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I’ll Quit Being a God – Chapter 188 Part 1

2023-05-31 22:00:00Publish Time: 2,411 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Translated by: postContent

Edited by: Anita-Krempl, Sebastian-Jensen

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Chapter 188: The Murderer Moluo (1)

In the early morning, the white wolf in the quiet room opened its eyes and woke up from the meditation.

The books and leaves floating beside him also fell lightly and were collected by the white-clothed spiritual being beside him.

"Finally, there is some progress."

A smile appeared on Lu Heng's face, who was dressed in white.

These two sets of exercises are indeed the creations of the heavens and the earth, extremely mysterious. The secret techniques recorded inside are unparalleled in the world.

"Demon Sutra" may not be voluminous, but it seems to contain the essence of the entire demonic path. Lu Heng, who has read extensively in the Fu Shan City, can find evidence of it in "Demon Sutra".

Conversely, the other book "Divine Skill" is equally impressive. Various orthodox cultivation methods have enchanted Lu Heng. If it were not for his foundation of heavenly thunder, these two exercises might have already confused his mind.

With inspiration from these two books, Lu Heng's derived martial arts routine has begun to take shape.

Although it's only taken slight form, as they say, a good beginning is half the battle. For Lu Heng, the most difficult part was actually getting started.

With what Lu Heng has accomplished so far, he only needs to continue pushing forward with the inspiration he has attained. He believes that within a few years, he will be able to cultivate his own technique.

A technique that both human and demon cultivators can perfect, a top-class technique.

After putting away the two books, Lu Heng left the meditation room that he had been away from for a long time.

Lian Caiyi and Huo Feng have been gone for nine days now. There are only five days left until the Treasure Conference.

It is currently the dead of winter in the twelfth lunar month. If it were in Hanyu Mountain, the snow would have already closed the mountain.

Despite the lack of heavy snow above the South Sea, the Fan Jie Mountain area is still quite cold.

This world is different from Lu Heng's past life.

In the previous Earth, the climate differed among different latitudes. Even during the winter season, the weather near the equator and the polar circles were vastly different, not to mention the opposite seasons of the North and South hemispheres.

Whereas in the current world before our eyes, regardless of location or region, the four seasons and weather are the same.

When deep winter arrives, not only does heavy snowfall occur over the South Sea, but even in areas beyond the Fire Pass Country to the north, winter still comes around.

This situation contradicts Lu Heng's geographical knowledge. But it indirectly confirms the extraordinary nature of the world before his eyes.

It's possible that this is not just a planet…

After leaving the quiet room, Lu Heng arrived in the courtyard and saw Wu Gu as busy as ever attending to the condition of Yu Ren Ya.

Although Yu Ren Ya's condition has stabilized, Wu Gu has been tirelessly guarding Yu Ren Ya, claiming to be helping her with her injuries, but in Lu Heng's eyes, it seems more like seizing the rare opportunity to study an experimental sample.

The little fox Su Xiaoxiao stood by, assisting Wu Gu.

This clever little girl has won Wu Gu's favor and has learned some rudimentary medical skills from her. Although she is still a bit clumsy now, she may achieve something in medicine in the future.

Lu Heng greeted Wu Gu with a smile, looking around, but couldn't find Xiao Ai in the bamboo garden, which made him curious.

This little girl usually cultivates outside the door, why isn't she here today?

Lu Heng asked, and the little fox answered.

"Just now, Gu Yan and the fat bird flew back from the city. Sister Xiao Ai hurriedly followed them out."

The three hundred year old little fox said so.

Upon hearing this reply, Lu Heng felt somewhat surprised.

Could it be that Gu Yan was bullied in the city, so he asked for Xiao Ai's help? Or maybe he found something interesting?

However, Lu Heng didn't mind and calmly walked out of the Bamboo Garden, into the sea of blooming Mandala flowers outside.

He walked all the way to the edge of the flower sea, which was also the edge of this floating island. Here, there was a wooden observation deck that overlooked the street scenery of the city.

Meanwhile, from several other suspended islets nearby, serene and elegant sounds of silk and bamboo music wafted gently in the cool breeze while overlooking the city's streetscape from a high vantage point, evoking a peaceful mood.

Occasionally, when faced with difficulties, Lu Heng would come here to relax.

However, nowadays he was simply sitting here, killing time.

However, Lu Heng had just sat down for a short time when he saw three small figures flying towards him from the streets of the city below.

Standing here next to Lu Heng, Fan Jie City's streets were so small that they seemed like a model.

The three figures that flew over were as tiny as gravel. If not for Lu Heng's excellent eyesight, he wouldn't be able to see them at all.

The first one flying in the front was a little girl with silver hair, animal ears and a dark blue sword on her back. Who else but Xiao Ai?

Following behind Xiao Ai were Gu Yan and the fat bird.

Under Lu Heng's gaze, Xiao Ai swiftly flew towards the floating island and upon seeing Lu Heng on the observation deck, she immediately changed course and flew towards him.

Finally, she gently landed on the observation deck.

The expression on Xiao Ai's face appeared somewhat anxious.

"Lord Wolf God, something's happened to Sister Huo Feng!"

Xiao Ai's first words after landing left Lu Heng stunned.

"Huo Feng… did something happen to him?"

He asked curiously, "What happened? Don't be in a hurry, take your time to speak. With Miss Caiyi's protection, what could possibly happen to her? Was she abducted by some obsessed bully?"

Lu Heng's inquiry made Xiao Ai shake her head.

"If she was indeed abducted, that would be preferable… Sister Huo Feng killed the abductor who was trying to kidnap her. Now it has caused quite a stir, the news has spread throughout the entire Fan Jie mountain."

"People are talking about the infamous Miss Huo Feng from the South Sea, who has an inseparable relationship with the Demon Woman Lian Caiyi."

"Two days ago, the two of them encountered the crazed man Mu Yepeng in the Mermaid Kingdom. This Mu Yepeng has been boasting for thirty years that he will conquer the Demon Woman and make Miss Caiyi his slave."

"Upon this encounter, both sides caused a great commotion. In the strictly prohibited combat zone of the Mermaid Kingdom, Miss Huo Feng resorted to brutal sorcery techniques and heartlessly killed seven cultivators, including Mu Yepeng."

"Among the seven unfortunate victims, aside from the maniac Mu Yepeng, were two royal heirs of the Mermaid Kingdom while the remaining four were prominent cultivators from the distinguished South Sea, with disciples and acquaintances scattered throughout."

Speaking of this, Xiao Ai's face filled with concern. "According to rumors, sister Huo Feng and Senior Caiyi have been captured by the Mermaid Kingdom. They might have to face their cruel penal laws and suffer capital punishment…"

Xiao Ai's narrative left Lu Heng bewildered.

"Fighting and murdering in the Mermaid Kingdom?"

Lu Heng's brow slightly creased.

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