhen's reaction.

Because Lu Heng has long known the existence of Soul-Diffusion and the world doesn't have a netherworld reincarnation system. The existence of Soul-Diffusion is the pain of all living beings.

After all, not only humans, but also ordinary beasts, as well as demons. Any sentient beings in the world may give birth to soulless babies.

Now Lu Heng is relieved to see Helan Zhen's reaction. He knows that he doesn't need to do anything next. He just needs to go back and wait for the emperor of the Fire Pass Country to come and talk about cooperation.

This is much better than taking the initiative to ask them to do things for him.

If he takes the initiative, it will make people wary and uneasy, and doubt whether there is any conspiracy.

But if the other party takes the initiative to find him, there is no need to worry about being suspected and guarded by the other party.

Therefore, Lu Heng was in a happy mood and said with a smile, "In that case, please leave with me. There is nothing I want to show you now."

After that, Lu Heng waved his sleeve lightly, and the power of the Requiem Seal was activated again.

People on the surface of the weak water only feel their bodies sink, and it would seem to them that they have fallen into an endless abyss. Their bodies and souls shuttling rapidly.

After a few breaths, they felt the breath of the human world again.

Helan Zhen and Gu Zhou looked around and found that they had reappeared above the Pangjiang River and returned to their previous positions.

At this time, in the human world, it was already late midnight.

The moonlight was cold in the dark night.

The originally bustling riverside was now deserted.

The Wu Clan people completed the main ceremony of cremation. The ashes of old man Wu have been poured into the river and flowed down the river.

The originally burning fire had been extinguished long ago, and only several wizards with several people in sackcloth cried at the riverside to see the old man's soul off.

This ceremony will last all night, the ritual wizards will read different scriptures, and the people of the Wu clan will rotate until dawn.

Although there were still many white banners hanging on the riverside, many of the Wu Clan's people stayed.

However, compared with the bustle of the crowds at the beginning, it was now much more deserted.

Standing in the void, Lu Heng said goodbye to Gu Zhou with an arch of his hand, "I will take away the soul of the old master Wu. Sorry for making you go all the way in vain, and I feel uneasy."

Gu Zhou said with a smile, "I'm satisfied that can see the netherworld. It's just…"

Gu Zhou hesitated slightly.

When Lu Heng saw this, he said, "Please, you can speak frankly."

Gu Zhou hesitated for a long time before saying, "This matter is very relevant. Let me go back and think about it. If you agree, I will visit you again in a few days."

Lu Heng was a little surprised - judging from the situation, it seems that the river god also wants to contribute to the construction of the netherworld.

He couldn't help laughing and said, "In that case, I'll be waiting for you in Fushan city."

Free coolies, of course, the more the better!

Since the river god is willing to help, naturally, Lu Heng will agree.