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I’ll Quit Being a God – Chapter 153

2022-11-05 03:21:13Publish Time: 2,855 views
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Chapter 153: Hidden Sword

The small boat gradually moved away from the sea area.

Under the cool moonlight, the sea area calmed down as the huge ship wreck sank to the bottom of the sea.

The floating corpses that should have floated all over the sea are now invisible and burned by black flames.

However, a strange evil demon Qi was swirling around the sea and could not disperse for a long time.

A few hours later, when the Oriental Morning Star lit up in the night sky, the sea fell into the last darkness before dawn.

It is also the most profound darkness.

The original cold moonlight and bright stars in the sky are nowhere to be found at this time. In this absolute netherworld, even the wind and waves on the sea are much smaller and become like stagnant water on land.

A certain oppressive atmosphere appeared at this time.

Within that atmosphere, there was a small figure.

The serious face was as lovely as a doll. Big red belly pockets, small underpants, fat little hands and feet… The figure on the sea was a boy about eight years old.

Only the little boy stepped on the waves, and the evil demon Qi was surging all over him.

On the back of his hand, there was a strange blood tattoo, which was an ancient character - Nine.

He came to the sea where the ship sank, frowned at the strange sea area in front of him, and said.

"Why is there nothing… The evil demon Qi broke down here?"

The little boy said, "Boss, do you want to come out and have a look?"

On the empty sea, the little boy said to the air in front of him.

The next second, the tattoo on the back of the boy's hand changed slightly and turned into another ancient character.


The little boy was now a different person. Although he was still a cute little boy, he became lazy and no longer energetic and serious.

The little boy looked around, then yawned lazily and said, "It's really broken. Although there are still some evil demon Qi, the source of the evil demon Qi is gone… I just don't know whether the guy ran away or died."

After the little boy said this, the clear voice of a girl sounded in his body.

"How could he be dead?" said the girl's voice. "This evil demon Qi was left by the [War General]… How many people can kill the [War General] in this world? Maybe the War General has finished the task of cleaning up, so it disappeared again."

"And in the final analysis, the sudden appearance of the War General is somewhat baffling."

The voice of the girl said.

"Who else can offend the Empress in the South Sea? The people who know that the Empress exists are less than ten in the world… Even if there are really some of them passing by the South Sea, who will be so bored to tease those clay sculptures that have lost their minds?"

"It doesn't do any good, and it's easy to get fishy."

In the little boy's body, the girl's voice said so.

The lazy boy nodded and said.

"The eighth sister is right… Since you are so interested, I'll leave it to you. I'll go to bed."

Then the little boy yawned and closed his eyes.

The next second, the boy's body suddenly changed.

Vaguely, his skin seemed to turn white.

Between the eyebrows, a wisp of dark red flowers appeared.

The ancient characters on the back of his hand had also become the characters of "eight".

When he opened his eyes again, the one standing on the sea had become a little girl.

However, it is different from the strong evil demon Qi of the little boy. After the little girl appeared, she was surrounded by a strong pure and holy spirit Qi.

She looked around coldly and said, "Give it to me. I don't expect you lazy pigs… Hum! The wind blows! The fog gathers!"

The little girl who showed her figure didn't delay for a moment, and directly started the magic.

The strong wind emerged from nowhere on the sea, cleaning up all evil demon Qi.

Later, the misty pale fog emerged continuously on the sea and soon covered the sea.

The little girl in the fog, with her hands and fingers knotted, shouted at the depth of the fog.


With a loud shout, the fog swelled in an instant.

Then, from the surging fog, abruptly came a shrill and angry howl.

Like the vast battle roar from the ancient battlefield, it was full of the ancient atmosphere.


In the next second, the fog separated and a strange black shadow filled with the evil demon Qi rushed out of the deep fog.

The ancient armor, mottled figure, and the fierce and strange horse under the crotch… appeared in front of the little girl. It was the mysterious knight who was killed by the sky thunder.

"It is indeed a War General…"

The little girl frowned and flew forward, far behind the charging knight.

In the fog, the fog around the black knight was raging fiercely, simulating the scene of the storm at that time.

In front of the War General, the rudiment of a huge ship loomed.

In the fog, there came the sound of music and laughter from the ship.

However, the black knight held up his halberd and chopped it down. The dark lighting instantly separated the huge ship, and the evil demon Qi took away the lives of all the living people on the ship.

This scene was tragic and terrible, but it didn't change the little girl's expression.

Because she knows that the real play is still to come…

Close behind the mysterious knight, she sensed that a terrible power of divine punishment suddenly came from above the white fog.

"Hmm? Sky thunder?"

The little girl was a little surprised.

The next second, a white sky thunder fell from the sky and struck the black knight fiercely.

Even if it was just an illusion simulated by the magic, the power of the sky thunder still made the little girl feel awe-inspiring.


In the fog, the black knight roared angrily and waved the halberd to the front.

The bronze halberd was covered with copper rust cracks.

And the battle halberd was pointing toward…


Another sky thunder hit the black knight directly.

This time, however, the little girl didn't pay any attention.

Her figure quickly shuttled through the fog, leaving the black knight howling in the fog and rushing towards the direction where the black armor knight was roaring at.

In the fog, she saw a small boat vaguely.

A small boat appeared as a faint outline in the fog, with several figures on it.

It was shadowy, mysterious and strange.

The little girl was shocked and realized something was wrong.

The figure standing at the bow of the boat was a man in white.

However, the distance between the two sides was too far, and she could not see the other's face clearly.

And vaguely, she had an illusion that the man in white was looking at her…

But everything in this fog was an illusion.

It's just a phantom. How can he be watching her?

The little girl flew straight forward, trying to see the faces of the people on the boat.

Obviously, the appearance of the War General was related to the figure on the boat!

But in the little girl's memory, she had never seen anything similar. Never even heard of it!

She never heard that the evil demon Qi of the War General would lead to heavenly punishment.

Now in the fog, the thunder fell and struck the War General. Such a situation was totally contrary to common sense.

This was not a natural sky thunder! It had someone behind the scenes!

It was the man in white who controlled all this behind the scenes.

But how could anyone control the sky thunder?

How did this strange man in white do it?

Why did he and the War General have a fight?

The little girl was full of questions in her heart. To solve this question, she just had to fly forward and take a good look at the man in white.

Even if it was just a phantom, she could also roughly see something and then infer the origin of the other party.

——In her heart, it was so planned.

In the fog, the lovely little girl quickly approached the boat.

The white fog was surging in front of her.

The man in white on the boat seemed unconcerned.

However, when the distance between the little girl and the boat was closer, the illusion of the man in white on the boat seemed to be aware of something, and suddenly turned his head and frowned at her side.

His eyes locked on the little girl.


At that moment, the little girl's mind suddenly buzzed.

At the moment, she saw a pair of eyes full of pale thunder and lightning.

In those eyes, there seems to be hundreds of millions of Heavenly Thunder endlessly surging.

The terrible power of thunder hit the little girl's heart and soul instantly.

The indescribably huge sense of oppression was overturned.

The little girl gasped, flew out and fell violently into the sea, blowing up a huge wave.

And the endless mist also dissipated with the little girl's magic.

Everything in the fog, whether it was the shrill and howling black knight, the strange little sea boat, and the man in white at the bow… all these things disappeared from the sea.

Between the sea and the sky, she returned to the original dark night again and no longer saw any fog.

Only in the cold sea water, a little figure appeared with an unbelievable look on her face.

"I can't even peep at his face? What did I bump into?"

The little girl's soul and heart have been strongly impacted.

With her strength, even if she faced the sky thunder, she would not be so embarrassed.

However, she suffered ten thousand times more terror than facing the sky thunder directly.

If it were not for her other 15 brothers and sisters sharing the trauma at that moment. She couldn't even speak now…

In the little girl's body, there was a cry from her brothers and sisters.

"What are you doing, the Eighth Sister? I was sleeping well. What's your problem?"

"What did you bump into? You got a backbite…"

"An existence whose level is higher than us? Can there be anyone whose level is higher than us?"

"I'll go! I was scared to death! I slept well and it suddenly came out… I was really scared to death!"

"Sobbing… It's terrible… It's terrible… I'm so scared…"

"Shut up, you sissy! I want to vomit when I hear your voice!"

"Don't make any noise, and ask our Big Brother's opinion."

"Yes, boss, what do you think?"

"I'll lie down and watch!"

In the little girl's body, all kinds of voices were making incessant noise, just like the food market.

However, the little girl who suffered the most was silent.

She wiped the blood on her mouth and looked at the sea in front of her quietly with a cold face, as if she saw the strange boat coming from the fog once again…

And those shadowy figures on the boat…

Puff, the little girl spat out blood and finally spoke.

"The War General is dead."

She looked at the calm sea area in front of her and said, "In the face of the Heavenly Thunder and the mysterious existence, it is impossible for a War General who has lost his mind to survive."

"But I found a more interesting thing than the mysterious existence. You will be interested in it."

The little girl's words made all those around her be quiet.

Then, the boss's lazy voice sounded.

"Oh? What did you find? Tell me."

On the sea, the cute girl looked in the direction of the disappearance of the boat and said coldly.

"Although the man in white on the boat is mysterious, strange and powerful, he has nothing to do with us. It's better to stay away from him."

"But among the people around him, there is a [Scabbard] with excellent talent."

"He has a low cultivation base, and his heart of Tao was broken, but he could recast his heart of Tao and continue to cultivate."

"And there is a sharp and awe inspiring sword Qi hidden in his soul."

"This young man has clearly become a rare [Hidden Sword]… Isn't this the perfect [Scabbard] we need?"

"With this young man, the problem of the Moluo Sword can be solved."

After the little girl's cold talk, there was a sudden silence on the sea.

The next second, the light flashed, and one after another shadows flashed from the little girl's body.

They were either lazy, serious, insidious, witty, or weak… A total of 16 figures appeared on the sea.

Eight cute little boys and eight cute little girls.

However, the boys were all surrounded by evil demon Qi, while the girls looked holy and beautiful.

A total of sixteen figures looked at each other, just forming a circle.

The argument went on.

"Hidden Sword? We finally found it?"

"Two thousand years… We have waited for two thousand years, and finally we have!"

"If the Moluo Sword's problem can be properly solved, we will be able to achieve our wish."

"But isn't that mysterious man in white very scary? Who knows is he is a monster survived from ancient times… Can we afford to provoke him?"

"You are afraid of nothing! We are not looking for his trouble… Our goal is the man around him, OK? That disciple of the Yun Sect has a low cultivation base, so we can find a chance to catch him."

"It seems reasonable…"

"And the Moluo Sword is such a good treasure. That kid of the Yun sect must be grateful and have no complaints… If he has any complaints, slap him half to death, and then push the Moluo Sword to him!"

"Cough… Boss, what do you think?"

"Do it!"

A little boy stared and scolded, "We finally found the Hidden Sword, should we miss it? The kid of the Yun sect must keep the Moluo Sword! Let's follow him now and find a chance to catch him!"

"Oh, oh! Boss!"

"What you said is very good with me."

"Boss is the most handsome."

"Oh… you are such a sissy, can you shut up?"

On the sea, the noise was boiling.

Sixteen little boys and girls were all very happy, just like a carnival.

On the sea far away from here, Huo Feng, who was lying in the quilt with his sword in his arms, turned over and woke up with a sense of inexplicable cold in his sleep.

"Oh? Are you awake?"

Beside the bed, the woman who called herself Lian Caiyi held her cheeks and looked at him with a smile. The distance between them was so close that he could almost feel each other's breath.

This scene looked like a man and a woman who are in love with each other.

In the quilt, Huo Feng froze for a moment and shook…

"Ho… Bah…"

A mouthful of thick phlegm vomited towards the woman beside the bed.

Lian Caiyi quickly dodged, "You… What are you doing?"

Huo Feng stared at her and says, "This is a question I should ask, OK? Can you stay away from me? Next time, if you get close when I fall asleep… I will throw shit at you… Do you believe it?"