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I’ll Quit Being a God – Chapter 199

2023-06-16 01:10:00Publish Time: 2,560 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Chapter 199: Roaring Goose Sword

Descendant of Xuanyuan...

Three simple words, yet they seem to contain the endless pain and loneliness of the Roaring Goose Sword.

In its exuberant roar, there is a joyous reunion after a long separation, as well as a heavier sadness.

That kind of emotion is like being abandoned for hundreds of thousands of years, only to be found by its owner again. Although it is joyful, it has been lonely for hundreds of thousands of years...

Feeling the emotions within the Roaring Goose Sword, Lu Heng in the courtyard fell silent for a while, sighed heavily and said.

"I am not your master... you already have a master, don't mistake it."

As he spoke, Lu Heng lightly stroked the Roaring Goose Sword with his hand.

Strangely enough, as Lu Heng's fingers brushed past it, the divine light on the Roaring Goose Sword obediently dimmed.

When Lu Heng's hand passed over the entire blade of the Roaring Goose Sword, the shining light on the sword dissipated completely, and it returned to its previous appearance of ordinary iron.

Incredibly well-behaved.

After leaving a trace of spiritual imprint containing the location of the Warm Fragrance Pavilion in the sword, Lu Heng handed the Roaring Goose Sword to the Great Sage of Fu Feng beside him.

"Okay, the mental imprint has been left, Brother Fu Feng, please send the letter away."

Lu Heng's expression was calm, as if nothing had happened.

However, facing Lu Heng handing over the sword, the Great Sage of Fu Feng was suddenly shocked and stepped back several steps, his face full of fear and repeatedly waving his hand.

"No no no no!"

The Great Sage of Fu Feng said in fear, "The Wolf God, I accidentally found your magic weapon and had no intention of seizing it. Senior Wolf God, please don't make fun and take back this sword quickly."

In the dazzling moment of the shining divine light of the Roaring Goose Sword, the Great Sage of Fu Feng was almost frightened.

According to the account of Priest Li Po, this Roaring Goose Sword is an ancient heritage, so distant that even within the Nine Li tribe, there are only vague records...

You must understand, this is the Nine Li tribe! A tribe full of fanaticism for divine weapons.

Even for their vaguely recorded divine weapons, one possibility remains - that this sword's history is even more ancient than that of the Nine Li tribe itself!

But this sword is nothing more than one of the weapons lost by the Wolf God...

Moreover, judging from the appearance of the Wolf God, he didn't even recall the history of this sword until the Roaring Goose Sword excitedly recognized its new master, causing a slight expression of realization to appear on his face.

Looking further at the Wolf God's Heavenly Thunder Sword...

Obviously, the Wolf God didn't lack divine weapons at all, and he had already possessed countless numbers of them.

This Roaring Goose Sword is just a sword he used in his long years, the kind that was forgotten when lost.

It makes one wonder, how old exactly is the Wolf God...

A conservative estimate would place him much older than this ancient Roaring Goose Sword!

The Great Sage of Fu Feng's expression was shocked and fearful, while Li Po beside him had a solemn expression on his face.

The Heavenly Thunder Sword was a weapon he had participated in crafting, so the thoughts that the Great Sage of Fu Feng was having were also present in Li Po's mind.

Furthermore, he thought even more.

This Roaring Goose Sword has a history of at least hundreds of thousands of years.

However, the age of the Wolf God is evidently beyond that of the Roaring Goose Sword...

Originally thought to be an ancient predecessor from an ancient era, the Wolf God has survived the Earthly Catastrophe.

But now it seems that the era where the Wolf God exists is definitely more ancient than that "ancient era" which they knew of.

Such an extended period of time, even those ancient divine beasts called to have a long lifespan, surviving through the Earthly Catastrophe, should have perished.

However, the Wolf God has survived until this day...

Perhaps this is the reason why there is no mention of the Wolf God in ancient records.

Even in their eyes, the "ancient times" were not the era when the Senior Wolf God was active...

In the courtyard, the Great Sage of Fu Feng quickly declined while Lu Heng sighed helplessly.

Lu Heng said, "This sword is indeed not mine, but I have some connection to it. However, even I have not yet figured out the reason for this matter."

"Therefore, this sword still belongs to Brother Fu Feng."

Lu Heng said, "It was just a little excitement and a momentary loss of control when it first saw me. It has returned to normal now, hasn't it? Brother Fu Feng, you are the rightful owner of the Roaring Goose Sword, so it should be returned to you. Lu Heng never takes what belongs to others."

With a rare serious expression, Lu Heng's words left the Great Sage of Fu Feng unsure of how to respond.

So the Great Sage of Fu Feng subconsciously turned to Priest Li Po beside him to seek help.

After all, Priest Li Po was familiar with the Wolf God and understood it better.

Facing the Great Sage of Fu Feng's plea for help, Li Po nodded and said, "Since the Wolf God has said so, why don't you take the sword now?"

Only then did the Great Sage of Fu Feng breathe a sigh of relief and respectfully walked up to receive the Roaring Goose Sword from Lu Heng.

After taking the sword, the Great Sage of Fu Feng knelt heavily on the ground and knocked his head.

"Thanks to the Wolf God for giving me the sword!"

His serious look clearly mistook Lu Heng's gift of this sword to him as intentional.

Lu Heng had a speechless expression.

Even though he was used to being misunderstood by others, at this moment, he was still a little bit headache.

- This sword is not mine!

And Li Po on the side, seeing the awkward atmosphere, chuckled and spoke up.

"The Wolf God said that there is some fate between this sword and you... Does the Wolf God know the owner of the Roaring Goose Sword?"

Li Po originally thought that this sword belonged to the Wolf God.

But when the Wolf God spoke solemnly, he realized that he was wrong. Because the Wolf God had no reason to lie to them.

However, because of this, Li Po became increasingly curious about the ancient ancestors who forged and owned this sword.

The ancient predecessors who could forge this sword... must have been the eminent predecessors of metallurgy!

Perhaps their ancestors from the Li Tribe have some fateful connection with it.

After all, the top divine weapons in the world, even if not forged by the Li Tribe, must be related to them.

...Perhaps it is even their ancestor!

Li Po was full of curiosity, while Lu Heng sighed and said:

"I don't know the owner of this sword, but if it is truly the Roaring Goose Sword that I know of, then its owner should be Gongsun Xuanyuan, who is known as the ancient sage and the Yellow Emperor."

When Lu Heng mentioned this name, he subconsciously looked up at the sky... Thankfully, there was no thunder.

It seems that the name Gongsun Xuanyuan is not taboo like Nuwa's name.

Lu Heng continued, "Legend has it that during ancient times, Gongsun Xuanyuan collected the copper of the first sun to forge the Xuanyuan Sword. After the sword was made, there were still some materials left that automatically solidified and cooled in the sword furnace, and turned into a new sword."

"At the moment the sword was formed, it emitted an evil aura. The Yellow Emperor feared that this sword would bring disaster to the world, so he took the Xuanyuan Sword and tried to destroy it."

"Unexpectedly, at the moment the Xuanyuan Sword fell, the Roaring Goose Sword turned into a red cloud magpie and disappeared into the sky with a red light... This is the Roaring Goose Sword that I know."

After finishing his story, Lu Heng looked at the sword in the Great Sage of Fu Feng's hand and sighed, "I just don't know if this Roaring Goose Sword in my story is the same as the one you have."

As Lu Heng finished speaking, the Roaring Goose Sword in the Great Sage of Fu Feng's hand trembled slightly.

Although there's no divine light evident, it's quite clear that it's an answer.

Li Po chuckled and said, "Looks like it."

Lu Heng also smiled, but looked at the Roaring Goose Sword in the Great Sage of Fu Feng's hand, his heart filled with confusion.

This Roaring Goose Sword… is it really the same one as that of the Yellow Emperor's?

But Li Po said before that the sword has a history of several hundred thousand years… Could it be that the Yellow Emperor Xuanyuan lived tens of thousands of years ago?

But tens of thousands of years ago, the Earth would have only had monkeys, right?